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Next episode Online Gaming (WoW) - Got Questions?

by acedtect / October 17, 2006 8:44 AM PDT

Veronica Belmont will join me for an episode on World of Warcraft and online gaming. Ask your questions here and let us know how much you want to focus on WoW and how much on online gaming in general.

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the basic question for non US residents...
by aribeiro2 / October 17, 2006 9:17 AM PDT

is there any other country where you can subscribe to WoW, besides USA?

will south americans ever see a local World of Warcraft?

in WoW, do people play in only one persistent world, or are there many other parallel worlds?

are there massive multiplayer online games for consoles?

which was the first MMORPG?

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I think I can get that.
by cars4less201 / October 21, 2006 1:34 AM PDT

Well since I'm a brazilian player I think I can help with that.

1. You can subscribe it from anyhwere. You just need a ICC and you're good to go. You can even find guild in some servers (like Warsong) only made by Brazilians or Argentineans. I've played with people from Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, France, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and probably one or two chinese gold farmers.

2. My best bet NEVER. The game was released in 2004 and we still don't have a local version of it. It's even hard to find legal imports of it, legal sites and stores usually don't have it in stock, and when they don't you have to pay at least 3 times the price of it.

3. You could say that each server has a world, but it's all the same world. You'll find a Ironforge City in all the servers but with different people playing on it.

4. Yes.

5. Wikipedia poitns out Islands of Kesmai from 1980 as the first commercional one, but the first graphical MMORPG was Neverwinter Nights from 1991.

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Info on World of Warcraft from an Online Radio Station
by speedyf40 / October 18, 2006 12:21 AM PDT

If you guys want some Good info or play World of Warcraft the MMORPG go to It is on online radio station that produces Shoutcast and Podcast radio shows all Made for People who play the game World Of Wartcraft?.
I happen to be a crew member there and host I host my own show. So I guess this is a Plug As Well as some good info if you want to learn more about the game and the people who play it.

I also have a question for Tom and Mis B, Do you feel that people can become addicted to a game like World Of Warcraft or any MMORPG similar to the way a person becomes addicted to Drinking or an Eating disorder?

I can not wait for the next episode of The Real Deal Because I am a 1337 WOW playr. That pwns teh nubcakes!

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Amending my first post I meant to spell
by speedyf40 / October 19, 2006 5:16 AM PDT

I meant to spell Witch stands for WarCraft NOT witch stands for a extra Letter "R" in it! Cheese I blew my own link; I am a forum Noob here. Please spare me! Happy

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Not WoW only please
by ucffool / October 18, 2006 12:39 AM PDT

First and foremost, I hope one of you have the experience to talk about early MMORPGs, MUDs (one of the most popular ones being MajorMUD). Also, back then, scripting was accepted (automated killing programs written in the Telemate program) because the process was much more time consuming that current graphical MMORPGs. I don't support it now, but let us move on...

It would be good to discuss differences in games, comparing the 'end game' for different MMO's, such as a more quest or PvE focus like WoW (I believe, I don't play) or RvR/PvP focused like DAOC (Dark Age of Camelot) and in some cases, Everquest.

I suppose the non-fantasy genre such as Planetside should also be addressed.

Also, the time commitment for epic quests and many things, and whether there is a place for short-time gamers (1 hour or less sessions).

Finally, a discussion about future games for 2007, such as Warhammer Online, and what they offer to draw people away from WoW, if at all?

This should be interesting.

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by aribeiro2 / October 18, 2006 8:51 AM PDT
In reply to: Not WoW only please

i agree with ucffool!

i wish there could be a little brief about MMORPG's brief, talking about MUD and Ultima Online (yeah! UO! :D)

and other massive multiplayer online games, such as (a golf game, good for casual users... it's in korean, but luckly brazilians have in portuguese!) or (a half-life like one, very nice!)...
and there is also a MMO game in beta tests called "pirates of the burning seas", about pirates! (of course!)

and you could also talk about how koreans really live their lives in both online and offline, unplugged and real worlds...

and what about second life?

well, i guess this is just too big for 15 minutes... i just hope many topics will be discussed and we will all have a good episode next week!

