No sound in my pc after a power failure

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice weekend xD.
I need your help. A few days ago there was a power failure in my house and when the electricity cameback my pc didn't turn on. I tried over and over without success, until the next day when it finally did. But now there's no sound, but I click on the audio taskbar icon when listening to music and it shows there's sound but i can't listen to anything. I even installed a pci souncard I have but I don't know why it doesn't show up in the device manager nor the system. Sound properties says "the device - the onboard audio - is working properly, but it isn't. Every windows tool says everythin is fine, but it isn't. I even formatted windows but the problem remains, no sound, not at all!! I'm wondering whether it has to do something with the bios, should I try that? re-flash the bios? It is already updated, and there's not new updates available,. By the way, the specs of my pc are as follow: CPU amd athol 64x2 +5000 2.60 ghz, MOBO asrock alivenf6g-vsta, the onboard audio is from realtek, I dowloaded the drivers and reinstalled but it didn't work. Well, I tried to be as specific as I possible, and I hope you guys can help me out here, it would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance to all of you who take the time to read this and to offer some solution.

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Reporting: No sound in my pc after a power failure
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Do headphones work on the output port of the sound card?

It's a test I do since sometimes the owner has blown speakers.

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back output? didn't try that

you mean the back panel? I tried the front panel and it doesn't work. I tried the speakers in another pc and they're fine.

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Many front panel jacks don't work

Or fail for odd reasons. Try the others.

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Didn't work. I'm seriously considering re-flashing the bios, it's the only one I haven't tried. But I don't know. Do I have to reinstall windows if I do that? I can't remember.

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I've never found this to be a BIOS failure.
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But could be.

Yes, it's really weird that thing about the other card, I used to use it and it worked fine, but now it just doesn't even show up. I think I'm gonna give it a try to the bios way, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't , but I don't think it has something to do with drivers, since I reinstalled windows, downloaded the drivers again just to make sure, but I have them backed up. And yes, I tried the headphones test, but sadly it didn't work. I want the sound back! One more thing, I just realized when opening the realtek sound manager, that there's no speakers output, it used to show 3 outputs; speakers, headphones and digital (s/pdif),, now it only shows the digital one, and in order to make it work I need some other stuff I don't have, also, some options disappeared from from it. I leave you here a capture of the sound manager:

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That picture is unreadable.

Anyhow when I need to test hardware I boot up a Live OS. In my PC rescue bag I carry no less than 3 Live OSes (these run from USB or DVD without any install.) These are Tails, Linux Mint and Puppy. I carry that many since there is no standard PC made today so I might have to try all 3.

Sound has so far, worked on these on good PCs. You need a hardware test at this point.

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Is it? Sorry about that.

Oh yes, I have a linux live iso image which I used through a usb flash drive to try if I could get sound in Ubuntu , but I don't know why whenever I got to the desktop it froze, so I could never really get to it, I forgot to mention that. Yes, I also think I need a hardware test. Maybe I'd try that live iso again.

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That's more clues something's up.

Try the other distros and the latest Ubuntu too.

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update info; stll not sound..but new clues..or so I think

I've performed a couple of things; first, I tried the Ubuntu image again, but when in the desktop it froze and starting to bend, I mean, the image, video I got seems to be bending so I could do nothing, I restarted windows, then, I tried to reflash the bios and almost get a heart attack since it showed an error while doing it and nothing worked, I panic and hit the restart button and fortunately nothing happened, later, I restarted and set the bios to load defaults, didn't work, finally, I created 2 virtual machines, one with ubuntu and another with xp, but I'm not sure since the problem is in the host SO if the guest SO could work properly, but I did notice that when running the XP virtual machine, in device manager it showed a pci device, I don't know if it was the soundcard but it was there. Something new is that when I restart windows the speakers do a "bip" sound which they didn't, like they are receiving some kind of signal, but nothing happened. Also, I turned off the pc and took a look into the motherboard looking for something loose and I didn't find anything, but when doing it I had to move the case and the speakers make a sound like they're receiving a signal. Well, I hope you understand everything I just wrote, in resume I performed some "tests" but still no sound, yet, I found things to happen that didn't before.

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Not much is budging it seems.

Given the note about VISTA I take this is an older PC.

If I was on this call I would have tried my 6 buck no driver required sound card by now and maybe disabled onboard audio to slip in a new card. It does sound like the onboard audio is disabled or failed.

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made it! sound's back! well, partially..

Sound's back, but not all of it, I mean, my sound configuration is 2.1; 1 subwoofer plus 2 rear speakers, but the subwoofer is not working since it is connected to the front panel, and it sounds really low, in the back panel it doesn't but the rear speakers only, and they sound too low that you have to get real close the speaker to your ears to notice it, but in the other pc the sub worked fine. I remembered having this problem in the past (thanks to you, the onboard audio being disable brought it to my mind, don't ask me why cause I don't know but as soon as I read those lines the memory showed up) and it suddenly came to my mind: the floppy disk. I have none, but it showed in device manager, I disabled it and voila! The realtek sound manager went back to normal, showing the 3 outputs again, so I played some music and I hear it, really really low but it was there, then I tried my headphones in the front panel and it worked, so I connected the speakers to it and I'm listening to music while writing this, but only the speakers, the subwoofer sounds really really low, and the jack is not fully into the output, it is kind of half into it, so I guess this might be the cause that the subwoofer sonds this low. So maybe the back output is broken or something, not sure really. The pci card still doesn't show tho, but that's another story I have to deal with. Thank you so much for your time and patient with this. I wouldn't have done without you bro. thanks!!

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