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non-technical help

I am a bit nonplussed, but I am not going to be negative.

You offer customer service by phone and chat. I am not sure if this is available in the UK.

I can not use telephone and there is no chat service available at this time.

I am a paid customer, I want my AVG service moved to my new computer as the previous computer has gone out of service.

Please advise how do I manage that?
Be very grateful.

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Re: move service

What AVG service do you want to move?

If it's just a license code you paid for, install the same program on the new computer as you installed on the old computer and enter the same license code on the new computer as you entered on old computer.
If you encounter any problems, please post again with an explanation of what goes wrong.


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Anti-virus 2012

I bought AVG antivirus 2012 for two years .A few months down the line I had some problem with my computer and I lost the service.
I got in touch with the AVG people and they sent me a link to download the software , which I did, following their procedure and entered the activation number and the problem was solved.

I had saved this information(email) in the reminder. I opened this reminder and followed the procedure. Unfortunately it did not work.

Failing to revive my paid service I have loaded the free service to make sure that the computer is not unprotected.I can not revive the service. I can not find a place to put the activation number or any place I could write an email to ask AVG people for help their chat line does not work.
. I have already put my disability to use a telephone in my previous message.

I am still looking for a solution for the problem. Thank you for your kindness and advice.

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A few months ago you downloaded the software, followed the procedure, entered the activation number and it worked. Now on another you download the software (or preferably: used the same installer you saved on the hard disk), followed the procedure, entered the activation number and it didn't work.

So my guess is you did something different then you did before. And since you don't tell what you did and what happened and why it didn't work this time, I'm unsure that anybody here can help you.


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RE: Anti-virus 2012

Hi shafiqkhan31,

Please make sure to enter your complete license number when installing AVG. We recommend the copy&pasting it from the e-mail message to avoid any typos. If you are unsure, please use the license retrieval web form and your license will be automatically sent to you.

Current AVG Anti-Virus installation packages can be downloaded on this web page.

Please let us know if you need more information. Kindly mention exact wording of any error message displayed during the installation process.

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Thank you.

I am grateful for your help and advice. Yes I must have done something different to cause such bother.Kees_B is absolutely correct, I must be a bit more diligent.
I looked at the advice I received on a previous occasion from the AVG staff,which I had saved. Before that I had retrieved the activation number and the information there in. I down loaded the software from a linked web site.This web site was a bit confusing for me . No clear signs of the stuff to download, (which is designed for people up to speed in this matter). I had to make a few guesses to work out the downloads.
It would have been helpful the if order pf priority of downloads re. installer,then other bits were established.

I am going to try again today, a bit better advised and equiped with the experience of failure in the bag.
Thank you very much for the generasity you have shown.

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RE: Thank you

If you use the AVG online installer, only the necessary installation files based on what you configure in the installation wizard will be downloaded. So this option will always download the least amount of data.

The full installation packages (either 32-bit or 64-bit based on your operating system architecture) can be used when you are going to install AVG on a system without Internet connectivity (or if the Online installer won't work for some reason).

Please let us know if you need more information.

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