This program allows you a safe and easy access to use your URL?s, User Names and Passwords.

Web Site

When downloading I recommend you download and install Keypass-1.01-Setup.EXE

The KeePass programming supports ?Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the Twofish algorithms to encrypt its password databases?.

Yes you have to enter a Master password to access your entered database.

During installing the program navigate the Password database to My Documents as from which [My Documents] you would normally burn to a CD].

I added a KeyPass Short Cut to the = Quick Launch = bar [by draging the Desktop Icon to same]

To print out your data go to = File = Export = HTML File = Export Options -Select only your shown headings = Then go to = File = Print = Landscape = Note, To fit within a Landscape Page adjust width by adjusted using Font Size =File = View = - Small = File = Print Preview = Print