No internet after factory reset


Yesterday my computer crashed and was unable to restart. The only option left was a factory reset. However, since then I'm no longer able to access the internet even though I'm able to connect to the router. I've tried different wifi networks that work fine on other devices, tried using an Ethernet cable, but I always get "connected, no internet". I have installed all latest drivers I found for this laptop on the HP website, have renewed the ipconfig and did literally every single thing I found on the internet (except for dancing in the rain with my laptop above my head while singing ancient songs). Anybody got an idea on how to resolve this?

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Reporting: No internet after factory reset
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Re: no internet

- Not really clear what "unable to restart" was?
- What PC (make and model) and how did you do the factory reset?
- What IP-address does the laptop have in ipconfig?

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Thanks for the help Kees.

- When I started the pc (HP laptop), Windows could no longer be started nor be restored. The laptop offered some possibilities like "restore latest working version" but none worked and the only remaining option in that menu was a factory reset ( which answers your second bullet point)

- IPv4 address:
Default gateway:
(Ping: 4 sent, 4 received)

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And it's a HP Notebook - 17 -p045nb (ENERGY STAR)

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Re: IP-address

That IP-address and the ping look good.

What happens with:
- ping
- ping <ip-address found from the first ping command>
- tracert <ip-address found from the first ping command>

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"Ping request could not find host please check the name and try again."
Which IPs do you mean in the 2nd and 3rd bullet?

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IP Login

There can be an issue with your Login router or setting up your IP. Have you tried that?

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The router is working when connecting with other devices, and I've tried connecting on 3 different wireless networks, which all resulted in the same problem. So I don't think there's a problem with the router, but only with the laptop.

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Or did you mean something else (I'm not really an expert here...)

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Here's a thing.

Be sure the date and time is correct since if it's too far off you can't connect on WiFi WPA2 networks.

Sure there are many other issues like hardware and drivers but here, let's knock off a simple thing.

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Date is Jan 8th 2019 and time 18:17 so that looks all right.

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So many details missing. EDIT, I see the model.

EDITED: Model is HP Notebook - 17 -p045nb (ENERGY STAR)

We're just about to wipe out our last XP Laptops but they won't connect after a factory reset because it's XP and we have to fish out a memory stick with the SP3 and IE updates plus drivers. This is no longer something I will work with. It's time has passed and I've seen folk get upset I just won't work that one.

With the passing of no IE update even if you connect to the hotspot, you can't use the (updated) IE browser. You have to install the last Chrome for XP or another browser.

This may or may not apply to this laptop but I didn't see the model and OS in play.
Tell more about the crash. It's usually a sign there are deeper issues.

Post was last edited on January 8, 2019 9:26 AM PST

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Drivers. What a mess HP.

I went there and under network it looks dated and unclear which are required.

So a factory reset should have it working like it did new but HP didn't keep up their drivers or site.

Try driver update like the following:

You might have to get the Ethernet working first BUT HP has dropped the ball about this model so I can't be sure which drivers to install to get the machine on the network to get the rest going.

HP dropped the ball.
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Thanks. It's a HP laptop (model mentioned above) with Windows 10, which always worked fine in the past.

About the crash: the battery has been broken for about 2 months, meaning I can only use battery power for 5 minutes before the computer shuts down, even though the battery is said to be at 100%. Yesterda, I was working on the computer when there was apparently an outage of the extension cable I was using, which I didn't notice. So the PC shut down without notification, I changed the extension cable, but after restarting, the PC was unable to launch Windows.

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Here the battery is a 20 dollar item.
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Thanks, I'll give that a try (and replace the battery Wink )

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Everything working again after the re-installation of Windows 10, thanks!

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Progress. Here's another factory reset story.

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