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Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

Hi. I use Windows XP. My computer got hit yesterday with the Download.Trojan. I had several Internet Explorer 6 windows open so I'm not sure which site it came from. But it must have been one site I hadn't visited in about a year or so. The trojan was trying to download something. I refused and then the Norton Antivirus 2004 warnings started appearing. It could not access some files. The PC crashed and I rebooted. It froze from startup and complained about a system failure. I rebooted again and same thing happened.

A few hours later I turned it on again. Windows loaded. Ran Norton and it found nothing but the usual spyware. No trojan.

Today I looked at the log and found the trojan's name. I followed the instructions in the Symantec page to delete all offline content in IE. I had seen in Norton's log that all the trojan files were in my user profile only. So I cleared it.

The only problem I notice now is Norton is always disabled after each boot. Meaning I restart Windows after making sure Norton is enabled, yet when it starts up, the program's icon in the system tray has an X mark. Is the trojan disabling it? Or was it damaged when it tried to intercept the trojan?

How can I be sure I've gotten rid of this thing?

Also, there's something wrong with my Samsung DVD drive. It renders all my CD-RWs unrewritable after one use. It reports that they are all full. This has happened 3 times today. Did it get infected with a virus?

Thanks for your help!

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Possible trojan

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

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go back

In reply to: Possible trojan

If you have norton GoBack, you should be able to restore your computer to normal. just be ready to lode all that data.

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Still disabled.

In reply to: Possible trojan

Thanks. I downloaded ewido. But the scan didn't find the trojan. Norton still disabled. Maybe the trojan is gone but Norton is damaged?

I also noticed something in the past few weeks: Even when I do not have a browser or MSN Messenger open, when I disconnect... a few minutes later an error about Internet connection appears. It says no connection can be found; it asks if I want to "work offline" or "try again." It's like something kept searching for an internet connection. Is this a symptom of a virus? How long does it take for the Download.Trojan to "mature"? Or is it instant?

Now I can't format my new DVD RW. I'll ask this in the hardware forum.

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Norton and disconnection notice

In reply to: Still disabled.

When I disconnect from the internet or get disconnected a window pops up and asks if I want to try again or work off line. I just think the computer wants to know what you want to do as its no longer connected to the internet. Just letting us know in case we leave and come back thinking where still online. Do you have a disk or did you go online when you got Norton. You may have to uninstall and re-install Norton, that's what I did when Norton got messed up awhile back. Good Luck! Let me know what happens.

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I have the same problem

In reply to: Possible trojan

XP on 4mo. old Dell P-4
First indication said Trojan.Startpage, then Trojan.download but it has disabled Norton. In Safe mode, norton doesn't find anything.

I have run ewido, AVG, Ad Aware, Sygate online Trojan scanner, Trend micro online, Pc-cillin, and now trying to understand Hijack This.

Nothing. I have tried trojan, virus, antispyware software from CNET---anything rated above 2 stars.

Norton crashes and looks like a bogus norton message that Integrator won't run and the file causing is something like acompbr.dll or a slight change in spelling. Notepad seems to be causing a problem and has a % sign after the exe part.

Whatever it is won't let me go to symantec online scanner or a few others. Also tried Kapersky.

When I look for the file, it is not there. Mine seems to replicate so I am assuming a new virus rather than a trojan. System performance is degraded and it was creating almost 7MB files in sequential order as .tmp files.

I am about ready to reformat as I have spent hours and hours trying to remedy.

