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New Product Feature Idea Wishlist

by jbhassoc / December 21, 2008 1:41 AM PST

According to a Samsung csr the 08 models will stop production in Feb 09. New sets will arrive later in the spring. Any conjecture on design changes and new features? Would like to see all models thinner (ie. the A850/A860) and a more effective anti-reflective coating on the Ultra Clear Panel or a matte panel available as an option. Would also like to see full Internet browser capability. This is a great place to present user ideas. Anyone else have 'wish list' items?

I want to personally thank Samsung and the Samsung HD Tech for being so attentive, responsive and helpful to the needs of their customers. This kind of customer service is unheard of from other manufactures and outstanding benefit to owning a Samsung a product.

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Great Idea!
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / December 21, 2008 5:39 AM PST

Watch for press releases in the first two weeks of January. Happy

Hearing feedback is an awesome idea, <b>jbhassoc</b>. I may pin this idea to the top of the thread.

I will be meeting with many of the engineers and product managers in early January (short notice, of course) but if there are improvements and ideas that you'd like me to address, I'd be happy to do so.

If I may humbly request, let's keep this thread from becoming an extention of problems being experienced in other threads.

So far:
1. Tuner issues - trust me, I will be addressing.
2. 850 IR issues - trust me, I will be addressing.
3. PIP issues - trust me, I will be addressing.

That said, what are your ideas? What would make life easier for you in the next generation?

I've seen some ideas for implementing Youtube, a different internal audio frame that would allow an easier surround sound setup, and the post above mine noted "flatter panels". Wireless seems to be hot, so where would you like to see that expand to? Touch of color?

If someone has suggested something you like, feel free to echo. Don't worry about redundancy, I'd like to get a clear snapshot of your ideas.

Also, feel free to expound on your ideas. For instance, jbhassoc said (thanks in advance for letting me use your example) Happy that he wanted to see "full internet capability". So what does that mean?

Designing a browser is one thing. Active X controls, adobe reader, flashplayers and other plugins are another, and where do we store these things? How much memory do they take, and every year, the upgrades get bigger, so becoming obselete is a distinct possibility. A popular website (YouTube, for fun) might change its format, and suddenly stops working - it worked before, but it's out of our control: now what? Is it our responsibility to fix that? Think in terms of engineering, and marketing and try to look at it from our point of view also: Is it worth a $600.00 difference for this limited first-gen feature when someone could, TODAY, just hook up a $500.00 PC with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and surf flawlessly from the couch?

These are things that the engineers are likely to ask ME, so I have to have a pretty compelling argument.

If you want to offer an idea, great.
If you want to discuss it and interact with me, great. Just ask.

Last thing: Product specifications are likely in place for next year's products already, so think in terms of 2010 product lines (I know, no booing or hissing! But I'm being realistic about it, and at least give me that!). I'm interested in seeing how close we are this year in anticipating our customers' needs and wants by seeing which of your "wants" in the next few weeks is actually a product spec in the lines we will be announcing soon.

This could be interesting and fun, and I invite everyone to participate.

So... what do you want to see?


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SD slot
by tgwallbank / December 21, 2008 8:57 PM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

I would like to see a slot to pop my camera SD card directly into the TV to view my pics in HD.

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by jbhassoc / December 22, 2008 1:17 AM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

I agree 'full internet capabilities' was to broad a request. I had in mind a simple open source browser that would allow one to access the web, check web-mail, interact with the networks when they have voting, contests etc. and be able to access the network streams of their popular shows. More like an expansion of the existing RSS capability. Then I wouldn't have to leave the family alone and run to the computer room or have another piece of hardware in my living room. I wasn't suggesting making the TV a computer with lots of memory...although it is an interesting thought. Surf and watch the game all at the same time or for the and watch the game at the same time.

I was curious if Samsung ever selects home sites to evaluate new sets before they are released. If so, I have lots of windows in my living room for screen evaluations etc., a very technical background and would gladly volunteer.

