BO's administration's views anymore (if I ever did)....but

In any event, only liberals and their media dogs are saying that Bibi is 'backtracking' regarding the two-state solution. He IS open to one, however, the Palestinians (the government) is in the control of Hamas. Expecting Israel to withdraw from Gaza as part of a two-state solution is going to have exactly the same results that fully withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan has had......a wide open territory ripe for terrorists to take over. Until there are vast changes within the Middle East, Bibi will never allow Israel to be deliberately set up, even by the WH, for annihilation.

"Netanyahu said there could be no Palestinian state while regional violence and chaos persist - conditions that could rule out progress on the issue for many years." He's been saying this for years and BO's administration (and others before this) refuses to hear it.....they spin everything to make it appear that Bibi is the one who is stopping the peace talks, even to the point that the WH is now threatening to use the UN to walk away from Israel.

Even a liberal, such as yourself, has to see the pattern that has taken place from BO's administration regarding Palestine vs Israel......The WH has refused to withhold funds to the Palestinian government, even knowing that our taxpayer money is being given to Hamas (a terrorist organization that has always been recognized as such until just last week when they were taken off that terrorist list by this WH).