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check config of norton is enabled

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

Right clik icon in system tray "configure norton antivirus" Tick the necessary boxes then ok and restart comp and see if that works , if not a reinstall may work if not best to do a full system recovery (reformatt and reinstall of OS), if you have let the subs lapse and don't want to renew there is another alternative for antivirus called "AVG fREE" and for a two way firewall "zone alarm free" both can be got from download.com

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try a Kaspersky scan

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

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norton disabled

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

uninstall your norton. but fisrt go download avast home [its free]install avast and update .turn your restore system of run avast it will find it if its there also the reason you turn the restore off is so viruses,trojans hidden in your restore are deleted .restart your pc scan again if alls clear turn your restore on and if you want reinstall your norton.but I myself would leave avast there as it detects viruses ,trojan before it enters your pc . hope this helps.DK

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Dont recommend that

In reply to: norton disabled

leaving avast! is as important as uninstaling norton
avast! is more powerfull, better, faster, friendly

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In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

i used to use noton anti-virus and now i use avast! anti-virus
and does not catch every virus.
So go ahead do what i have done, download avast! for free forever here on cnet downloads and try it.
I bet you you will reply that i am so right.
every time i post this i get replies from many peaple thanking me.

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Uninstall Norton AV ... but it ain't easy


Norton AV and McAfee are both largely discredited now. The best commercial applications out there are Trend Micro's ''PC-cillin'' and ALWIL Software's ''AVAST!'' I now use AVAST! (the bang is part of the registered name) because it's free for personal use, effective, and updates are fast and free, too. You just have to re-register it every 14 months.

Norton AV will probably (heck, WILL) leave bits and pieces of itself on your computer. Symantec has a procedure listed on how to get rid of the darned thing, but it takes someone who's familiar with editing the System Registry. If you are, it's best to follow the procedure.


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He's A Link To Norton's Removal Tool For (It Claims) All

In reply to: Uninstall Norton AV ... but it ain't easy

Norton Products 2004-Present. Page will only download via IE.:
Here's a Link to several Free & pay AV programs (suggest you download 1 or more & save to disc BEFORE disconnecting from net & removing Norton/Symantec.
If needs be, can supply Link for earlier versions also.
Suggest running Disk Clean-up after Norton (before install of new). Make sure you have an active firewall engaged before returning to net for first updates. Grin

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norton antivirus update

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

I am not going to bash norton antivirus, because it has stopped many little nasties from entering my machine. I will say that you are running an old version of the program. It is time to upgrade, as to which program you choose it is your choice. The latest version Symantec's Antivirus that I am currently running has included spyware and adware signatures as well as virus signatures to it. The fact is that just about any antivirus program is susceptible to attack. One of the functions of a trojan is to disable the antivirus and even spyware and adware programs you have installed. This opens up your system to be taken over, to be robbed of its info or as a drown to attack other machines. I very often back trace computer attacks and during such I find attacks will travel through many unknowing computers throughout the world, all because computer operators do not stay up to date with Operating System updates, antivirus updates, have adequate firewall protection, and spyware/adware protection. This means updateing not only the signatures for these programs but to also possibly update the programs themselves. Antivirus programs use different scanning techniques to catch virus'. These techniques have and continue to evolve as virus' change. The techniques for spyware and adware detection have also changed. The first key is to stay current and not to fall behind. The Second key is to use good internet practices. Deleting cookies, temporary files (including offline files), and clearing the history under tools, internet options, general tab on a regular basis. I also use a program called pc confidential to clear out the rest of the websites little tid-bits they leave behind. The third key is use the security settings tab and set these settings to better accomodate your needs, maybe a little higher. You can also choose to block certain websites as well in this location. This will help block website redirection that takes you to websites that have an intent on questionable deeds.

The big point is when you rely on just an antivirus program to block virus' and other nasties you will get bit. It takes a multi-layer approach.

Choose wisely and be safe out there.

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Norton Update

In reply to: norton antivirus update

I currently have norton 2005 and my renewal is up in July. Is this update for those who have the version in 2005. I always go to live update but everything is current. I used to get updates but not lately. I also have spysweeper and adaware. Let me know because if I can get spyware with norton will I still need spysweeper?


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On switching from Norton.

In reply to: Norton Update

Thanks for all your replies. I know Norton slows down the PC. But if I have to replace it, I'd like to make sure I can get rid of it without causing conflicts in the system, and that the new antivirus is really better. Are you saying I can't just uninstall Norton and be done with it?

