By Dawn Kawamoto CNET January 21, 2005, 9:40 PM PT

Security software giant Symantec is expected to announce Monday it will enter the security e-mail appliance market, expanding the competitive landscape that also includes its current partner IronPort.

IronPort--an appliance marker that bundles in security software from a number of vendors--is also expected to announce a bevy of new partnerships Monday, including an expanded four-year deal with Symantec. But one industry analyst predicts the honeymoon between IronPort and Symantec may be headed for the rocks in the long run.

"In the short term, it's a good opportunity for Symantec. It provides another channel for Symantec to sell its antivirus software into," said Brian Burke, an information security research manager with IDC. "But in the long run, I clearly expect them to compete and the relationship to go away."

As part of its entry into the security e-mail appliance market in February, Symantec will offer two product lines, the 8100 and 8200 series.

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