That you are just using PCs and rely on support for all troubles. This is not a bad thing but getting more and more typical today.

Why I ask is that drivers are usually at the laptop maker's website. What the challenge is for many is what drivers to get and how to get them installed.

As to what drivers, these are on the web page for your model laptop. Usually after a reset you may need the chipset package (drivers), the WiFi and maybe an app to turn on the WiFi. Each make laptop differs so I can't tell you install this that and another thing. I can only guide.

Buying another laptop will only repeat the last two disasters unless you start doing your own support or move to say an Apple where the OS and machine are made for each other. No driver hunts there.

So my help is relegated to simple guides since I'm not there to see what's up. But in short, it's drivers and maybe an app to turn on the WiFi.

If USB is working you could try one of the under 20 dollar USB WiFi sticks.