Which do more people recommend and use, Avast! or AVG?

And yes, I checked the config. It's still the same. But I already deleted the trojan by following Norton's instructions in its web site (clearing the cache). Do you know if Download.Trojan could still be around, doing damage to hardware or downloading files while I'm online without being traced?

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if you want to uninstall...

In reply to: On switching from Norton.

Norton click HERE

I read more complaints regarding Mcafee and norton

I can not recall reading any complaints regarding Avast or AVG.

I have AVG with no problems.


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Always had Norton

In reply to: if you want to uninstall...

When I bought my computer (gateway media center2005) it had Norton installed so how does it slow down my computer. I also have Netzero 3G for faster connections. How fast should it go?

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In reply to: Always had Norton

Norton utilizes much of your system resources.

e.g.If you have 256 MB ram or less

As far as netzero speed i don't know,but click HERE to test your speed.


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Switching from Norton - Maybe

In reply to: On switching from Norton.

Norton doesn?t necessarily slow down your computer. It depends on the computer. if it is marginal, i.e. old and with little RAM, then yes Norton will slow it down. With a newer computer and with at least 256 megs of RAM, there will be no slowdown.

You can indeed just remove Norton and be done with it. Use the Add/Remove applet to do so. That process may leave some bits and pieces of Norton on your drive, but they will be harmless. In any case, your Norton version is out of date and should have been replaced some time ago. Get rid of it.

All the well-known AV programs will do a credible job of protecting you if you keep their virus definitions up to date. That means checking for and downloading definitions daily. For example, AVG is a good program, but its popularity seems to have more to do with its offering a free version than on how well it actually protects you. Take any recommendation for a specific AV program with a grain of salt. The person recommending it may think it is great, but you may not. There are web sites that purport to provide results of comparison testing among AV programs, but their results often are conflicting because there is no agreed standard for such testing. Each tester has his own method.

Choose any of the well-known AV programs, including Norton if you like, and you will be well protected. Remember that most people who become infected have only themselves to blame. If they don?t keep their AV programs and definitions current, download stuff from sites they know nothing about, use peer to peer programs, etc, they can and will become infected. The biggest risk factor is not this or that AV program, but the person sitting at the computer.

One last word; if you followed Symantec?s directions for removing the trogan, then it is gone. Forget about it.

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Thank you.

In reply to: Switching from Norton - Maybe

I agree in part. Maybe it's true that no one AV program is better than another. But when I got attacked by a trojan, I didn't download anything. I just went to a web site that I used to go to (about a year ago) and I knew was safe, and then while the page was still loading, it happened. I never download suspicious e-mail attachments and stuff, which is why I was really surprised it happened to me. I know it's that site because another person I know later foolishly went to that site (after I warned them).

Thank you all for the advice. I think I'll uninstall Norton now and try AVAST!.

Best wishes,

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In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

I lived through the same nightmare. The antivirus came with my HP and I trusted it but when I was attacked the only solution was reformating everything which meant erasing all my data and losing my work and programs.
Now I changed to Mc Cafee and I now I am really pleased.

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Try XOFTSpy 4.21, this with Norton has given plenty of protection. As others have said you must update. With Norton on Live-up-date, there is nothing easier.Getting an unwanted download is easy enough when surfing the web, Hackers are always hunting online hoping to dump on some unprotected PC.
Anyway safer surfing from downunder.

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same problem as above

In reply to: Try

I had norton forever got isbar trojan from incredimail. been trying to fix computer for two weeks. Bit defender didn't help. Used STOP sign today and everything is great, But haven't checked the defrag or dvd-r ability yet.

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easy. do this: get vcleaner @ AVG, then start in Safe mode.

