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Nintendo Revolution -> Nintendo Wii?

by busterboykin / April 27, 2006 4:21 AM PDT

So Nintendo decided to rename the Revolution to the Wii (pronounced 'we'). What's that about? Is that the sound we're supposed to make while we're playing it? I for one am going to limit my outbursts of excitement to 'Woo-Hoo' and 'Yea'. There will be no 'Wii'-ing.


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I saw this
by rtemp / April 27, 2006 5:00 AM PDT

I thought it sounded pretty stupid at first, but then I read the explanation, and it feels better now.

Via IGN:

While the code-name Revolution expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer. Wii will break down that wall that seperates videogame players from everybody else. Wii will put people more in touch with their games... and each other. But you're probably asking: What does the name mean?

Wii sounds like "we," which emphasizes the console is for everyone. Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.

Wii has a distinctive "ii" spelling that symbolizes both the unique controllers and the image of people playing it. And Wii, as a name and a console, brings something revolutionary to the world of videogames that sets it apart from the crowd.

So that's Wii. But now Nintendo needs you. Because it's really not about you or me. It's about Wii. And together, Wii will change everything.

I like saying it like "whee!" including both arms going in the air.

I still want one very badly.

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In 5 years we'll all look back and laugh...
by csliva11 / April 27, 2006 5:11 AM PDT

about how Nintendo almost named their system the Wii, but thankfully there was enough backlash to make them keep the name Revolution (or some other cool name like "The Badger" or "The Foshizzle" or "YEAH!!!" or...ok I'll stop).

I don't know. The name sounds Wii-todded to me.

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PR at least
by ucffool / April 27, 2006 10:27 AM PDT

Everyone is talking about it at least...

At least they knew what they were doing when releasing the name 11 days early so the sudden backlash wouldn't happen at the MAY 9th presentation.

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Nintendo disappoints yet again.. i call BOYCOTT!
by daniel_mad / April 27, 2006 10:27 AM PDT

i can't believe nintendo did this. Why oh why would you call your system Wii. It has nothing to do with the message of the system. The Nintendo DS got it's name from it's Dual Screens, and the Revolution got it's name from the ingenius new controller and gameplay. How does Wii represent that message.. I for one have decided to Boycott the name "Wii" and when i go to a store to buy one.. i will say "Can i have a Nintendo Revolution, Please".. no way am i saying "Wii"

Seriously!! couldn't they hold a focus group or something!? or even a poll on their site! Dang it nintendo.. you've pop the bubble again.

~Dan From T.O.

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I agree, and not only that but . . .
by beelissa / April 27, 2006 9:31 PM PDT

This name is nothing like any of the other Nintendo products, at least not their American names. I don't know if they have different names in Japan. The little video on their site is cute (with the i bouncing around, etc.) but I just can't get excited about this name, despite the fact that we own pretty much all of the Nintendo game consoles and are eagerly awaiting the Revolution (I wasn't so sold on that name either, but it's better than Wii).

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by 3bose / April 27, 2006 11:07 AM PDT

No no, I wont make another Wii related joke. But really, of all the thing you could name a next-gen console, why Wii?

I really think 'Nintendo Go' sounds alot better.. plus it actually makes a little bit of sense being Nintendo's fifth console (Go being 5 in Japanese)

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(NT) (NT) haha "there will be no wii-ing"!!!
by robstak / April 27, 2006 12:03 PM PDT
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Nintendo Wii?????
by firestarter / April 27, 2006 2:00 PM PDT

According to Nintendo

?Introducing ?Wii

As in ?we? then why didn?t you spell it that way then? Then it goes on to say that the reason they called it Wii is because it will be easy to remember are you joking and then they say that the reason they spell it with two ?ii? is to symbolizes both the unique controllers and the image of people gathering to play come on this is a joke right. Ok Nintendo first they was the virtual boy and that when over well and then they were going to call the GameCube the Dolphin but thank god they change the name but now you change the Revolution to Wii come on. The whole reason to call it the revolution is not only the controller that is going with it but also the fact that you have been around for 20 years and you will be able to play all those games and for me that would have to my Super Mario kart. So nintendo do me a favorite and please the world that after thinking about it we decided that this was a bad idea and we are sticking to the name Revolution.