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Feature wish list
by 80004 / December 22, 2008 5:33 AM PST
In reply to: Feedback

I would love for Samsung to incorporate some basic built in screen calibration tools and filters to go with them. Another choice would be include a DVD such as the Kane Digital Video Essentials. Easy enough for most people to handle without a lot of expense but it pays off big time in getting a great picture not normally avalable out of the box.

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More info on 09 models.
by jbhassoc / December 23, 2008 12:11 AM PST
In reply to: Feature wish list

Found a link on another forum for the 09 LN-xxB530P7F and LN-xxB650 series manuals - abet with a lot of TBD in the specs and some blank chapters. The 5 series is 34 pages but the 6 Series is a whopping 265 pages. A few things I noticed are the screen sizes. 32,37,40,46,55. no 52inch. There is DNLA capability. Also a dedicated button on the remote labeled "Internet". No mention about a matte screen option which I need but there was a reference to a LN-xxB680 model. Anyone have any more info?

I think a way to do color calibration is a fantastic idea perhaps with a built in connection for a calorimeter device like a Spyder.

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New product ideas: think big
by Screefchap / December 25, 2008 2:11 PM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

My confidence is high that Samsung will add all the usual, arguably expected, incremental improvements; LED, thinner, OLED, PIP, etc, etc.

What I'd like to propose are two more radical ideas which would hasten digital convergence.

1. Integrated and flexible streamer. Yes, there's some of this already in the 650 and up, but if you compare what it can do against a PH (Popcorn Hour), or XMBC (XBox Media Center), it's not even in the same league. By "highly flexible", what I mean is "easy to add and update new formats". The rationale is that Samsung would release frequent updates to the streamer so as to correct bugs, and keep up with new formats, etc. A further step would be to open this up. Meaning provide an SDK for the open source community and allow the building and loading of modules, which could implement either format or protocol support...

Essentially start thinking more like an application company, not a hardware company. Yes, the value is currently being attributed to the hardware, but once you get past the display and styling, it's all about software. (I work for a company that makes large internet routers, and we "feel and behave" like a software company, even though we too encode the value in the hardware.)

2. Bake a PC into the TV, and make it open. The idea here is that a growing number of us are currently hooking up PC's to the TV so that we can surf, etc, while we're watching TV (yes, I'm also all about PIP for that reason). The PC could also, or alternatively, be used as a streamer or HTPC (Home Theater PC). I believe that this is a far better approach than baking a semi-standard browser/flash/plugin-du-jour in. Samsung would provide display and sound device drivers for common OS's (i.e. Windows and Linux). Perhaps optionally bundle Windows Media Center?

Better yet, bake a hypervisor into the PC. That way, multiple OS's could be run simultaneously, or interchangeably. For those of us doing the HTPC thing today, an entire external machine can be assembled today at a quantity of one, retail price of $300. Baked in, this could (should?) be quite a bit cheaper in terms of the resulting increment to the selling price of the TV.

Perhaps you're thinking "But won't that mean I can get a virus on the $2,000 TV?". The answer is "yes and no". Since the PC is standalone, with interfaces only to the video, audio and network, the effect of a virus would be to disable the PC (requiring a reload similar to what one would do in the case of a physical machine). And a hypervisor would greatly facilitate such a recovery.

In fact, a hypervisor approach could be used as follows. One virtual machine that "is" the TV, and one or more that are the virtual PCs, streamers, etc.

Just food for thought.


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Feature requests
by Wowbagget / December 29, 2008 1:37 AM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

1) Make the TV be a full uPnP AV renderer - so that an external control point can be used to control the TV.
2) Dolby pass-through from the HDMI connectors to the optical connector! I realize that you may not be able to transcode the audio due to CPU limitations or licensing, but if the HDMI source is already sending you Dolby 5.1, just pass it through to the optical jack! (This is one of the biggest problems I have with my A750).
3) Embed a browser: since you seem to be using the Simple media Direct Layer in the TV, you should be able to take the Gecko rendering engine from Firefox and use that. Yes, you may not be able to have Flash (unless you can get Adobe to make a version available) but you should be able to do most everything else.
4) It would be nice if you could provide hooks into the main TV application such that programmers like myself could add functionality to the TV in a graceful fashion. (this could in theory be the solution to #3 above: give us the hooks, let US provide the browser).
5) Make the uPnP/DLNA AV client more forgiving of the file formats - I know I have media that my A750 can play if it is on a mass storage device plugged into the USB, but will NOT play when streamed.
6) Support something other than FAT32 for the USB media - you cannot put a file larger than 4G on FAT32, and if you are putting HD content on a device, it WILL be larger than 4G. NTFS would probably be needed (for all the Windows folks), but it sure would be nice to support EXT2 as well (and since you are running Linux in these TVs it isn't like that is a stretch to support).

