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Robot vacuum cleaners, are they any good?

My mother wants to buy a new vacuum cleaner and she was thinking about getting a robot vacuum cleaners. So I wanted to ask here are they good? Do you have experience with it?

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Re: robot vacuum cleaner
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Robot vacuum.

We bought an iRoomba 980 just before Christmas. I had been doubtful thinking they were just a gimmick until a friend enthused about the one she has.
Marvellous machine. Pick all the movables, raise the height of beds etc, get the app for your mobile then either go shopping or gardening or just watch the idiot box with a cup of coffee. When it’s finished it returns to the charging station and plays a tone to say it’s finished. I empty the dust collected every time but most instances not really necessary. If it gets stuck it plays a tone then powers down till it’s unstuck. With the furniture still off the floor it’s convenient to mop the floor if required to get any corners or behind doors not reached. When finished the app gives a report of dirt level, time taken and a map of the areas covered.
At $1400 AUD it’s not cheap but we love it.

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I caught a Samsung powerbot on sale. These are great but a thousand bucks? Nope, they won't sell many so wait for clearance. The Neato's and Roomba's are great too.

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No to robots on wood floors

I returned two different models since they scratched my floors. Ugh Sad

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For that, I have this one.
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Best Robot Vacuum

You should go to the Samsung POWERbot R7070 robot vacuum. It has intelligent navigation Visionary Mapping Plus and Full View Sensor 2. 0 system that maps each corner of the home as compared to traditional robot cleaner. Its Edge Clean Master rubber blade gives you perfect cleaning of a hardwood floor without damaging it.

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They don't replace a manual vacuum

I know people who have had Roombas for a long time, and they like them. One said that when theirs quit, once, it felt almost like she'd lost a pet. Turned out it was an easy fix, in that case.

In addition to hearing that they like them, they all also say that it does not completely replace their need for a regular vacuum. They still need to use their vacuum, occasionally, to do a really thorough job. They just have to do that far less often.

I got a Roomba for my mother over 10 years ago. She's had mixed success. She'll give it a try for a while, and wants to like it. But, hers routinely gets stuck in a few spots. And, when she has rugs with fringes or tassels, the Roomba gets tangled. So, it has spent a lot of time in the closet. (It was a mid-range $300 model, at the time.)

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Building guards

One thing I did recently for my mom was build her some guards for some of the places it gets stuck. For example, under a cabinet in her dining room.

I went to a hardware store and purchased inexpensive PVC pipes and fittings. I just stood in the store and put them together and eyeballed the size I needed. I also included a couple of right-angle turns along the long side, so that the contraption could be folded up to a 3-foot bundle that easily stores away in a closet. I think the one for the cabinet cost about $15 in parts.

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Same here. I happened to have the same issue so here it's a simple 2x2 stick with some Amazon shipping boxes behind the stick. I'm a CNET Cheapskate so my cost is unknown since the 2x2 was salvage from a project long ago.

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Great investment for the home

My wife and I are both seniors (over 80). 3 years ago I bought a Neato after doing a lot of research. For background information only, we do not have any pets, our 2000 sq. ft. home is on one level & carpeted in every room other than kitchen, utility & bathrooms.
It is wonderful. The best part is the saving on our back & legs from pushing a regular vacuum around. That alone was worth it at our age especially. The other feature is the thing goes under beds where a regular one could not. And it cleans, probably not a real deep cleaning on carpet, but it is satisfactory for the head of house cleaning. And she can be rather persnickety.
Now on slightly negative:
We make sure all floor wires are out of the way. We also put up barriers where we do not want it to go where it might get stuck. We also move chairs away from tables so it does not impede its movement & we also make sure doors are closed to those non-carpeted rooms. We have replaced the battery once. To clean the house it will run about an hour & 20 min. Then goes back to the recharging station for about 3 hours & will finish where it left off.
Finally we did not buy all the frills that add to the price. It was $500 retail, but with a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond paid $400 bucks.

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iRobot Roomba 880 will be best

You may try roomba 880.

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If you're gonna go with Roomba...

Roomba 880 is pretty neat. The 800 series in general has a powerful vacuum than most from what I understand, although not all models have wifi connectivity. If you have pets, Roomba has the 890 - have not tried it personally, but supposed to be better in gathering pet hair. source I won't expect them to clean every nook though, you'll have to do more work for that.

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Robot Vacuum Review

Sure they do! I've been using one for quite some time now, and safe to say, it has helped me save some time in cleaning. Time is the most valuable resource we have and yes, it's worth the price if you ask me. If you're looking for the best robot vacuum, I suggest you reading reviews. What I have is the iLife V8s, it's cheaper than the rest plus it runs for more than an hour! Hope this helps Happy

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Good if no kids

Robot vacuum cleaner is a great device and a great help if you don't have kids who can leave something hard on the floor, e.g. lego details. My vacuum cleaner was damaged by one of the details. Also, my pug was afraid of this device and tried to attack it Happy

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robot vacuum cleaner

I would recommend the iRobot and Bobsweep. iRobot Braava is good for heavy-duty cleaning hard surfaces and high end in the market. If you have the budget go for it. The Bobsweep is for not that heavy cleaning and specialized in dealing with pet hairs. You might want to check this

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perfect invention

Robot Vacuum Cleaner is perfect invention Happy

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Best Robot Vacuum

Yes, they are good for cleaning in your home or office. You can easily manage by the app control device and also work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum is one of the best robot vacuum for cleaning.
With the help of a robot vacuum cleaner, you don't pay much attention to your cleaning task. Just set the program and the vacuum does all the work of cleaning by itself.

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