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I'm having trouble getting any sound to come from my PC. I've got a DELL OPTIPLEX 745. It's got Windows XP Professional installed (Intel Core 2 Duo), and manufactured 06/07. The motherboard is a Dell 05/06. The only numbers I can see relating to a model number on it, is on a small white sticker and labeled: CN-0MM599-13740-73S-02OW.

A brief summary on what's been done on the PC: It recently got a virus, but was taken care of. Because the virus did a real number on my system, it was decided to just reformat the whole thing and start over; and I did. Windows XP Professional was reinstalled again. I had no problems with sound at all before this. Now that I've reinstalled XP again, I've got no sound at all. I've no sound card on the computer. It's built into the motherboard. I've tried everything, including the troubleshooting, etc.

I just read someone else's thread about a similiar problem. In his case, he had a Sound Blaster Live! card and he was instructed to try downloading the driver again for the motherboard. Should I try this as well? And if so, will I lose any information and how do I go about doing so?

I'd appreciate any help offered..any suggestions.



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Looks like you need a couple of files

Your ocmputer has a "High Definition Audio Bus", which, for your purposes, simply means the XP cd doesn't come with the necessary software and you need to download it separately.

THEN, you need to download and install the Dell audio driver.

So, the steps are these:

Go to this link. Yes, it's an HP link and not Dell, but notice the link is for a Microsoft Windows patch. So, disregard that it's an HP page. It's the same file you need. OK? Here's the link. Click on the download button and then doubleclick on the file to install it after it downloads. When it finishes downloading, it will be named "sp33867.exe" You may or may not see the ".exe" part of the file name, but just make note of the first part: sp33867. Doubleclick on that and it should install. I would reboot after installing it. Here's the link to the Microsoft update on the HP site:

Now, after rebooting, go back online and get the following "driver" from Dell for your actual sound card:

Click the green "Download Now" button, BUT also scroll down and read/print the instructions on how to install it. When you first doubleclick on the downloaded file, it will extract files. Follow the instructions on the page above, and copy/paste the file location info as directed in the instructions. I would reboot again after the installation is complete.

Note: If you've followed my instructions and first installed the Microsoft update file from the HP site in the first link, and then (after a reboot) install the actual Dell audio driver file, and the Dell driver install gives you an error, report back and we can deal with that. Cool? Good luck.

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One last note

No, you won't lose any data by installing the Microsoft update and the Dell sound drivers.

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Just got a chance to check for a reply to my post and I see there is one! Haven't tried your suggestion just yet, but after a couple hrs of sleep, I certainly will! Thanks for your help and getting back so quickly. I'll be sure to let you know how things turn out. Thanks again!

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Lost Sound on my Dell

I am having the same problem with my Dell Dimension E310; I have been trying so many things since getting a virus on Jan. 29, 2009 to get my sound back.

I followed your steps, but received a error message when trying to install the Dell driver: "The audio drivers do not support your computer hardware. Note: If you uninstalled audio software without restarting your PC, restart now, then run this set-up again."

Also, my SigmaTel properties in the Device Manager state: "Driver is enabled by has not been started." How do I start it?

My Dell computer did not come with an disks. Do you know how to fix? I have Windows XP Home Edition 2002 with Service Pack 3.

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sounds like you need a couple of files

I have the same problem and downloaded the first file, rebooted and tried to download the second. It told me that my "audio driver files dot no support the computer hardware." I also suggested that I run the previous file and reboot which I did again just in case-it didn't help. It is a Dell XPS 400 just recovered from a multitude of viruses.

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Recovery is not a sure thing.

When the OS takes too much damage we have to start over.

But I didn't read where you went to, put in your service tag to get your drivers.

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recovery is not a sure thing

Yes, I have put in my drivers and updated everything with dell. My computer has been fixed. I am finally getting a little static through the headphones which I feel is great progress.

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same issue, more help needed

I was reading some of the threads below and am also dealing with the same problem.
I have a Dell OptiPlex GX280.
I tried donloading the file from HP and then the Dell and continue to recieve the same error message, "The audio drivers do not support your computer hardware. Note: If you uninstalled audio software without restarting your PC, restart now, then run this set-up again."
I am Windows XP 2002 Service Pack 3
with Intel Pentium 4 CPU processor.
I have also tried downloading other audio drivers from the dell site and have had no luch.
anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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XP is too demanding today.

Let's use an old HP discussion as an example.

Notice that after XP was installed there were no less than 10 drivers and if you didn't get the MS UAA drivers in the right step or order, no audio!

I read you are trying driver after driver so it's possible you didn't use any guide to installing this old OS.

Time to start over but use DELL's instructions and drivers.

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got it!

Thanks so much,
I was finally able to solve it. After reinstalling some other drivers that were already working on the computer and giving the one i downloaded another shot, I was able to get it to work.

Thanks again

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Re: no sound

System recovery back to factory conditions would certainly restore the sound.
If you're sure you downloaded the right drivers from the Dell site (the one your service tag led you to) it's the fastest, if not the only, way.


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Dell OptiPlex GX280 Audio Problem Solved

Recently, my Dell OptiPlex GX280 was infected by a virus and I had to reinstall Windows XP Professional. When I updated XP with Service Pack 3, I lost all audio. I've been searching everywhere for a solution and thankfully came across Slikkster's post. As Slikkster instructed I went to:

and downloaded and installed sp33867.exe. Then I went to the Dell driver download link and found R105155.EXE which is the correct driver for the OptiPlex GX280. Upon installing this, everything worked perfectly.

Just want to say THANKS from a very grateful computer user and hopefully others find this thread.

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The second download response is "not available"

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