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New way to look at name change!
by AM Son / May 4, 2006 5:48 AM PDT
In reply to: Nintendo Wii?????

What if Nintendo isn't actually doing away with the revolution concept/ name? What I mean by this is:
Maybe it will be a 3 part name, as in the "Nintendo Wii Revolution". Get it? As in this is the "we generation", as opposed to the "me generation"?
So now, Nintendo is advocating all their online strategies and old school Nintendo libraries- which will garner a family/ community atmosphere. This is where the name could work- Nintendo, the Wii Revolution; spearheading and fostering a community of Nintendo fans.

I don't know if I've confused you all... but just a thought I had today at work.

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i like it
by firestarter / May 4, 2006 7:10 AM PDT

but i think nintendo wants to call it nintendo Wii revolution. to say that we the nintendo player will start a revolution and no long be chain to the dual analog stick and the old way of play game that we have been doing for 20+ years wii will start a revolution. viva nintendo...

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Pronounce It Like ViiV
by pkscout / April 27, 2006 10:17 PM PDT

So, if you pronounce Wii like ViiV, what you get is "why." That pretty much sums up the name change for me.

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by davemoyer2005 / April 27, 2006 10:34 PM PDT

I personally don't like the new name as much as I like the name Revolution; maybe it's supposed to sound futuristic? It has that kind of look to it...

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I've been thinking about it some more
by rtemp / April 28, 2006 12:49 AM PDT

The more I keep thinking about the name, the more I realize how this relates to everything Nintendo. For the past couple years or so, every time that Nintendo announces something, people go "Huh?" and then later, realize the genius behind the ideas of Nintendo. I'm thinking that this will be no different. Nintendo has been trying to separate the actual console and the codename for quite some time now. Go find pictures of the white version of the box and see if you find Revolution on it anywhere. They weren't going to let this be another DS, where they essentially lied to everybody about the codename/real name thing.

Here's a good defense of the name:

I don't necessarily like Wii, but it's okay.


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Forgot a couple things
by rtemp / April 28, 2006 12:58 AM PDT

I meant to rip on naming decisions for Microsoft and Sony, so here we go.

XBox 360 - Okay, carrying over the previous name isn't new, but is it really worth tacking on a pointless number for, especially when you are afraid it will look inferior to have a 2 competing against a 3? It's the old versioning thing happening again, but now MS is on the other side.

Playstation 3 - This takes unoriginality to a whole new level. I swear they must have European colonists thinking of names. You know, the people that named places "New Amsterdam," "New York," "New Jersey," "New Hampshire," etc. Just for the record, if you don't know, New Amsterdam = New York place, two utterly boring names.

At least Nintendo is thinking differently here.


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(NT) (NT) At least its more original than "gamecube"
by hoppityhow / April 28, 2006 3:24 AM PDT
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They should have just called it the Nintendo "WA?!?"
by punterjoe / April 28, 2006 8:32 AM PDT

That's what everyone's going to say anyway Silly

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Paul Thurrott's Take on the Pronunciation
by mwrisner / April 30, 2006 1:52 PM PDT

I read Paul Thurrott's article quite often. I found his latest interpretation very poignant ... and funny.

Thurrott thinks that with the incredible competition in the console market and Nintendo's relatively lower clout that instead of pronouncing Wii as "We," it might be more apt to say "Why?"

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Link to Thurrott's Blog Article
by mwrisner / April 30, 2006 2:10 PM PDT
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Nope, I get it. Clearly marketing genius!
by RodderRodder / May 1, 2006 1:14 PM PDT

I'm surprised no one's caught this. Now, Nintendo can finally start the campaign right. Ready?

