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I have an old Acer Aspire 486 with windows 98. I don't recall the size of the one hard drive but put in another 15gig hard drive some time ago.
When I started this computer up after having it sit for over a year I got a message that the CMOS battery was bad. So far I have done anything about the battery since I could still bring everything up on the computer.
I decided to reformat the hard drive and have run into sometroubles. I booted into dos and typed fdisk. The prompt was for partitions and only partition 1 would was acceptable. Then it wanted volume label and I followed the help page at microsoft said hit enter on the prompt then shut the computer down. After that I can't get anything other than the splash screen of the manufacturer.
I have tried to boot from floppy and I get the disk error message.
I have tried to restart in dos and can't even get that now. Also if I put in the Win 98 disk nothing happens there either.
Thanks for any help.


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Re: fdisk troubles

Presumably, you used fdisk (totally unnecessary, by the way) to delete the current partition, and possibly make a new empty one (you don't really tell). So now you've got at most a partition with nothing on it, or just nothing on the hard disk. And both isn't really enough to do anything useful with the system.

The thing to do: go into the BIOS, set it to boot from a boot diskette, find a suitable one (you can download a program to make one from, if you don't have a correct one), boot from it, choose the right option, run fdisk /status to see how things are on your hard disk, create a partition (if necessary), format c: and then use setup to install Windows 98 from the CD.

Some help:

Hope this helps.


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No Luck

I downloaded a boot disk but all I get when I put it in is the system disk error and press any key. After that the monitor is black. As far as getting into the bios goes I can't get in there either. The only thing I can get up on the monitor is Bedrock bios 2.13 after that there is nothing.
I don't know if this makes any difference but I think this computer originally had win 95 on it and I upgraded it to 98. Will that make a difference in the boot disk? Should I download the one for 95?
I really appreciate everyone trying to help me.


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Re: no luck

You should go into the BIOS to set it to boot from a: first. Immediately after you see the first BIOS-message press del or esc (or f1 or f2 or f10), anyway the key or key combination that is appropiate to your BIOS. That should be displayed on the screen (something like "press ... to enter setup") or be mentioned in your motherboard documentation. Unless something with the motherboard is VERY wrong, this will work and must work.

Can you explain what you mean with "nothing" after the BIOS identifation. I had thought there was a message about a system disk error.

You surely need a Windows 98 boot disk, assuming your machine has FAT32 file system.

If you can't get so far as to get to have a good c: dri ve and Windows 98 setup running, go to a computer repair shop. They will know what to do.


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About that boot disk.

A clue exists in your writing "I downloaded a boot disk but all I get when I put it in is the system disk error and press any key."

The clue is that you can't download a boot disk. The download is a program you run that creates a boot disk. Some don't read the instructions and place the Win98se.exe file on the diskette and try to boot that.

That does not work.


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Tried That

That didn't work either.

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do the battery. CR2032=$3...

then go into "setup" and set "setup defaults" or the BIOS defaults. Check each subsection entries for at least boot order, IDE (both), date-time, and what else you are sure of.

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(NT) (NT) Acer "setup"hold ctrl+alt+hit esc a lot... hold F8=safe
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No Go

Tried both of these and neither worked.

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More Info

I wrote down the only thing that would show on the monitor and don't know if this is any help.
Bedrock VT Dual Cas Edo Bios 2.130

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unplug all stuff...

Hdd, floppy, CDroms, take out all add-in cards except video (if not onboard). You should get an error message, checksum error, something; it should also say F1 to continue F2 to enter setup. Assuming you've changed the battery. Changing the batt should have brought an error message about date-time not set, etc.

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WooHoo I Think

I haven't tried the above yet but am going to try to get a battery today.
The woohoo part is I unplugged the puter before shutting it down and the bios came up when I turned the computer back on. Is this of any help to me? Sure hope so since I know nothing of taking out the above things mentioned (except the add in cards).

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I replaced the battery and nothing happened. I took out the new battery and put the old one back in and got back into bios. So the next step would be to take everything out of the puter but I don't know a whole heck of a lot about that. Anyone got a link with step by step instructions?


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Re: Darn


I don't see any reason in this discussion to think of defective hardware. It began with an unlucky (and unnecessary) fdisk, and you don't know how to correct that.
Just find (and pay) a tech to fdisk, format and reinstall Windows if you don't have the knowledge and experience to do it yourself. That's nothing to be ashamed of.

If, unexpectedly for me, it turns out to be a hardware error after all, you need a tech anyway to correct it. So it's easiest to go there immediately.


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hdwr take-out was to get into "setup".

If you paid attention to the key combo to get in, you have it half made. From there, it's selecting "bios defaults" or "setup defaults". Now it's a matter of using the boot floppy to fdisk your Hdd, then the same, with cdrom support, to access the W98 install CD.

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