Now we get into the real wish list territory:

7) It would be nice if the TV could act as a uPnP control point for other devices, such as other renderers (think
"low power audio only devices") and generic devices (lights, thermostats, etc.).

Cool If the TV could "learn" from my other IR remotes, and implement IR blaster remote control, so that even my older, non HDMI-CEC devices could be "controlled" from the TV, that would be great!

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Oh yeah, one more thing...
by Wowbagget / December 29, 2008 10:21 PM PST
In reply to: Feature requests

Let me pull a Columbo here:

It would be nice if the Picture in Picture mode would allow for more than just the tuner to be used: I'd like to be able to bring up my Sat receiver as a window inside a game, for example (in other words, composite input as a window inside HDMI).

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by kilbert666 / January 21, 2009 3:00 AM PST

I 2nd the PIP

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new idea
by lang831 / January 12, 2009 8:29 AM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

just a thought but i was thinking that it would be really cool to make cable card a standard with a built in 2way tuner for picture and picture also to have an open format guide so that the local cable provider could easily be able to download its guide on to the tv so it looks as it would on a cable box. what would also be cool, to add a slot for a laptop sized removable hard drive that could easily be removed and upgraded using any standard laptop hard drive on the market, that could be formated to the tv, to be used strictly for the ability to save pictures, music and or but most importantly to give the tv the ability to dvr what the consumer is watching, via the tv manufacturers software or the local cable providers, given you have cable card capability and an open format guide that the cable provider can install to your tv. last but not least i do believe that there should be wireless capabilities installed not only to transfer recorded data from the tv to pc but vise versa and because i think that it would be awesome if you were able to implement sling box or sony's base station free players idea into the tv giving you the ability to watch what is on your tv from where ever via the internet and lets not forget automatic updates. just a thought but i guarantee if you could make these ideas possible not only would you probably be the first but reasonably priced would be a huge hit. people hate cable box's, multiple remotes and most of all the mess of wires that follow, really what is the point in buying a mountable flat screen when you have wires and bulky boxes that you have to hide. with cable cards you eliminate this and an open format makes it so the tv manufacturer is not only relieved of developing a guide but now they dont have to worry about problems with the guide as the local cable provider is now the responsible party. the problem for all cable card tv's i have seen on the market is the guide sucks, they cant order movies and none have a dual tuner for pic and pic and none that i know of have their own dvr function, (also help the service techs from the local cable provider out with the cable cards by giving a better diag feature that allows you to see signal strength on any given quam. or freq. and c/n so if tiling becomes an issue or a channel isn't coming in we can better see why), with dvr dual tuner is important so you can watch one show while recording the other or record two shows at once and i don't know about you but dvr's are bulky and often go bad causing the customer to loose all recordings especially do to the fact that there is simply no easy way to back them up. samsung is already making converters for cable providers, (which are by the way great compared to SA but put off way to much heat, should have installed a fan), so it's not like it would be a new industry to take on.

i work for the cable company and im in and out of houses all day long people hate having a cable box and most of all hate the amount of wires that accumulate behind the tv i hear it all the time. the capability of watching your dvr or cable while away from home via the computer is becoming a huge hit you could even make it so that the tv's can talk to each other and when you go from your home to see family and friends out of state, given they have tv's with this capability and an internet connection, can go into the menu and watch their tv from home on the tv out of state without having a computer, most people consider it a headache when it comes to hooking a computer up to a tv, and or to be able to pull the hard drive from your tv and take it to another tv and watch what you have recorded. just saying this tech. is not new and should be easy enough to compile into one device (the tv), it could very well revolutionize the industry and if anyone could be more capable, it would be samsung and sony.
hit me up with some feedback let me know your thoughts on the idea of implementing cable cards with open format guide capability with dual tuner and two way capabilities, dvr functionality with upgradable transferable laptop sized hard drive and the ability to have a built in capability of live streaming your tv via built in wireless.
thanks for listening
your friendly neighborhood calbe guy

