"No Signal" all HDMI ports & VGA port 47" LG 47LE8500 TV

two days ago i was using the LG TV with the HDMI ports and everything was fine most of the day. i have my computer and my Onkyo Receiver attached to HDMI ports on the TV. the whole system is connected with power using an APC UPS battery backup so I know there is clean power and no electrical spikes in my system setup. I shut my PC down and decided to use it again. I select the Input selection on the TV and the connected device is detected because it is not grayed out, but a few moments later a "no signal" message started bouncing around on the screen with the LG logo. i tried connecting the HDMI to 4 ports on the TV but still have "no signal" message. i tried connecting my VGA display port from my computer to my LG LED TV's VGA port and that too gives me a "no signal" message. I use rabbit ear antenna for over the air TV broadcasts and that still works fine. when i select the NetCast button on remote control that starts normally and i can still watch Netflix using the Ethernet connection. the RED-WHITE-YELLOW composite RCA connection still works when device is connected. I called LG support and they kept telling me the TV is out of warranty so there is nothing they can do for me. I received my LG TV January 2011 and was listed as being a $2,800 television, i got it on sale for $1,300. after only four years of use this should not be happening considering the amount of money i paid for it. I found allot of users in my online searches having the same issue with "no signal" being displayed with their HDMI ports. LG needs to step up and address this issue. if they do not all I can think of is a "Class Action Lawsuit" needs to be brought against LG for this issue. the issue for me started August 17, 2015.

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Reporting: "No Signal" all HDMI ports & VGA port 47" LG 47LE8500 TV
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Clarification Request
Did you try the usual?

Unplug all HDMI cables and then the power plug from the TV, wait 10 minutes and then put the power back into the set, (don't power up yet) and add one HDMI cable to a source.

As to your lawsuit, if you tell support that they note it's not a support issue but a legal department one. You might explode as support won't take your calls.

There's another issue and it's been beat around for years. The warranty is only so long but you have a lot of folk using the "it should last longer" angle. They usually flame on.

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Did you try the usual?


yes i did the usual as you described. as a note my television is always powered off / disconnected from electricity when not in use, I have it connected to an APC batter backup unit to prevent electrical spikes. I am an ITS Network Admin by trade so I go through the normal test / diagnose methods when something misbehaves.

I agree with you that support may take the wording and pass it off as a different department's issue. I have not said anything about lawsuit to anyone at LG regarding my TV issue. I said what I said about Class Action Lawsuit because I have been a part of those before for bad electronics. example .. IBM Deskstar 75GXP "Deathstar" hard drive failures.

Yeah the old "it should last longer" angle is common. 4 years for a LG TV that was as expensive as what I paid should last longer. I have a SONY 27" CRT style television that is 15 years old now and it is still going strong without any issues. If the LG TV had lasted 8-10 years i would not be so upset with my situation.

Have you seen this before? -->

the person says that placing the TV 's main board in conventional over on 380 degrees F for about 10 minutes fixed his issue with "no signal". Allot of people in the chat log say that they tried it an it fixed their issue as well.

what do you think about this? any thoughts?

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Thanks for this.

Many folk just ignite and you can't discuss this. As to the baking the reason that works is out there. My thought is the Pb free solder is not ductile enough and you get cracks. One does not argue Pb is bad in waste but the increase E waste makes me wonder if the payback was there as you find old electronics which used Pb rich solder to work for years or decades. Yes, I've been using microscopes and more.

OK, what's not to lose over the bake?

And my thought would be the first board that the HDMI ports connect to that has the HDMI chips. Sources for that board might be or similar.

Again, bake the board that the HDMI connects to first. Good luck.

-> Class action? The dead HDMI port issue is not just this model. You can find failed HDMI ports across all makes.

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Happily baked

I have done this twice already. The first time it worked just fine but the effect only lasted for about 6 months. Eventually the HDMI ports all stopped working again and even the RCA connections stopped working too. I baked my board for 15 minutes this time at 220C. I let it cool down for about an hour and voila... My LG TV is now fully functional again. I suspect the effect will only last for several months but the whole job only takes about 1 hour now that I know what I'm doing so I will probably keep doing this until the thing doesn't work any more. A friend told me that the fumes are probably quite toxic so next time I will just leave the house for the whole period and make sure there is good ventilation in place. Anyway, for the time being I'm very happy to have my HDMI connections back (and my remote control and composite connections too). Thanks for sharing this post.

happy baking.

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Same Issue

I too am having this issue with my 50 inch Plasma LG. One HDMI port still works. Its the one not located in the back of the TV. Its on the side of the TV. Strangely enough I have an LG LCD that I purchased in 2008 and the HDMI's all still work. I'm wondering if this is a problem with their plasmas only. Either way LG needs to do something about this. I say we all come together and get a class action suit started.

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