Non-main stream PC browsers

Which PC browsers other than chrome, IE and Firefox would you recommend if you HAD to choose (no death option)?
Just wanna hear your opinion beforehand!Happy

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None, really

The 3 you mention are the ones I have on my system and they seem to be the most popular. Don't forget MS's new Edge.

I don't know where Opera stands nowadays but I have never used it.

I do have Vivaldi installed as well, a relative newcomer, and I tried it out for a short while, but it sits there unused now.

What about you, what are you looking for in a browser that you cannot find in the main contenders?


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Let me rephrase then

If you HAD to!

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Why would I "have" to?

In a free and open market I do not have to choose.

I am not being difficult here, your conditions just would not apply.


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Maybe you don't

but I must, and I'd rather not tell whyHappy

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Edge, Opera, Vivaldi

In that case Microsoft's Edge which replaces IE in Win 10, and Opera.

You could try Vivaldi if you wanted something less mainstream.

Good luck.

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There's always

Tor Browser .
Look it up as it's all over the net as are the one's already mentioned by others

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Re: Tor browser

That's true. But would you recommend it?

After all, Silvertiger can run as well as I do. The top 3 posts give 6, 10 or even 20 other to choose from. But he's asking for a recommendation.
That's difficult to give if you don't know the circumstances that might influence the choice, and he doesnt' tell those, since he writes " I'd rather not tell why:)",


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Sure , why not ?

The OP was for " Non-main stream PC browsers " .
I use it at times along with Tails .
It's another Mozilla based browser and doesn't seem to be the on the hit list like Trident based browsers

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Re: browser

The only other one I know of by head are Edge and Opera. So one of those would be my answer. Not that i ever used them or want to use them, so it's not a recommendation at all. But it's an answer and it saves my live.


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Opera mini is an app, the PC version isn't available yet (or ever).

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Re: Opera
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Opera browser

for Windows OSes, PC, Laptop.

It has been out for the Windows PC market well over a decade.


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Pale Moon

All the previous suggestions could work for you, depending why you need to switch. Tor is a somewhat more secure browser but has been known to attract the attention of the "Powers that be".

I'm a long term Firefox user, from the Phoenix beta before it was renamed Firebird and then Firefox (isn't copyright wonderful? Not!). But I'm on the verge of giving up on it. I hated the Australis GUI they forced upon us and worked through the settings to restore the look and feel of the GUI I preferred. This is much easier now with the ClassicThemeResorer add-on. But at version 42, which has just become the stable release, it is no longer possible to get back the pop-up options window - the InContent flag is no longer honoured and the substitute New Tab is terrible. And I didn't bother with more than a quick look at Developer Edition 44 - yeuk!

But what I am looking at is Pale Moon, which is a fork of Firefox immediately before the Australis mess. It has the classic Firefox look and feel and the developer applies all the Firefox patches (except Australis, obviously) from the base code. It is stable, slick (like Firefox used to be) and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It's open source, so free, though the developer is open to voluntary donations if you wish. From what I've seen so far, I think I might go that way.

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We use Pale Moon

on the comps at my American Legion post that I maintain. Been using it since 64 bit Windows Vista was released
I wanted to see if a 64 bit browser was faster since we had new 64 bit comps.
I really never did notice the difference there . Always seemed stable though
We have Win 7 / 4 GB. of Ram on those comps.

At home my everyday comps have FF installed , one With Win 7 / 8 GB Ram and one with
Win 7 / 16 GB RAM . Maybe I'll install PM on one of these and see if I notice a difference .

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Just remembered

why I don't use 64 bit PM at home.
Certain things just don't work right like AdBlock plus so that alone stops me.
Curiosity over with
I'll just stick with 32 bit FF

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pale moon

Upon reading this I downloaded pale Moon . Did not have the time to test it properly but so far i like it. Cool

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Opera Browser

Been using this since 1998. Back then you had to pay for it. It has been the leader for tabbed browsing, and many, many others. Also, for a small, fast browser, one can checkout "Midori".

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SeaMonkey, made by the Mozilla folks, works very well for me. I've used it for years. It just works faster, it resembles the old Netscape browser.

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In my experience, insecure. Would stay away from it.

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Have chosen already

Comodo versions of Chrome and FF; Pale Moon, too.
If you actually wanted to READ stuff, Links 2 text browser - on Linux; not sure it works under Windows. Just try loading CNET in it, which nowadays seems to connect surreptitiously to half the universe, and breathe a sigh of relief. Instantaneous, no clutter.

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I cheated. Uses READING MODE.

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