Hi, glad to see that you finally got the mini.
After reading your post, my first answer was No Way. So I went to my iTunes and took a look. Guess what? Mine does exactly the same. Here's the deal. You will note that if you ignore the word "The" in The Beatles or The Offspring you will see that the list is actually in alphabetical order. Seems that iTunes ignores the word "The" when it is doing the sort and goes by the next word.
So Beatles, The - comes after Britney Spears and Offspring, The - comes after Oasis. Technically, Beatles should come before Britney in a sort.
So there you have it. Another of life's mysteries, explained. Aren't you glad you asked Happy

On the subject of Anti-Virus, you are reasonably safe for now. You should still consider AV and a Firewall.

Hope this helped