What connections are you using to connect to your TV? If you use the HDMI connection then your audio should work through it (Please check TV manual for any differences or additional connections in this respect, some tv's are different in this respect.Also check the tv's setting for direct connect to HDMI for audio! According to your Blu-ray platers manual you should have audio through your HDMI connection.Please indicate how your connecting your player and TV and their specs.or (type).

||NOTE |
\\ If you use an HDMI-to-DVI cable to connect to your display device, you must also connect the Digital Audio Out on the player
to an audio system to hear audio.
\\ An HDMI cable outputs digital video and audio, so you don't need to connect an audio cable.
\\ Depending on your TV, certain HDMI output resolutions may not work. Please refer to the user manual of your TV.
\\ When you connect the player to your TV using the HDMI cable or to a new TV, and then turn it on for the first time, the player
automatically sets the HDMI output resolution to the highest supported by the TV.
\\ A long HDMI cable may cause screen noise. If this occurs, set HDMI Deep Colour to Off in the menu.
\\ To view video in the HDMI 720p, 1080i, or 1080p output mode, you must use a High speed (category 2) HDMI cable.
\\ HDMI outputs only a pure digital signal to the TV.
If your TV does not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), random noise appears on the screen