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allready posted a new thread
by DS84907 / October 18, 2006 9:33 PM PDT

Hi all,

I am sorry, i overlooked this thread and pasted my message here (a moderator could delete the thread then).

with great pleasure i listen to the podcasts of the Real Deal and Buzz out loud here in Belgium.

The topic for a next edition could be the massive multiplayer online role playing games, but maybe it would be even more interesting to compare or talk about their economies.

I am a die hard gamer in Entropia Universe, a game with his own virtual World and real cash economy.

Just a while back i read that real life economy and ingame economy will melt together. Boundaries will faint;

It is even so that some people changed their professioanl life to that of an Avatar and are trying to make a living through the games economy.

I heard on the last edition of The Real Deal that some financial and more legal matters will be the item of discussion. Entropia Universe just rounded the 500.000 gamers mark so yes this could become an issue.

It is kinda easy to create an avatar and put money in the game and get it out with another avatar.

Problem will be that most players operate International and the makers or 'hosters' of the game are located in 1 or several countries but different then the country the player lives in.

Imo it will at least take several years befote any legal action will be taken (i hope so Wink )

As of the economical boundaries, they are fainting, some players found over 10.000$, others bought real estate, some are keeping shops and even one bought a complete space-station for an 100.000$ with an interesting return on investment.

it is clearly very interesting to follow all developments and just a great way to game and build up 'another' social network.

I hope i made myself clear in English and if not...just correct me Happy

to Veronica: you should try another environnement sometimes Wink

Roger aka Trix Reaper (Belgium Dutch Society)

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portable app
by DS84907 / October 18, 2006 9:38 PM PDT

In addition to the edition of portable apps:

i was wondering if some games could be like portable apps...i could put it on my ipod and play wherever i want if the connection and pc is fast enough.

Or is this over the top? Wink

Hi all,

Roger aka Trix Reaper (Belgium Dutch Society)

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Erm.. Whats the Alliance and what's the hord?
by techpriest / October 19, 2006 2:01 AM PDT

Despite being a geek and a high schooler i am not a WOW player, so i apologise for a question which might seem kinda silly considering where it comes from, but what is this thing called the Alliance which some of the High School Seniors are so excited about, and what is this thing called the hord which all of my out of school WOW playing friends say they want "to build and be part of". Also, can you talk about the so called "Zul gurub Disaster" i've heard its when the corrupted blood virus got released into the game and obliterated a load of noobs by accident, also what are the innacuracies from the WOW southpark episode, if you only can only choose one of my questions please choose my first one unless youve already answered it, in which case PLEASE talk about the Zul Gurub disaster!

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The Horde And The Alliance
by speedyf40 / October 19, 2006 4:53 AM PDT

The Horde:
In the past, the Horde referred to the orcs and their battle thralls from both Draenor and Azeroth, such as trolls and ogres (see more about the old Horde). Following its utter defeat at the end of the Second War, the old Horde's power was forever broken, allowing Thrall to awaken the dormant spirituality of his people and free them from the Burning Legion's control.

The Horde may be viewed as a more centralized body than the Alliance, as Orgimmar is the obvious center, with Thrall the undisputed leader. Like the old Alliance of Lordaeron, Thrall accepts ambassadors and advisors from all the different tribes and members of the Horde and makes sure their voice is heard in the running of the fledgling empire. Although unavoidably posessing the characteristic militarism of the orcs, Thrall has also proven himself to be a compassionate, idealistic, and enlightened individual, and commands a great deal of respect within the Horde. Though the Horde could quickly become a formidable war machine once again, they are a very peaceful nation deciding to try for peace and help the world rather than savage rampaging like the Old Horde.