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Surround and Closed Captioning
by Demiurgos / January 26, 2009 4:11 AM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

I second the vote to pass through the surround sound received via HDMI to the optical out.

Additionally, I'd like to see Samsung LCDs handle closed captioning. For the life of me I can't enable it when watching TV, and I've read everything.

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Closed captioning
by paddingtonbear / January 26, 2009 4:23 AM PST

Read somewhere on this forum that closed captioning has to be set through the cable set top box.

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RE: Cable box
by Demiurgos / January 26, 2009 5:28 AM PST
In reply to: Closed captioning

Been there, done that. Still no dice.

It doesn't change the fact that it would be nice if Samsung included that in next year's TVs.

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Closed Captioning
by Bailoze / January 26, 2009 5:34 AM PST
In reply to: RE: Cable box

As far as I understand, it is not Samsung's fault if CC does not work, but HDMI's : that kind of information can not be transported using this protocol. It has not been designed to do so.
If you want to use CC on your TV, you must use its internal tuner (by using a direct cable connection).

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Analog to digital incompatibility...
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / January 26, 2009 11:42 AM PST
In reply to: Closed Captioning

It's an analog to digital difference.

Here's some information that you might find useful.

DVD's and other seperate non-broadcasted media aren't even mandated to include subtitles, however, our televisions have and will continue to support that technology.

This should answer most of your questions. If you have more, please let me know.


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Closed caption on MPEG4
by k_sraj / April 2, 2009 2:38 PM PDT
In reply to: Closed Captioning

Can anyone please help me in getting started with MPEG4 closed captioning.
1. I need information about MPEG4 frame structure
2. where closed caption information information is inserted into MPEG4 frame?
3. Is 708 standard is supported in MPEG4 for CC??

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Closed Captioning doesn't work over HDMI???
by bpahlite / August 13, 2009 2:16 AM PDT
In reply to: Closed Captioning

Is this true? I just bought a Samsung Plasma, and my wife, who uses closed captioning all the time while our baby is sleeping, is very upset that this feature is now gone. I have been scouring the web to find an answer, and this is the first time I've heard of this.

My father-in-law just bought an LCD, and he's having the same problem.

We are both connecting to our cable boxes via HDMI.

Is HDMI truly the cause for the loss of close captioning?

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HDMI is sort of the cause ...
by Bill Osler / August 13, 2009 11:46 AM PDT

As I understand it the problem is not HDMI per se, but rather the industry standards around how HD signals of any kind are handled.

As I understand it, possibly not 100% accurate, the closed caption information is in one of the lines from the video signal in composite video. It is apparently possible in principle to include CC in component video, at least at 480p, but my Samsung does not support it on component video at all. I don't know which manufacturers do support CC at 480p.
I don't understand all the details, but there are apparently some complexities in inserting captioning into HD signals, which is why it is not supported in HDMI or other HD signals.
My Samsung TV requires that captioning be inserted at the source of the video signal. Then the TV displays whatever picture the source sends. If your DVD or Blu-Ray or cable box or satellite box or whatever can decode the captioning then it works OK. If your source can't/won't decode the captioning you're stuck.
Personally I think this illustrates the fact that offering accessibility for hearing impaired users was a rather low priority for both Samsung and the industry as a whole. Samsung certainly has not implemented the captioning as well as it could have in its products - eg: my Samsung Blu-Ray player won't insert captioning from DVDs into the video, it only inserts subtitles.

Anyway, my suspicion is that if you can use the captioning if you switch to composite video (s-video might work also) but if you have to do that there's no point in having an expensive HD TV. It's better if your source can insert the captioning into the HDMI signal.