(chanelling Queen):

Wii will, Wii will, Rock you!
Wii will, Wii will, Rock you!

The commercial will be bigger than that Super Mario Brothers 3 commercial where you see the one guy Chanting "Mario" into a slow pan out of a mob!


Fanboys and girls everywhere have been saying that:

Wii is the champion, My friend! And we'll keep on buying till the end".

Sure, like no else thought of this!

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Sometimes we refrain from the fun stuff
by rtemp / May 1, 2006 2:22 PM PDT

I thought of the first one the very first day that the Wii nomenclature was announced. As a matter of fact, I even used it in another forum. I never thought of the second one, though.

If played right, the marketing can be great with catchy slogans. If not, then everything is just corny and stupid. We'll see how it goes.


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I'm calling it the Revolution, so there!
by csliva11 / May 1, 2006 1:30 PM PDT

The name "Wii" is dead to me, and will be a forbidden word amongst my social circle. Even the word "we" shall be taken out of my vocabuly since it goes so far as to sound the same as the pronounciation of "Wii." Example; instead of saying "We're going to call it the Wii," I will substitute the "we" with "us guys." Us guys are not going to call it the "Wii."

I can't wait to buy a REVOLUTION!

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monty python
by decjr / May 1, 2006 2:15 PM PDT

lest not forgot the knights of wii (ugh)

i'm not dead yet. yes, you are...

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(NT) (NT) I'm behind you.. 100% man. Boycott the "Wii" . Revos fo
by daniel_mad / May 1, 2006 3:27 PM PDT
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Most people just aren't getting it
by rtemp / May 1, 2006 4:03 PM PDT

The whole Revolution Project hasn't just been about making a new console, it's about challenging the way that video games are seen by the world. The fact that Nintendo is taking such a leap with the name helps to reinforce the ideology that they have been spouting for so long. The name is different, the play style is different, and the experience is unlike any the world has seen before. I would much rather have a kick **** console with a sucky name built on a solid ideology than a mediocre console with a random, but cool sounding name.


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No doubt, I think the name is brilliant.
by csliva11 / May 1, 2006 11:18 PM PDT

However, I just don't like the name. I can't explain why I don't (similar to me describing why I don't like strawberry ice cream). I've read a plethora of people's rantings of why they do or don't approve of the name and I respect each point of view, but I can't get over the feeling that the name is just plain weird. Kind of like when Prince renamed himself that unpronouncable symbol. No one understood why, but he still got attention for it (which one of the goals Nintendo is shooting for).

Viva la Revolution

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How about ...
by barret55 / May 2, 2006 12:31 AM PDT

For those who don't like "Wii," they could call it the "console-formerly-known-as-Revolution" in the style of Prince?


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What's to get?
by alpabarot / May 2, 2006 12:05 AM PDT

Perhaps the name change is an indication that the controller is not as "revolutionary" as they thought or promoted. Because without the new controller this system is just a technology update for a system that is a distant third in software, hardware and networking sophistication.

I think the new controller has too many hurdles to overcome to be successful. Hurdles like:
-gamer preference and adoption
-quality of gaming experience
-volume and quality of games
-usability for various gaming genres
-backward compatibility

Still, I like this approach (minus the gimmicky controller) better than the alternatives.
-Kutaragi's "everything but the kitchen sink" Smoke & Mirrors vapour-ware PS3 will be too expensive
-The 360 is already too expensive and is so powerful and connected it really should be a PC.

Let's see if the controller makes a hands-on real-time appearance at E3. That cooking game in the fantasy promo looked mighty exciting (sarcasm). Chop those onions boys!

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Nintendo Wii Commercial- Knights of Wii
by glimp7 / May 2, 2006 12:54 PM PDT

So after my friends and I heard of this spectacular new name for the "revolution", we felt as though we had to do something. We then created this.

It's official our, and we're the only ones on google that show up and have a working, visible link when you search for "Knights of Wii". The significance of this is, many other tried to do the same, but too slow fo sho!!!

-Erik, glimp7
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