Now afraid to buy new desktop w/ Windows 10

I am now using a very old desktop w/ windows XP - and am needing to replace it. I have found a HP Envy 750-124 ( 16GB / 2TB) which would greatly increase what I have now. I am not a computer person, technically, but do use it daily for accounting purposes ( Quickbooks ) and annually for Turbo Tax.... Turbo Tax sent me email stating that the software for this year will not work on XP --- hence my replacing. I have read so many reviews of Windows 10 ( HP Envy has Windows 10) and very few are positive that I am now afraid to make the purchase ! I am afraid I will be able to do nothing ... email ... print ... or even if my current software of QB will even work ? Is there any good to Windows 10 ? Am I headed toward a disaster ?

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Reporting: Now afraid to buy new desktop w/ Windows 10
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As to the version of QB on W10

I can't answer but QB should.

I would find it amazing that QuickBooks would not have their current versions working on 10. Most of what I see changed in 10 had zero effect on apps I use. Again, zero.

For me, I'm not going back to XP, Vista, 7 or 8. For me 10 works.

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win 10 is different

there are a lot of things wrong with win10 but but mostly it is the lack of privacy. imo, if you are getting a new computer, it is best to get one with the latest operating system. this way it will be a long while before you will be forced to upgrade again based on whether or not other software will work on it.

as far as if QB will work on it, it will, but depending on the version you currently own, you may need to upgrade.

If you are concerned because of the reviews, they are just reviews and don't mean you will have the same problems. Most issues can be fixed and there are ways around most issues. that is where this cnet forum can help.

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Most people who post anti 10 reviews have had a negative experience. People who've had a good experience rarely post.

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Where is that privacy issue?
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(NT) difference between privacy and spying
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To see how deep the rabbit hole is.

We only need to read a little about Lavabit, NSA and such. I wish folk would post articles like Ed Bott's where we see documented leaks that were not by our choice.

That is, if I use cloud storage, what goes there is what I chose. Some sellers of TFH designs love all this.

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Wait a minute, you are letting your fear taken over.

They said it won't work with "XP"...they did not said it won't work with win10. If they are any kind of company at all, it better be ready for win10.

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get your new computer

but toss Linux Mint 17 long term service version on it to replace XP and have some fun with it. You may do like me and find yourself using it all the time instead.

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I meant on the old computer

put the Linux on it. Have some fun with it.

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I can tell you Quicken 2013 & 2015 work with Win 10.

I don't use Quickbooks, but I have tested Quicken 2013 & 2015 with Windows 10 and they work just fine. You can still buy new computers with Windows 7 & 8 if you're hung up about 10. 7 will be supported 'till 2020 and 8 'till 2023, so a new computer is probably not going to last past 2023 anyway. Like Bob, every application I've tested with 10 has worked just fine. I had to reinstall one, but it works just fine after that.
The privacy things folks complain about w/10 are listed in the Settings -> Privacy area in 10, and you can turn them all off if you wish. The debate goes on about whether they're spying on you, but since you can turn them all off, you just need to be informed to turn them off if it bothers you.
Do your homework thoroughly, and if you're still worried about 10, buy a new PC with 7 or 8. If you don't go with 10, you'll need to get that new PC before the end of the year, because that's when I've heard MS will force all new ones to have 10. I dunno if that's reliable info, but if you need a new PC, I'd go for one now to be sure.
Good luck.

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