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NJ Gov Christie rips a liberal reporter...

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Reporting: NJ Gov Christie rips a liberal reporter...
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Time will tell

He's promising to cut taxes, but so far the biggest cuts he's tried to make are to school funding, and those are pretty disturbing.

The last Republican governor of NJ (Christie Whitman) also promised to cut property taxes and auto insurance rates. Both went up during her time in office.

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I hope you're doing well in Rick Perry country,Josh :)

As you must already know,Jersey has the highest property taxes in the US.We also have the highest budget deficit in the entire country,we make Cali's look like chump change!

"Round Boy" doesn't want to make cuts to education funding but the teachers unions should not push this guy or he may.

I don't know how closely you follow him but so far he has asked them to agree to a 1yr pay freeze,then he asked for them to pay 1.5% of the cost of their health care benefits.(teacher healthcare is currently 100% taxpayer funded.)

Both were rejected,how dare he do that to us? we are entitled to it!

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Sounds like New York

Patterson asked the state employees to forgo their raises this year. They said "NO". He, then, presented a budget where everyone had to go on a one day a week furlough. They union got a judge's injunction to stop that plan. The next step is layoffs.

I would rather take a little less and have everyone keep their jobs.

Of course, at the same time, he gave his aids raises totally $42,000. Can you spell hypocrite?


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His head's on a platter

He'll be gone soon enough. New York will just tax someone more, they are too much like the Greek govt in top heavy govt.

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Patterson might literally get run out on a rail

I can't think of any recent governor (OK, maybe Blago) who was this strongly disliked. Even what's-his-name in South Carolina with the mistress seems to have higher approval ratings than Patterson.

Tony, I haven't followed it all that closely but I have a friend who worked for Corzine and was kept on by "Round Boy." He wasn't pleased with the way things were going either, and will soon be leaving for a position outside of the State House.

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Sacred (political) cows

I know some are conditioned to shrink at the thought of funding cuts thinking they necessarily mean poorer service or results. I can't be of that mindset any more than thinking that throwing more money at a problem is always the best way to resolve it. If I'm unhealthy due to eating too much, spending more on food does me no good but spending less and more wisely probably will. While I don't know the larger educational plan he has for NJ, I'm not opposed to considering that some funding cuts are necessarily destructive. Since we know how important a good home life is to a child's education, I could think easing a family's financial burden could ultimately be beneficial.

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it sure did

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Star-Ledger.


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Guess they don't like the idea of the world laughing at their reporter.

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(NT) You really believe any politician's promises?
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Saw it on TV

Way to go, gov! A man after my own heart.

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For someone who is direct and to the point

... he sure did go on for some length

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Wow! Two and a half minutes!

Not long enough, IMO. Needed to get it through their thick heads.

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Ah yes,the entire 2.5 min...........

was adlibed without the aide of a teleprompter,I find that most refreshing.

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rants are hardly ever scripted.

I am curious about one thing. Who is this "Tim" guy and what makes him a liberal?

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Hardly a rant...

it was calm and even-handed and logical.

Time is apparently a reporter that the Gov knows.

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rant : an intransitive verb meaning...

1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
2 : to scold forcefully

One does not have to be crazy or incoherent to rant, nor does ranting mean a person is wrong. If I had said the man was ranting and raving then your taking exception to my vocabulary may have some validity.

raving : a noun
1: irrational, incoherent, wild, or extravagant utterance or declamation ? usually used in plural

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BTW, you used it as a noun, not a verb,,,

1 a : a bombastic extravagant speech

b : bombastic extravagant language

It was hardly bombastic or extravagant.

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(NT) Thanks for the "Ed"iting ! ^_^
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(NT) Tom Moran, The Star-Ledger's editorial page editor,
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What happened to the public's "right to know"?

My brother lives in NJ. He said that same stupid reporter asks that same stupid question every press conference.

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Your bro is right,Ed..........

The Star Ledger is notoriously liberal."Round Boy" turned that question around and mopped the floor with one of their editors.They in effect,were making Christie look good.

Where there's a will,there's a wayHappy

Glenn Beck also commented on that "encounter".He calls it "common sense porn".IOW,common sense has become so outlawed in the current environment,you can't obtain it through regular channels.!

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