Something like this? It has more hard drive space because when you have friends, you want to be able to sample any music they have (recorded themselves... because stealing music is wrong!).

The thing about finger print scanners is that they are extremely rare and very expensive on the consumer side.

However, that being said, you can lug around this little usb thing:

I have a pocket pc that has a finger print scanner on it. And although it is a neat little add on. I hate it. Your finger has to be a perfect temperature to get the reader to work, you can't have any fresh cuts or scrapes and the thing miss scanned so much I had to configure all the fingers as just one so that it would take my finger no matter how I slid in on there.

You may want to consider a tiny 8gb flash drive. They are cheap and if your laptop breaks while away from somewhere that could repair it, you would still have your docs easily available.

Also please remember that laptops DO NOT LAST. You will be very lucky if your laptop makes it 4 years without an issue of one kind or another.