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Not Responding...again & again & again.....∞

FOREWORD: Before you ask, yes, I have Googled this query and came up with a couple hundred completely different answers. The countless I have tried or attempted to try didn't work or weren't applicable.

PROBLEM: Error message on upper window frame "NOT RESPONDING". At first, this seemed to occur only when using Firefox and only if I was at a graphic intense site with a lot of Flash for example. Turns out, not so. Any app that takes a slightly higher than normal amount of CPU power will temporarily freeze up, give the not responding message, then after a little wait time, continue. Prime example, I use File Shredder to do my deleting (the free app) of anything from a simple Notepad file to a 7.5GB video file and higher. My preference is the DOD method (3 wipes). On occasion, it will be in the middle of a large file shred and freeze completely. I'll then have to open Process Explorer to kill the task manually. Same solution for Firefox by the way.

I'm thinking hardware, but all diagnosis seems to come back just fine.

PC: HP Pavillion Model: a6658f
Intel Core 2 Duo (Quad core)Q6600 @2.40GHz
64 bit system

Windows Experience Index rating is 3.3 Any significance?

If you are familiar with this problem, PLEASE advise as this is truly ruining the whole computer experience!

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Reporting: Not Responding...again & again & again.....∞
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HP Pavillion Model: a6658f

After reading through the specs of this computer; the first thing I noticed is that uses integrated graphics (
This results in poor performance as your graphics are sharing memory with your CPU, as well as with the rest of your system.

You might also want to check out: Start-All Programs-HP Hardware Diagnostic Tools; and/ or HP Total Care Advisor, see if these applications help you.

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Brechan - AHA! A confirmed common thread! Just before my warranty expired, I spoke with HP tech support. It was determined that the video card I had installed was causing an overage of 50 watts to the power supply. Thus, I removed it and went back to the onboard graphics. I had a fairly basic Radeon card from an old computer I wanted to use for nothing more than the S-Video out in conjunction with Windows Media Center. Needless to say, the problem still persisted.

It was advised to either remove the card or upgrade the power supply. I'm wondering, since I am not too comfortable with fiddling with the power supply, if there is some way to "tweak down" the onboard graphics?

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nope, don't think so...
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Great Info!

I admit I already knew the advantages of dedicated graphics vs integrated. I was just hoping that with the specs of my PC, graphics wouldn't be a problem. I mean 6 Gigs of RAM is a far cry from my old XP machine with a grand total of 2! LOL! Not to mention the quad core CPU technology.

So I see myself faced with 2 questions:
1) Do I add a graphics card and most likely have to invest in a more powerful power supply?
2) Should I even entertain the idea of attempting to overclock?

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Before I would claim hard ware

I would back all my stuff up and do a complete factory restore. If problem returns it's most likely hardware and not a software problem.

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Tried that

bowacl - Thank you. I've tried that. As a matter of fact, I replaced the HD with a brand new 1TB Western Digital and installed Windows 7 on it. Problem still there.

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You Bet!

bowacl - Yes, of course. Anything I can't live without has already been backed up to one of my 4 external HDs.

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I'm not sure this is hardware related.

I'm no expert, but I'm not so sure this is graphic card or other hardware related. I have to agree though, that it is wise to make copies of, (backup), those files you cannot afford to lose, in case any hardware fault or software problem loses the whole drive contents.

That said, we often find that such temporary freezes are the result of software interruptions. There's no indication of what software you have installed, but things like Norton security products in combination with other scanners can cause conflict. For example, if you use any Norton scanner as well as Spybot's Tea-Timer resident scanner, they will fight for access to any process you may try to do, and we see such conflicts often.

Also, having two anti-virus scanners installed and running will cause similar performance hits.

Just recently, I had my ZoneAlarm internet security suite updated, and the new configuration is causing freezes with certain software, in particular opening Internet Explorer, or opening a new tab in IE. This is an ongoing problem myself and others are discussing with ZoneLabs.

So, before we go further, are there any clues here with the software you are using?

Of course, the other type of software problem is malware, and in particular for those who use P2P file sharing.


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Mark - To the best of my knowledge, no software conflicts. I do have a fair amount of software installed mainly audio/video production stuff. None of these run unless I want them to...they have no need to. You mentioned Spybot, yes I have it but no I do not use tea timer. I know from experience that it causes conflicts with my Norton Internet Security. As far as malware goes, I keep my machine clean pretty diligently. So, I am still stuck at square one. LOL! I've been researching this problem for quite a while now and seem to have run out of things to try. Any further input is GREATLY appreciated.

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By The Way

Slightly off topic here, but does anyone know why I am unable to edit my posts or the title? I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere. The strange characters at the end of the topic title is SUPPOSED to be the infinity symbol. I guess this system does not allow special characters.
Thanks in advance all!

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About edit.

The reasons why are somewhere either in forum feedback or an old discussion. The end result is that you will not edit a post. You can PREVIEW it prior to posting but for easy to understand reasons, no editing.

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I agree with what Bob says in a way. My applications and processes do stall on occasion, (other than what I am experiencing at the moment with ZoneAlarm), but in your case I guess you would say that this is very noticeable.

You confirm that you have both Norton and Spybot, even though you are not using Spybot's TeaTimer resident scanner. I wonder though if your problems are related to either, or both, Norton/Spybot.

There's a way to test if you are willing to take the steps. Uninstall Spybot, reboot the computer, and try these processes that have been causing the system to freeze.

If that makes no difference, then uninstall Nortons, reboot, and test again. it may be that both tests will fail, but even if they do, that in itself is a result as it eliminates your background security applications.


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Happens all the time to me. But not a real problem.

My example that I get the dozens of times a day is Visual Studio 2008 on a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machine (more than one!)

You press the compile button and on any big app to compile Visual Studio comes up not responding.

Why this is never a (real) problem is that you want a few more seconds and it comes back.

So all this proves is that the app was busy and didn't have time to answer the OS's "are you alive?" question.

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