No picture displayed, but melody continues LCD 6-650 Fix?

Suddenly, our LCD TV Series 6, 650 will display no picture or other information from the set-top box, when the remote power on button is pressed; however, the confirmation that the TV has received the "power on" instruction is confirmed by the Melody. The Melody continues to play even when we pull the plug on the TV and then plug it back in. We have confirmed that the set top box is functioning properly and have isolated the problem to the on/off switch. We have attempted to power the system on and off using the manual controls on the set, without results. Yesterday, we had the same problem, but suddenly the picture came on and the set worked perfectly as it always has in the past. Any suggestions? (P.S. The Melody is nice, but right now, it is driving us crazy.)

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Reporting: No picture displayed, but melody continues LCD 6-650 Fix?
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Clarification Request
What's Wrong

So what's wrong now the melody or No Picture?

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Capacitor Problem Identified

We were able to contact Samsung directly. They recognized the problem and will repair the TV at no cost although the set is out of warantee. There is a problem with a capacitor that provides power to the set. (Due to the advanced design of the TV, we call it the "flux capacitor" -- important to have a sense of humor about these things.) P.S. The "Melody" feature is working fine, but after you've heard it for 24 hours, it wears a little thin. We can't shut it off. Perhaps a design error.

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Sadly not a design error but bad corporate espionage.

Google BAD CAPS to learn about a stolen formula and millions of dead PCs due to a botched espionage job.

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Mahta Hari Melody

Can you explain how my melody is spying on me?????

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I can only guess

They are after the missing part of the formula.

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Samsung Service

I'm going to let you all know how Samsung service is. So far, we received a copy an e-mail from Samsung to their factory-authorized service company giving us the repair order # and a web-site to go to to track the status of the service order. Pretty neat. We called the dealer because the Samsung guy, who was outstanding, suggested that might help hurry along the repasir (it didn't). The dealer said, we'll call you, don't call us, so right now we're waiting. Two business days is the norm. Tick-tock. Stay tuned. For those techies out there, we'll try to explain the problem as the tech guy explains it to us. We're also going to ask how to activiate some of the more arcane features of the TV, such as Wiselink. We already have the thing hooked up to our wireless network with Playstation and Netflix, and it works beautifully!

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Luney Tunes

Forgot the update on the Melody feature. Yes, we are by this time desperately trying to mute this feature . . . this harmless little ditty has embedded itself in our subconscious minds after our first night of listneing to it. We tried the instructions on page 60 of the manual, i.e. using the mute and volume control buttons. No dice. This little feature is persistent, if nothing else. Of course, with no picture, we can't follow the instructions to deactivate this toothsome little tune. Da, da, dum DAH DAH.

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Ahh that STARTUP sound.

There is a discussion about what menu that is in, but as I read the top post we have to wait till the set is fixed till you can find the menu to turn it off.

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What ho!! Life is full of little victories. The picture suddenly and mysteriously reappeared in all its glorious splendor at 12:38 PM this Saturday. First priotity: Turn off the Melody function, which can indeed be found in the Set-Up menu. I would guess that this type of problem will be avoided in the future by porting voice-activiated command structures now used by the auto industry. But, for now, it has been quieted.

We plan to keep the TV on until the service man arrives, as we feel that, if we turn it off now, the picture will not return. We are having some discussion as to whether the thing has been on all this time anyway. How else could the picture have returned? As the blind man said, "We will see."

Will continue to post until this siuation is resolved.

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If it is the BAD CAP issue.

You can find out how these BAD CAPS behave. They fail when cold and work when warmed up. However later failure modes include a dead short.

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Thanks. That was very helpful. If this i the problem, does it make a difference if the unit is wall-mounted or stand-alone, i.e. does the unit have to come off the wall to be serviced? (Because that's a two-man job.)

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I Should Think So

Undoubtedly Yes

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Samsung repairman arrivced today and replaced the power supply. Certain serial numbers on the Samsung LCD 6 650 have problems with the power supply and are replaced by Samsung without charge.

Great service!!

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