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No signal to display

Hey everyone, I'm having some computer issues. Last night, my computer stopped sending signals to two of my monitors when I get it loaded up, but it recognizes that all three monitors are there at startup and when I check if there are monitors in the NVIDIA control panel, it sends a signal to at least one of the other monitor during startup, and the other monitors will occasionally wake up but then go to sleep saying there is no signal. Then this morning while I was trying to troubleshoot, it quit sending a signal to the third monitor.

Here's what I've tried:

1. Restarting and killing the power for a hard reset (including holding down the power button while the PSU is switched off);

2. Swapping the graphic cards around to the other slot;

3. Switching between a surround desktop and three individual monitors;

4. Updating drivers;

5. Pulling the graphics cards and connected directly to the motherboard, and the integrated graphics are working fine;

6. One suggestion I found was to pull the RAM chips and reinsert them; and

7. Testing both graphics cards individually. Both cards will only display to one of the three monitors and can't detect the other two at all. Neither will allow me to adjust the resolution of the display.

None of these fixed the problem. Any idea what might be the problem with my computer?

My set-up:
CPU: Intel i7 6700K (liquid cooled)
RAM: 32 Gb Corsair
Graphics: 2x EVGA GTX GeForce 1070 w/ SLI Bridge PSU: Corsair RM750
Memory: Samsung 500 Gb SSD, WD 2 Tb HD
Case: Fractal Design
Monitors: 3x ASUS VG248QE
VR: Oculus Rift

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Solved the problem

So, it turns out it was a monitor issue. When I first started having trouble last night, the middle monitor was the first to not turn on, then the second monitor went out after that. I was just playing around between trying everyone's suggestions; when I unplugged the two monitors that were not turning on from the computer, and plugged the second one in, that one worked fine, but when I plugged the first monitor in, it seems to know to wake up, but then say there is no signal (the second monitor stayed on though). I've tried switching DP cords too, but the middle monitor still wasn't working. So, I unplugged that middle one from the wall, waited a bit, and plugged it back in. Now all three monitors are working again.

Thank you everyone!!

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are they all "only" monitors

or some TV's used as monitors? If TV's, check their INPUT settings using the TV remote.

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So these are using displayport.
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Good suggestion, but can't get display to show

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried switching to the HDMI port, but it still wouldn't send a signal to a monitor.

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Too many if's here...

1. Give the pro's a Speccy as nobody knows whats going on inside the comp .
2. Try each GPU individually , unplug the rest ..
3. I'm no pro but what OS ?

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Your suggestion helped to find the problem

I didn't think Speccy would show much that I hadn't already tried, but it turns out it helped me find the problem (see full details of the fix in my other answer). While the NVIDIA Control Panel and display settings were showing all three monitors but not sending a signal to two of them, Speccy was showing only two monitors. I figured out which one, and reset it. Now all three are working again. Thanks!

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Speccy shows us stuff ...

Believe it or not , folks can't / won't believe that their build or their cable or anything they have installed can be at fault . It's ok , we purchase good stuff and expect things to work straight up but sometimes a loose wire is just that and we need to run tests to prove it .

Good for you ! You found the cause , I never would have suspected loose RAM to be the culprit ...

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This was needed anyway

Thanks for the suggestion. Though it did not fix the problem, I did the firmware update.

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Not loading at all now

I just tried starting using the integrated graphics, and I can't get a display at all now. It also doesn't seem to be loading now either; it starts up, the RAM chips cycle their lights off and on, but otherwise it does nothing (not even a BIOS display).

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Then you work it as you do "the dead PC."

As with "the dead PC" we make it smaller until it works or we are looking at the possible bad part or parts.

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RAM insertion issue

Turns out one of the RAM chips didn't reinsert fully. Easy fix.

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