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Design flaw with respect to captioning
by dmulvany / February 12, 2009 5:22 AM PST

I've read that for some new HDTVs, Samsung apparently elected to make it impossible for analog captions to be decoded through any of the analog inputs except the RF input. The composite, S-video and component inputs bypass the TV component that contains the chip to decode the captions. This is a BIG mistake because it means that the HDTV won't be able to decode analog captions that can be passed through by cable or satellite set-top boxes, DVRs, DVD players or VCRs. The only way to get analog captions would be by using the RF input for those devices, which is undesirable for many reasons, one of which that there's only one RF input and the consumer may have multiple devices to hook up. Another reason is that the picture quality will not be as good as it could be if one has to use the RF cable instead of the other analog inputs.

Samsung needs to go back to the drawing table and place the caption decoder outside of the tuner so that every video signal coming through the TV can be decoded through that chip. Analog captions are going to be around a long time since they're the only way we can record closed captions for now.

So, Demiurgos, the reason you might not be able to see captions on your DTV is if it can only decode captions through the RF input, which you might not be using, and if you're using a set-top box that doesn't decode captions, like a Verizon FiOS set top box, but only passes them through. It means sacrificing the picture quality you'd be able to get by using component video, S-video or composite video and settling for the inferior picture quality you get by using RF cable in order to get captions. An alternative is to get a more expensive set-top box that will decode captions itself or to see if you can use a direct cable feed instead or an antenna.

I think, though, that Samsung should seriously think about how to correct this huge problem for people who expected the analog inputs to transmit caption data. These people didn't have any reason to expect that their TV would be crippled unnecessarily like that. Samsung needs to fix this problem as soon as possible.

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Closed Captioning
by Ivan Awfulitch / February 12, 2009 6:25 AM PST


I just had this discussion with someone elsewhere.. I have an LN46a750 hooked up to a set top box (att U-verse) via an HDMI Cable. Someone mentioned that CC doesn't work through an HDMI cable. I tried it by pressing the CC button on the remote. It said something like "Not Available". I then went to my set top box and there is a setting for closed captioning - actually 2; one for digital and one for SD Channels. Once I turned them one, voila... CC worked. With the CC text scrolling on my TV, I again pressed the CC button on my remote and I still get the "Not Available" box - right above the CC text. Think of it this way... at least in my case... the set top box is upstream from the TV and sends the signals to it. If the set top box blocks CC, there's no way for the TV to get CC. Again, this is how it works for me - totall digital cable signal through an HDMI cable to an att U-Verse Set Top Box.

Granted, it's kinda screwey with the "Not Available" box popping up while CC is on, but I think when you add a STB in the equation, that may be what's filtering CC from gettting to the LCD.


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Captioning problems and needed improvements
by dmulvany / February 14, 2009 8:36 AM PST
In reply to: Closed Captioning

Ivan, what you brought up is a different matter than what I was discussing. I was talking about *analog* inputs; you were talking about a *digital* input (HDMI). There is no standard for transmitting closed caption data over HDMI cables so when you're using an HDMI cable, you do have to enable caption decoding within a set-top box if that is how you're getting TV.

However, if you have an analog TiVo or other DVR, or a DVD player with analog outputs like S-video or component video, Samsung unnecessarily made it impossible for some of their HDTVs to decode caption data that could have been sent via those cables at the best resolution possible---and customers who need captions won't know which Samsung HDTVs *will* be able to provide that capability in the future. Samsung should make a public commitment to enable decoding of captions on all analog inputs from now on, otherwise deaf and hard of hearing people will need to warned not to buy Samsung DTV equipment that's not completely functional for their needs. (More than ten percent of the population have hearing loss and this percentage is projected to increase as baby boomers get older.)

Samsung has some other problems with respect to captions as well.

My current Samsung LCD HDTV, less than two months old, doesn't remember where you were in the menu when you come back (like Sharp does), so it takes a really, really long time to set up the advanced closed caption features. (The caption preview is helpful but it's still necessary to see what the captions actually look like against different backgrounds, and the caption menu is buried very deep in the menu.) With Sharp, all I have to do is press the menu button and press the right arrow to go down the necessary levels to get back into the caption menu, but with Samsung, there are numerous pushes of the remote control necessary.

