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NON-Smart phone with great calendar/contact system

I really don't feel like I need a smart phone but I would like a phone with functionality similar to the old Palm Pilots. Is there anyway to avoid the smart phones (and their data charges) and still get the great calendaring and contact functions?

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Reporting: NON-Smart phone with great calendar/contact system
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Real PDA/smartphones require data plans

The carriers have mostly shut the door on circumventing a data plan with true smartphone upgrades. *Mostly* is the operative word. I posted a response about a week ago to someone else asking about a similar topic. I provided two workarounds here-

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Just to clarify, you are suggesting to buy GSM phones, and you stated
Quote " Simply buy online and pop in your SIM Card " as far as your family is concern.

But neither of the two different posters have service with ATT or T-Mobile, therefore they would have enter into contract with either, buy a cheap phone from them with a minute plan only and use that SIM card with the phone purchase online.

Would this be corrrect ?

If the posters buy (As consider by ATT or T-Mobile) in their contract, a PDA/Smartphone (online), Would the cheap phone with minute plan SIM work with these type of phones.


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Regarding OP in other thread

FWIW, the person did say they would be willing to move to another carrier possibly. That doesn't necessarily mean post-paid with a contract either. Even ATT PAYG & pre-paid service would work with the two UMTS handsets I've listed. Both of those unbranded/unlocked phones would work for T-Mo or ATT.

Since the person was using Verizon, they could find a CDMA/EVDO handset and activate w/ Page Plus since they use Verizon's network and technology.

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@pepe - I hava a question of my own

You appear to know a lot about phones so maybe you can help me.

I have Verizon, but not a data plan at this point.

The phone that I want is the HTC HD which has not come to the U.S. yet.
This phone bands are:
Network Bands

?HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
?GSM: 850/950/1800/1900 MHz
Asia Pacific:
?HSPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz
?GSM: 850/950/1800/1900 MHz

Verizon has a Quad Band phone the HTC Imagio.
EV?DO, 1X RTT capable (Rev. A capable); GSM Quad Band (GSM/GPRS/EDGE); UMTS/WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA

Please look at the two links I am including and tell me if in your opinion and understanding of PHONE BANDS, the HTC HD would work with Verizon since the HD shows (WCDMA).

But this is whats confusing me, Verizon has the EV-DO Rev. A 1X RTT but it also shows WCDMA.

I know Verizon phones runs in 2 spectrums 900 and 1900 but I am not clear if both CDMA bands are compatible or does the HD has to have EV-DO REV A as well.

Thanks for your help.

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Verizon is CDMA/EVDO (WCDMA is not the same as CDMA)

Just pop over to and look up the definitions of the terms above.

The HD cannot be used on Verizon since it lacks CDMA/EVDO technology. Also, until a NAM version is released with the correct frequency bands it wouldn't work on ATT's 3G network either Sad.

Imago is a more flexible if you are a current Verizon customer since it works on Verizon's U.S. network/technology *and* 2G/3G GSM/UMTS on a great deal of the rest of the planet. FWIW, Verizon uses 850/1900 CDMA/EVDO stateside.

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great calendar

I am w/verizon and want only a phone with a good calendar system (as simple as the Treo 650) Is there a phone with verizon that can compare (w/o a data plan)?

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Non-Smart phone with a great calendar/contact system

Here is yet another person looking for a phone that does not require a data package yet has a great calendar/contact system. Any thoughts anyone?

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Re: smart phone without data plan

Here in Europe any non-subsidized, sim-lock-free smart phone would do. At a SIM for your GSM calls and SMS (no data available, of course) and you're set to go.
Is it different where you live?


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smart phone without data plan


Thanks for the reply. I dont know what a "non-subsidized, sim-lock-free" phone is.- I'll look it up

Ronny Temple

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Re: phone

- "subsidized" by the phone company (like AT&T or Sprint). They offer one for $200, but you HAVE to take a 2-year subscription including data-plan for $40 a month (that's $960 in 2 years). The same phone in a shop without any strings and obligations attached might be $600.

- SIM-lock-free: not locked to any provider. Will work with any SIM-card from any provider for calls and SMS. Only for a GSM-phone, not for a CDMA one (as offered by Verizon).


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Non-Smart phone w/ great calendar features

I've been searching for that criteria for a long time. My previous phone (Nokia 6102i) was great but I struggled texting in order to keep in contact with my family. Unfortunately my trusty phone which I loved, literally came apart. In desperation, I upgraded to a Pantech Ease (AT&T). The full keyboard is helpful and the phone is relatively simple to use, but the calendar absolutely sucks. It doesn't offer the ability to repeat, copy, remind or control how early the alarm should sound for either events, notes or reminders. Another feature I miss is the input of someones birthday, anniversary, etc.. I can't believe that Pantech offers a phone featuring a pill reminder and a pedometer (with seniors in mind) but forgot about reminding someone about something other than taking a pill.
I noticed my daughter's phone, LG Xenon, offers a great calendar also, but is no longer available. When I went back to the AT&T store, I noticed that all of the non-smart phones are lacking the great features that were standard in years past. So, what happened?
I would like to return my phone for one with better calendar features but after looking at what else is available, it appears that smart phones or Iphones are the only option. I don't want to pay an additional $15/mo for a good calendar so I guess I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

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Just a thought.

Take another look at the Palm Pixie. Test drive its calendar and ask for the prices.

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palm pixie

Thanks Bob. I looked at the Palm Pixie but it's available on Sprint. I'm sort of stuck on AT&T because of my family plan.

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Then the next candidates are

The Symbian phones (yes to ATT), the Blackberry and then if you can sort it all out without incurring a data plan, some Windows Mobile 6.x unlocked Phone. I have such a phone and it can use most GSM Sim cards.

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Yes, try the unlocked/unbranded Nokia E63-2

It's a great way to more economically move into the smartphone arena, keep on your ATT family plan, a wifi radio when you need it, and a way to avoid the nasty mandatory data plan charges of subsidized phones. Let me help you locate a good price w/ froogle-

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Unlocked Nokia E63-2

So this phone will work on AT&T's network? Can I use my SIM card to retain contacts? Also, will this phone enable me to use the internet if I'm in a free WIFI area such as a coffee shop, etc.?

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Try it.

But contacts are something I sync with my PC or another way so I am not beholden to the sim card. Sadly I've found the contacts on sim card to be a hit or miss affair.

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Backing up contacts w/ Symbian, etc.

Bob, even using the Symbian PC suite it's pretty easy. Perhaps it's a little bloated as software goes, but its decent. You can even maintain separate regular backups via Windows Mail/Contacts really quickly, as well as 'in the cloud', in the case where you physically lost the handset and SIM. Symbian catches a lot of flack in this area where I think it may be sometimes undeserved to to operator error or someone working with an incomplete set of instructions on the 'how to' part syncing a Nokia smartphone. Even the ATT branded E71 is easy to use in the same regard.

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Yes, it will- and quite well ;)

It even has the correct UMTS/WCDMA frequency bands for use on ATTs 3G network. Call quality can be quite good depending on the buildout where you live/use the phone.

Using wifi w/ this phone would indeed also be free in the coffee shops, etc. It's very handy to say the least, and you wouldn't have to give ATT another nickle Wink.

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