You will not like my reply, but I recommend that you not consider any Bluetooth device. Like all other wireless devices, Bluetooth devices expose you to a level of EMF (electromagnetic radiation) that is increasingly worrisome. Virtually every elecontronic device today emits some level of EMF. Wireless devices are bad because they do not work unless the EMF is strong enough to interact among devices. But it is not just wireless devices. Any device that has a step up or step down transformer (those little black boxes on most device power cords) also generate EMF. The closer the device is to you, the worst the effects; so cell phones and headphones are significant offenders. Studies on EMF have been going on for many years. The effect of living under high tension power lines has been discussed for decades. The study data on the long term effects of EMF precipitated by the wide spread use of cell phones and wireless devices is not complete and there is still a great deal of debate about what it all means; but there are countries (e.g., Britain) that are concerned enough to start removing wireless networks from public schools. I think cell phones are here to stay, but many other applications that are "convenient" when wireless have other options.

Personally, I have removed most wireless devices from my household.