On the default caption mode, the Samsung HDTV doesn't automatically decode CEA-608 caption data if no CEA-708 caption data is being sent, so no captions will show up at all if a station broadcasts only CEA-608 caption data. (My Sharp HDTV, however, *will* automatically decode CEA-608 data if no CEA-708 data is received.)

Samsung HDTV equipment improperly accumulates CEA-708 captions for some programs from some stations, resulting in garbled captions that cover up the screen. I know of three different Samsung equipment owners with this problem, one of which has a Samsung DTV tuner and an HDTV. See the video and pictures that I took of the problems I've experienced:

---The menu for the caption button on the remote should definitely be improved to provide direct access to the caption menu for customizing the advanced captions. It would be even better if the owner could customize the menu to his or her own preferences. The choices should be: "On, Off, On with Mute, Analog Captions(CC1), Digital Captions, Settings." The viewer should be able to use the UP button to get to the bottom of the menu, and not be forced to scroll all the way down).

---The caption fonts should be better designed so that they can be larger. There are wide differences in maximum sizes between the caption fonts.

---If the PIP feature is improved to work with the digital tuner, it should continue to show captioning from the tuner in both pictures.

---Samsung very much needs to add the capability of adding channels manually if some channels weren't detected during the automatic scan. Currently, it's impossible to get all the channels from stations that are located at very different angles.

---Samsung should consider adding a smart antenna interface. (OTA reception could get more popular since HD quality is so high over the air.)

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Captioning - my own little Tests
by Ivan Awfulitch / February 14, 2009 2:37 PM PST

Hi dmulvany,

Ack! I wrote you a long detailed message and erased it! Consider yourself lucky, this should be shorter <grin>

Yes, I misunderstood you. I saw digital and set-top boxes and jumped on it being digital. I apologize. It's just that I just got done verifying to someone else that HDMI did pass CC and was on a roll - before I forgot. Again, sorry.

However, your reply made me make a final connection to my month old TV to do some testing. I hooked up my antenna (wanted to get PIP to work - and it does - yea!). Anyways, the CC on the remote finally works as advertised. I also have a VCR/DVD combo hooked up. The VCR uses a composite cable and is hooked up to the AV1 Source which I named VCR. The DVD player can use this connection; but can also use progressive mode if a component cable is hooked up. So I test...

VCR tape using composite cabling on a Tonight Show recording (Source=AV1 named VCR). Pressing CC on the remote brings up the "Caption: On" box and CC actually works. Running a DVD over the same Source brings up the same "Caption: On" box, but no CC text on screen. At first I was confused about the DVD's, since store-bought DVD's usually include subtitles; but then I realized that perhaps you meant home-made DVDs. So I popped in a "Leave it to Beaver" compilation I made from TV Land. Same results - says "Caption: On", but no text. OK, maybe too old? So I insert an X-Files DVD I made. Again, no text on screen where it says it should.

Finally for grins I switch the DVD to component which I have set up as Source=Component2 named DVD. Now here when I press CC on the remote I get a "Not available" box.

So for a "short" answer (believe it or not this is shorter than the original), I actually am able to pass CC from a VCR tape via composite cables that was originally recorded off an antenna. And DVD don't pass CC no way through a component connection; but tries to pass it via composite with no text reaching the screen.

Now mind you this was all done on a 750 series LCD. And again, sorry to waste your time on my babblings...

Now that I read your last reply totally, I now see what you are saying. I looked at your posted pictures. I honestly can say I have never used CC until tonight, but what I've seen tonight is only 3 lines of text max, not like what you show. I did notice a delay on my end, which was kind of annoying. SNL had text from a skit still scrolling while the band was playing into a commercial.