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

1.get vcleaner @ http://www.grisoft.com/doc/112/lng/us/tpl/tpl01
2.download it to desktop
3.you must rename it to flash 100 or something like Ulead photoimpact 0.1 because the virus might remove it when it is called vcleaner!
4.restart your pc in safe mode
5.run the program
7.stay at your PC! don't move
8.when it suddenly says "one virus found", click fix if there is one.
9. your computer is the heck free with the download.trojan.
10. empty your system restore folder by removing your restore points
---and you need to be an administrator as it "saves" itself into the C:\system_restore_imformation\ folder which is a system folder.
-----------now, your cd thing----------------
1. if you use nero, click mutisesson disk when you burn something
2. try to burn a disk with a ENGLISH file name or else it will always burn a disk that is full.
- or else, i can't help you.
------I had this before with my liteon and i have got the download.trojan before.
------------------------------From HEnry

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try to register NAV or use Panda antivirus Titanium 2006..

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

maybe you not yet register to symantec, try to register if in the system tray still x mark. and if computer still crash to use Panda antivirus Titanium 2006.

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Panda is the best ( with TruPrevent Technologies ) !

Hi all ,

Panda is one of the best antivirus programs that I used.

I have : been there , done that with Norton or Mcafee.

A few years ago , I switched to Panda and I haven't regretted that for a minute.

Plus : Panda incorporates TruPrevent Technologies , which block new virusses ( even without knowing of their existence ) and files or programs that can harm your system.

I have seen this TruPrevent Technologies in action when I received an e-mail with an attachment , it blocked it , it was the Bagle.FU worm.

Move over , Norton or Mcafee , you both are over and done with !

I'm a Norton or Mcafee hater , lol.

I don't trust those free antivirus apps either.
I would rather pay for it to protect my computer.



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I am having the same trouble

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

I have used Norton since 2000 and got Norton Internet Security 2005 when I got my new desktop and laptop about a year ago. I recently began running the laptop on wireless and have been concerned about security. I have tried all the free downloads that have been mentioned here and other CNET forums. I also had online scans run by sites mentioned in the various forums. My laptop came up clean as a whistle on all of them. But then suddenly Norton quit working, it was always disabled. MS Outlook settings kept changing. Earlier this evening I checked my desktop which is the only computer my laptop is supposed to connect to. Well, Norton was working fine on it. But it showed numerous unauthorized attacks. I tracked the site back to a server that hosts web sites for downloads! I have not gone far enough yet to discover just which one I visited on my laptop. It may have been more than one. No more downloading free programs for me - no matter how much I trust the site. Let's face it, secure goverment and financial institutions have been hacked into so I am sure that these types of places are a piece of cake. Also, if you remove Norton and reinstall or in you run chdsk, you should disable system restore or you will just duplicate the same errors when you reload. Of cours you then lose your previous restore points. I had Windows ME and you didn't lose previous restore points if you disabled system restore for a while but I just tried to do that and XP SP2 warned me I would lose all restore points. Yes, I am current on all updates. Run antivirus, and adware and spybot twice a week and this still happened. It's ironic that as we warn each other not to click on unfamiliar sites, we are passing out more and more of them to click on. Sort of like mapping out a route for the hackers. Well, as I struggle to learn networking and wirless, I guess I will add encryption to that list!

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(NT) (NT) Norton or Mcafee suck big time !

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

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Norton sucks

In reply to: (NT) Norton or Mcafee suck big time !

Not McAfee. Anyone will tell you that.

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Com'on, just change that piece of crap to.....

In reply to: Norton Antivirus Disabled by Trojan?

A cool freeware antivirus called AVG, it's so cool, on close scan, context menu sacanner, heuristic features, on demand scan.....
What could be better dude, just change that piece of crap to a new one, oh!, i forgot, the same thing hapenned to me, that trojan crap disabled my norton antivirus, man, it was horrible. i formatted my computer, but, that crap was still hidden on my hard drive 'Limbo' zone, and then restored, i downloaded the AVG, scanned, detected and erased for the last time.

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