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New Toshiba Laptop Freezing

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite M640-BT2N22 and it has worked pretty well so far. Today, I turned it on and opened Microsoft Outlook to look at my email, and after a little while it froze and I had to manually shut it off. I turned it on again and it seemed to work fine. After using Excel for about 30 minutes and trying to save my work, the laptop froze yet again and I had to shut it off. I turned it on again, used excel for a while, and after about 10-15 min, the program and my computer froze again.

I installed Microsoft Office a while ago and everything seemed to be working fine until today. I turned it on again and it hasn't frozen yet. Is there a specific problem with Microsoft Office all of a sudden or could there be something wrong with the hard drive, etc? I am running Windows 7 and have an Intel i5 processor. If anybody could help me out or has any ideas about what might be wrong, that would be great. Thanks.

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Reporting: New Toshiba Laptop Freezing
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Time to call it in.

If you just bought it, and it failed the next day, why not pack it up and exchange it for one without troubles?

Using the bad car analogy. You don't take your new car to your mechanic. You go back to the dealer and they fix or replace it.

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Thanks but...

I've had it for a week and have used it pretty extensively so I don't know if it was just a random problem or not.

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Your choice.

I've seen people miss the opportunity to get a free fix.

Try system restore and failing that, use the restore media.

Remember that it is up to you to install virus and other protection software.

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I think I might know what the problem is..

I transferred my files from my older laptop through a network connection, but the files are now stuck in read-only mode. I've seen other people on the forums here with problems changing these files to be able to edit and save them as well. While I was using Word and Excel the other day, I was prompted to save as instead of save because the files suddenly changed from compatability mode to read-only mode. I've tried manually taking off the read-only mode for files and folders under the properties menu, but this didn't work. They all stay as read-only files. I think the Microsoft Office programs are only saving as read-only files as well now. Does anyone know how to fix this problem for Windows 7? I do already have antivirus protection and ran it without finding anything.

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The CURE for your ...

read only problem is for you to take OWNERSHIP of the files and folders so you have the proper permissions to change attributes.

Taking Ownership can be a lengthy process depending on the number of files and your understanding of the process so this context menu extension for Windows Explorer is a nice way to do it and it works with Win XP through Win 7 and for both 32bit and 64bit systems -

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Just to add.

That new "Protected View" in Office 2010 is worth adding to our KB.

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By the way...

I'm using Microsoft Office 2010 for Home and Business. After going through several forums, I'm pretty sure this is the source of the problems. The laptop seems to run fine until something weird happens with an Office program. I tried giving myself full control for everyone under the security tab for files but this did not seem to get applied or work either. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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That's a good clue but.

There are not only patches for Office to look for but there is that awful issue about the demo version of Office. I find I must uninstall what comes on the PC before I install my Office from the Office CD.

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I'm pretty sure I already uninstalled the trial versions. Do you know how I can switch the files back from the read-only mode? Do I need to change some setting on my old laptop and re-transfer all the files? Should I transfer them with a usb instead? It seems like everything is getting changed to read-only, even the new files I make.

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While I can't tell you about Office.

The read-only flag of a file is just a right click property item if we look in Explorer. You might mean that Office calls it read only?

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The problem is that all of my files that I open and try to save using Office end up as read-only. I've seen that this may be a common problem with transferred files for vista and windows 7 but I have not found a solution that has worked yet. Anyone have a solution or suggestion? I'm in the middle of trying to finish a senior project for college so this is not really great right now.

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It could be that new protected view.
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That sounds like the Laptop overheating problem.

Check if the room you are currently in when using this new Laptop is not overheated and properly cooled down to a nice 18 degrees Celsius. A cool desk instead of your legs' thighs with plenty of cool air available to the side fan of the unit will make a huge difference in performance throughout it's overall time of use.

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No; not overheating

It's definitely not overheating. My room was freezing cold when this has happened and the laptop did not heat up much.

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Thanks. I actually already did this though

I already did this yesterday. I don't know if I'm still going to have a problem or not. It seemed to change it to read only after I had already been working on something in compatability mode for a while. So, I'll have to work on something to see. Hopefully I won't have this problem again. I'll let you know. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Well, everything was fine until... when I was working on a word document with an excel chart that I pasted inside. The excel chart was a newly transferred file that I just put on the laptop yesterday. I clicked inside the excel chart, changed something, and then tried to save my paper again. It said that I did not have permission to save the file. So, I guess I again didn't have ownership of the transferred file.
I then worked on a new excel file later that was completely different. When I pressed to save this file for the first time, I got the save screen. I typed in an E for the first letter of the file name I was going to add, and then the screen changed to save as, froze, and then my whole computer froze. All of these files are in the same folder on my laptop. Does this mean that every time I transfer a file to this folder that it changes the entire properties of the foler? Am I going to have to take ownership and and give myself permission for the entire folder every time this happens? Anyone else have this problem?

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You can not edit your transferred Excel Chart

from within Word. You must edit it within Excel then save it under the exact and same name as the transferred older file. Then, get out of Excel, load up Word and, load up that very same file that you saved under Word's own .doc extension.

I know, it seems to be a pain in the ****, but that how microsoft do their filing linkings. MS is still using the old MS Access' data window linking protocol of inter MS Office programs' file transfers.

Hope that solves this little file transferring mishap.

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I know...but

I know why it wouldn't let me change the excel file permanently while in Word, but the problem is that after this happened, all my files were again prompting me to save as instead of normal saving, even when it was a new file that I had just created in Word or Excel. So, for some reason, I'm guessing something took away my ownership of this folder, its contents, and anything new that I wanted to save in this folder yet again. So, I was wondering if I have to change ownership and permission of a folder when I want to transfer something new to it for this system every single time. This wastes a lot of my time. I'm experiencing so many more problems with Windows 7 compared to almost no problems ever with Windows XP on my old laptop. I'm starting to regret even buying a new laptop in the first place with how it has turned out.

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On your newest Laptop, did you make sure

that you are both the same person as being the administrator of that machine and user of it?

If not, you might have to right click on the icon of both office programs in order to 'run the program as the administrator'. That way, you will be the sole owner of both the program and the file made and saved.

I forgot about such nagging thing since I have been using Vista(6) since early 2007 and 7(6.1)in Spring of 2009. Since, Win.7 is only an heavily patched and scripted edition upgrade(newest edition) of Vista, a lot of Vista's inner mechanics(workings) have remained intact. You might to go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and find the feature that will register you permanently as the formal Administrator of both machine,O.S. and, program files.

Hope that clears up the fog of lack of experience using such a much newer O.S.

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Ok, under Administrative Tools...

what is the feature that allows me to do this? I'm not sure what you're referring to. There is only one account on the laptop and I made myself the administrator when I created it, but you're saying that I still have to take control of everything in order to get my files and saving to work properly? Thanks for the help.

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can someone please help me

I have not fixed the problem and while trying to save my thesis today, I tried to save and save as and neither will work now. I get the message: "cannot complete the save due to a file permission error." How can I take control of these files and the hard drive if I need to?

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Did you cross post?

If so the lack of posting a link to this discussion can result in non-helpful replies (mine!)

It's time to call MSFT and ask them what's up. In my view one can copy the files out, wipe out Office and reinstall, copy the files back in and hope.

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