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No RF or VGA inputs on new TVs???

My Toshiba LCD TV for the home office, circa 2008, finally died, (no video). This particular TV had everything I needed and I'm not really a Toshiba fan, but it's been a great TV. However, it fit inside a cabinet of 28.5 inches wide (that was/is crucial)
It had RF, VGA, HDMI, component, composite. I searched around for a new TV but had certain criteria with which to search. Too many 'sales people' tell me that RF is going the way of the dodo bird so I'd be out of luck. "next customer please !!! ?"

Let's look at things from my perspective. In my home office, I use my TV to capture anything online via VGA (aka RGB) input via splitting the PC's monitor's video output one side going to the monitor and the other going to the TV about 8 Ft away.
Then I have a 40ft tower with my ham radio antennas. I also have a few OTA 8 bay antennas reaching far and wide feeding my TV via RF input. Great for local TV but no premium channels History Discovery etc. Then of course my component inputs for the cable box, which I would really like to dump due to cost. There were some other inputs that I never used but nice to know they're there (Optical etc).

One person suggested RF-to-HDMI and VGA-to-HDMI adapters. Then I read reviews online that those are no good, don't waste your money. In the mean time I have an OTA system Hanging in the lurch and stuff on line YouTube that I can't watch on TV.

Admittedly, while many people are "cutting the cord" and going back to OTA, others have no clue what it's all about and are heading for online androids.

What bothers me most. Why are manufactures removing RF and VGA and why are TVs becoming more of a monitor than a TV. If a TV has a tuner, it should have RF. What about those people that live in the country, or at the cottage, or away from the city and there is no cable and rely heavily on OTA?

I also heard that TV stations in North America, by federal law, have to still be able to broadcast OTA for emergency purposes. Shouldn't the same mandate be aimed at TV makers?

So what's up for people like me? Do those adapters work? do they exist?

Any suggestions or advice aside from having a cold beer and distressing? Good Grief !!!!

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Reporting: No RF or VGA inputs on new TVs???
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Don't get mad...

slow down a bit, hehe. First of all I don't think RF is gone the way of the dodo. Everything is still here, I get lots of OTA here and I am sure you can too. Now what has ham radio got to do with the TV. Sounds like there are lots of misunderstanding here. Maybe we can clear it up one at a time.

I got a 32" LG tv and it has RF connection, that's how I get my tv station but it's ALL digital (no more analog).

As for VGA connection, I am sure they make them.

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you forgot to mention

you forgot to mention how hard is is to find a tv that fits inside your cabinet Happy

they do make the adapters you are asking about. They do work but sometimes the signal quality leaves a lot to be desire. Depending on what devices you already have (dvd, vcr, home theater, etc...), you may be able to go through them to the tv if the tv does not have the proper connections.

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So your Real Beef is....

Your TV Took a Crap Right?
Get over it !

You said ...
"Admittedly, while many people are "cutting the cord" and going back to OTA, others have no clue what it's all about and are heading for online androids."
I suggest you learn.....
An antenna works just fine here , if you want premium channels like the History channel than pay for them,

Shop around for another brand that has those connections
I have 2 Toshiba's and another member has an LG with those connections and everything's working just fine

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