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I have Windows ME (still) and am considering buying software that I can make my own slideshow/videos with music, special effects, etc. Anyone have any recommendations? If so, what does the software require of your computer? Also, does anyone know of a program that will allow your videos or slides to change to the beat of music? Thanks!

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Slideshows, etc.....

You might want to try ProShow Gold, available here:

I use it on both Win98SE and WinXP and it is very good. I think you will find that it does all you ask.

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Beware of Proshow Gold

An good program with a serious flaw for longer presentations: sound track is dragging and becomes non synchronized with images (and videos).
This is an old and well known bug, wich is not fixed till this day.
When considering purchasing the program be aware of this bug.

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Could it be?

I've never seen that issue. But the machines we have are all > 2GHz, 512MB RAM, no pests, fairly optimized, best drivers we can determine, up to date BIOS and so on. You get the picture.

How do I recreate this issue?


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Sound problems in long presentation shows

Am not entitled to add here url, so just look for the Proshowgroup in Yahoo and look for the problem.
Also for a temporary solution goto and look for an article called:
Audacity to the rescue.

I've noticed 2 problems:
1/ Sound offset (start or end) will eventually cause problems.
2/ on longer shows a growing delay in sound is occuring.
your show must contain 200 photos and videos.

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I can recreate this in other packages so...

It must not be an exclusive to Proshow.

Here's how. When I have a series of JPEG images and compare playback on 2 DVD players that support such, the decode time varies from picture to picture and total runtime after just a dozen or so pictures is off by many seconds.

I don't have a cure for that, but as the player is causing this issue, I chalked it up to the players not Proshow.


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The delay is already in the EXE PC file.

The delay occurs already when closing the show as a PC exe file.
On the contrary, I produced a VCD which worked perfectly well ! There was no delay in this disk when running on my TV.

The problem is in the EXE file. I tried on different machines to create the file and to run it. There is always a delay. When you try to move/add pictures and reajust the sound tracks there is always a peculiar delay: the time indication is totaly incompatible with the reality on the screen.

This program is supposed to create a working presentation, and not to force the user to deal with problems which were not documented.
Let me also indicate that support was ineffective, unkind to answer and fulfill its own promises. This is maybe my biggest disappointment.

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Ahh, but what dd you write here?

" The delay occurs already when closing the show as a PC exe file. "

I don't understand "closing the show" here. While I've seen timing problems in many multimedia products, I can usually trace it back to odd audio encoding rates, codecs or "other." To work around this I can re-encode the audio to some new bit rate, but you are right to expect a program to either do this for you or maybe have a web page describing how to create better sync'd material.


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So, um......

Can someone, then, please make a recommendation of what software to use that DOES work, without all the stuff that doesn't?
(See original question if you're lost)


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Sony Vegas works just fine. One of the demos I've seen shows

photos distributed along the time line to beat markers. The markers are manually set, but Vegas handles the distribution. It has no problem keeping audio and video in synch. It is, however, a bit pricy which usually causes folks to reassess. I don't know how well its 'lite' version handles your situation. You can download the full version for a trial period.

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Here are some products

Here is my list:

AutoPlay Media Studio Professional 5.0.2 from Indigi rose Software
Live-Studio 2 from
Flying PopCorn 4.02 from Parasys
Pictacle from
Quickmedia6 from
Pinnacle Studio Plus 10 from
Vegas 6 from

Some of the programs are to much video oriented.
Others are very difficult to learn.
Some offer only basic output.

You wouldn't believe it, but my conclusion is that
Proshow Gold is probably the best, worthy, easy and powerful presentation program. But please let them first debug and correct the sotware flaws.

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A new Proshow Gold version (2.6) - are problems over ?

Maybe the flaws of the previous version are gone with this new version. Time will tell us that.

If only folks at Photodex would have sent a word last month on the upcoming of this new release instead of keeping silent and not responding to errors and problems reports.

The program with its innovations looks good, let's hope it's also working that way.

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Tech Support/Customer Service

So you're saying they're not much help when one has issues with the product?

Well, there's always the CNET family!

Thanks to all who wrote. I'll most likely give ProShow Gold a try. I tried the free trial version and have no complaints thus far.

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