you realy need to dump that HTIB.

Run the HDMI straight to the TV

You will need to get a HDMI switching box at some point, since you used all the HDMI ports up on your tv, about $50.

Audio, umm ... well... Just 1 audio in & that is RED/White?

The DishNetwork HD-DVR, the 2 Video/Audio Output what is that? need more info, like is that RCA (red/white)??? Same with the Phillips DVDR3475/37 DVD Recorder. have 1 input & 2 things to hook-up, your going to have to pick one. Your NOT going to get Dolby Digital using Red/White RCA, from whatever is hook-up. A spliter will not work, because if your DVR is recoreding something & at the same time your watching a DVD, the sound would be all woonky.

Time to Upgrade.