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Reporting: New Tiger Woods ad...
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RE: how does this ad sell shoes or clothing?

It doesn't (yet)...It's the first step in "selling" Tiger Woods?

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That isn't the main reason for the ad.

Nike did not drop him like other sponsors did.

This seems to be giving him a public thrashing or tongue-lashing that says Nike does not condone Tiger's actions at all. They may have decided that his top mentor was the logical choice to deliver the message.

I have believed all along this was a private matter between him and his wife,. I do resent that the women he committed adultery with are becoming celebrities and making money. None have claimed he forced them. They are what I would call "camp followers" or "groupies".

I hope he wins the Masters.


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I don't know. They dropped a wad of money to say THAT? And with his approval?

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I vote it was with his approval

He is in no position to not do so.

A big sponsor has given him another chance.


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I don't put

..... the Vick case on the same level as the Woods one.

Vick enjoyed the bloodspot of watching animals tear each other up til death, and muust have heard the screams. he must have known how strays were used as bait in training, some of which could have been lot pets.

Woods enjoyed the sexual pleasures of very willing women.


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I agree......2 willing participants.

Tigers wife wasn't though.....but that's their business...not mine.

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"Tongue lashing" LOL

Probably not the best choice of words in this case. Grin

Maybe Nike's next ad will be a photo of Tiger with the slogan, "Nikes. Get some."


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It's creepy, tacky and revolting.

As Nike tries whatever it can to put this mess behind it and its most prominent endorser, it managed to forget something; namely that Earl Woods apparently had fidelity issues in both his marriages.

I could care less how well he plays the game of golf; what matters to me is he now seeks a free pass to go on as if nothing happened and seeks us to accept him again as some kind of role model. That is just sick.

The messy details of his life do not interest me at all, and whatever happens in his personal life from now on is just that - personal. But Tiger Woods doesn't need to be rubbing our noses in it by being back in competition so damned soon.

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I agree

While I really don't care much what he does from now on or how successful he is as a golfer. I don't think his issue of infidelity was necessarily more important than how he sought to maintain that lifestyle and, when caught, buy his way out by paying off his mistresses. That's, IMO, a bigger rub. He has plenty of money to hire the best image re-builders such as corporations do when they lose public approval. Is he doing that now? I don't know but his past history suggests he's not above that.

I once knew a person who'd use a phrase similar to, "I'm going to tell you something but will deny that I ever said it." All this tells me is that they admit the ability to lie and cannot be trusted.

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I am getting very tired of all the coverage...

TV news is spending (wasting) waaaayy too much airtime on this. Can't get away from it.

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RE: Can't get away from it.

tell me more... Devil

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I agree.

I just wish the media would let up on this. It's boring.


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They'll give it up as soon as

something of more interest comes out of D.C. Wink

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(NT) I'd like to know WHO finds it interesting.
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Celebrity marketers. That's who.

And since news media has adopted the tabloid mentality of piquing interest rather than reporting events, that "WHO" should be obvious.

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(NT) People that keep posting about it?
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the media will let up on it

soon as Nike and Tiger let up on it. Just go play the game, ignore any questions from the press on personal matters. Move on from it and the press will move on from it.

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(NT) He still gets a check, right?
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yes, the check is in the mail.
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It's about the sheep....

...the blind followers that can't think for themselves...

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If they agree with you

they're thinking for themselves, and if they don't agree with you, they're a follower/sheep?

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