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New to networking need advice.

I just got DSL within the past month and I would like to save my mom some money by connecting the family computer to my computer to share the DSL line. She has AOL and I think its a waste that she spends 30 bucks a month on a crap service when I can get SBC Yahoo DSL for the same price.

Anyway, it has to be wireless it just isn't practical to run cables to her computer. What would you guys suggest? I want to get it for her for her B-Day and don't have a ton to spend. I would like to keep it around 60 bucks mayve a little more. I know a lot of places have rebates so that will help. What brand for the the price range is good?

I will also like to get a USB adapter for the easy install. I would like this to be included in the 60 dollars that I am willing to spend. I don't mind if thats the price after rebates.

If I do connect her computer to mine I only want to share the broadband internet. I don't want to share files or need any of that. Also, will this slow my internet down? If so how much? I don't want it to slow it down too much.

Lastly and thanks for hanging in there with me, is it easy to install? I have decent understanding of things and can figure things out with directions well most of the time? Could I set this up myself?

Thanks everyone.

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Share Internet ok, but not two ISPs. . .

That's the first problem. You can only use one ISP. She'll have to get rid of AOHell.

Then it's really simple. Get a router. Most today support wireless. All you need is a wireless NIC. The router should have a USB connection also.

File and printer sharing is available, but only if you turn it on and create a home network.

Otherwise, just get a router, wireless NIC, and set it up.

Good luck,

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I'm using as my provider. My wife will not give up her AOL. AOL does allow broadband access at no additional charge and it's fairly easy to setup. First, hook up all your wireless stuff. Then, establish wireless internet on your mom's computer. Then, go to AOL "locations" and add a broadband connection as an option for connection. Then, anytime you hit the AOL icon, it will immediately connect via your broadband connection. AND, if your mom prefers to go directly to the internet without opening AOL, all she has to do is click on the MS IE icon.

Even better, I believe AOL offers a reduced monthly fee for broadband access ONLY. I think it's about $10-$15 for unlimited access. However, you do give up dialup access with this option.

Our household had been using broadband AND AOL for over 3 years with this system.

Although I hate AOL myself, we DO use the dial-up feature on our laptop when we travel. In a perfect world with wireless broadband access everywhere, we will kiss AOL dialup goodbye forever.

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Yeah at work we use AOL and IE from 4 different computers

Ya I know about the AOL as a secondary ISP, that is why I want to do it drop her monthly cost.

Any ideas on what brands for the price range?

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P.S. will it slow down my connection and download speed?

Will it slow down my connection and download speed on my computer.

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Will what slowdown connection and download speed?

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If I share my internet connection with another computer via

a wireless router, will my broadband speed be slower? Say I am able to download at 150kbps if I share will it go down to 100/75kbps?

Or is that not even an concern?

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BTW. . .

Don't mix and match parts. Use one brand for all parts. My entire system is D-link; modem, router, three wired NICs, one wireless NIC for my laptop. Reason being they will recognize each other and pretty much self-configure. If you try to mix brands you can have headaches.

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basically you need a DSL Access Point and

wifi adapter for each desktop/laptop you have.

Then you have to deal with the access point configuration, such as security etc.

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