The fact is that, though equal in size, the horde is actually more complex than the Alliance, the main four races of the Tauren, Forsaken, Trolls and orcs having countless friends among the Revantusk forest trolls, the Stonemaul Ogres and Various individuals like Rexxar and Chen Stormstout. Their recent alliance with the Blood Elves has led them to have friends among the Naga, Broken and Lost Ones as well.

In the Third War, and before the liberation of the Forsaken from the Scourge, the Horde allied themselves with the Alliance to rid Azeroth of the Burning Legion. Since then old animosity has risen again, resulting in open conflict on several battlefields.

Despite their somewhat monstrous appearance, the majority of the Horde is not evil; much like the Alliance, it is comprised of diverse factions and individuals who possess a wide range of values and virtues.

It should be noted that above all else, the members of the horde value honor.

The Alliance:
The modern Alliance is the successor to the Alliance of Lordaeron, which was created at the behest of King Terenas Menethil II of Lordaeron and Lord Anduin Lothar of the kingdom of Stormwind following the First War, five years after the reckoning. The human, dwarf, gnome, and high elf races allied together to fight off the orcish Horde.

The Alliance is not a uniform governmental body, but is an coalition of mutual military and economic aid. In fact, with the destruction of Lordaeron and the ambassador council to the king, there is no unifying body of the Alliance itself, and no single voice or leader. There are not even any official, regulated, steady diplomatic ties - even though all members of the Alliance keep ambassadors with the other races.

In the past, certain rules, customs, and regulations were a constant hindrance to mutual actions across the entire Alliance.

This made cooperation sluggish, and considerably slowed the rate at which the Alliance was able to reclaim its former lands and glory. However, the diplomatic ties are strong and in many ways, the alliance is a rather uniform body in purpose, culture and goals. All parts of the Alliance are steadfast in their desire to reclaim and rebuild, and all members share a distrust of the Horde. According to the RPG books (Lands of Mystery and Lands of Conflict), about 300,000 souls belong to the allied races, across two continents. The Alliance is a great and peaceful body overall, their might being legendary, but their desire for peace, even stronger.

Even now, as always, humans are the glue that hold the Alliance together, being the most numerous and diplomatic of the four races. Stormwind is the military, trade, and cultural center of the Alliance. However, one must not be confused -- the Stormwind boy-king is not the kind of leader to the Alliance as Terenas was in the old Alliance of Lordaeron.

If you Want Any Information on any thing about WOW. Take a look at The Things I have posted about Alliance and Horde a copy and paste right from that site. You can learn the lore Of WOW and ways to Play and Build your Class. It?s a great site for Nubcakes that need to ?L2P (Lean to Play)

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Next episode online gaming WoW
by kahoutek / October 19, 2006 7:08 AM PDT

Online gaming would be better than a whole episode of WoW

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Topics you should cover about WoW
by cars4less201 / October 21, 2006 1:21 AM PDT

I agree that we have to talk about others MMORPG besides WoW, but since I'm dead sure you're going to talk about WoW too here's some topics that I'd like to see covered:

- What people should consider before buying it? Time? Money? Real life?

- What's the average age of players? teens? late 20s? early 40s?

- Is Us$15 too much? Or it helps you save, since you don't spend much time with other games?

- Buying Gold, cool or not?

- Are there really that much of women playing?

- Do girls really have an advantage playing?

- How can I know that some player is actually a girl and not a guy pretendig to be a girl?

- What's the MMORPG etiquette?

- What's the best feature? The Game or the community?

- On a recent event, a leader of one of the oldest guilds in Wow quit, he later posted on his blog that Wow will give you fake self accomplishment fell, and it's just a matter of wasting time. What's V thoughts on that?

- What's the deal with all the ganking? Can't the 60s horde leave me alone Sad

And PLEASE Tom, PLEASE! There's too much to cover, make this a longer episode if you can. PLEASE! Happy

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when will it be up?
by aribeiro2 / October 24, 2006 8:49 AM PDT

i really want to hear about WoW and mmorpgs Grin

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