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Can Samsung HDTV decode captions via COMPONENT input?
by dmulvany / February 14, 2009 3:28 PM PST

iVAN, in order to for TVs to decode captions sent from DVD players, progressive scanning must be turned off, and so must upconversion. Analog captions require the VBI (vertical blanking interval) at Line 21 on the TV screen, but both progressive scanning and upconversion appear to eliminate the necessary VBI. So, you'd need to turn off progressive scanning (and upconversion) on your DVD player in order to have any chance of captions being decoded by the *TV,* no matter what kind of analog video cable you are using.

From what I've read, Samsung may not have designed caption decoding capability for component video inputs, but I'd suggest doublechecking this with your HDTV. The fact you can get captioning on your composite inputs suggests you can get captioning via the S-video cable as well (which would be better than composite), but due to Samsung's history, it's unclear what the status would be for component.

Another issue is that the DVDs you used may not have closed caption data recorded on them. Try to find a DVD that has the CC symbol on it or its jackey, or see if a DVD drive on a computer can play captions from the DVD, then play that DVD through your DVD player and component cables (with progressive scanning and upconversion turned off) to see if you can display the captioning from your DVD AND get the best picture quality possible.

The AVS Forum ( would probably be a better place to discuss questions about captioning issues outside of Samsung. There's a thread there about HDMI and captioning.

SNL uses live captioning, so a delay can't be helped with that. The accumulating captions I experience on my Samsung isn't experienced from all stations but just a few. My Sharp HDTV responds to the problematic caption data from those stations by not showing any captions at all, whereas the Samsung shows accumulating captions.

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by pikoo_avs / February 13, 2009 4:41 AM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

I own a LN46A860. Here is what I really like to see:

1. Revamp Menu system.
a. Please use better font (may be Times New Roman). Menus in a 1080p TV should look 'smart', not 'dumb'.
b. The letters should be sharp and crisp.
c. Even the 'service menu' fonts are so out of focus. (No I didn't go to service menu myself, but watching when service tech was performing his tasks).
d. Make it easy. Too many key strokes to perform some easy task.

2. One dedicated key in the remote which toggles between 2 sets of settings (like 'day-time' with more backlight and 'night-time' with less backlight). It should be smart enough to understand which source you are currently using.

3. Ability to copy all the user menu settings to a USB drive. If you have multiple Samsung TVs this feature will be very handy. Then the menu settings become 'portable'. The 'settings' will also survive this way even after a board change.

4. Whenever the main board changes, the volume becomes '100'. Think about in a quiet home (baby sleeping in another room), the tech changes the main board and he turns on the TV with the volume set to '100' be default. Engineers don't think hard.

5. Pl. train the Samsung 'chat' folks properly. Surely they don't read the samsung bulletins or the cnet forum or avsforum. What a waste of time chatting with them. Even same is true for the 1-800-samsung.

6. The online ticketing system - to describe the problem - only 200 characters are allowed. Are we in 1960's? How can somebody describe a complex problem in 200 characters. There should not be any limit. Man! Disk space is cheap.

7. Infolink: The weather: Should be able to display current day and the forecast together. Not either today or forecast.

Let me know if you really want to do a usability study for your TVs. I can volunteer for that. I think Samsung should seriously think about it.

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Search Functionality
by jcindians / February 26, 2009 11:25 PM PST
In reply to: Great Idea!

I posted this in another forum but thought this one would be more relevant.

It would be nice to be able to skip from the A's to the R's ,etc. within the artist search. I typically will sort by artist. I think that it would be a good thing to be able jump from one letter to another. Two suggestions as to how to incorporate this are as follows:
1. Utilize the same sort functionality as within the "Title" listing: List artist names under heading 'A', 'B', 'C', etc.
2. Implement a keypad combination method via the remote, like texting, to move between alphabetical listing, e.g. press '2' twice to move to the B's or press '6' twice to skip to the N's

I think that this would be a nice additional feature to have especially when you are looking for a particular song or file.

Thank you for your time.

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ht-ws1 soundbar
by mamontano / May 12, 2009 9:57 PM PDT
In reply to: Great Idea!

Would like to see more optical inputs, maybe even hdmi.

Collapse -
by phugger / May 13, 2009 3:06 AM PDT
In reply to: Great Idea!

Only one item on my wishlist - DLNA
I have a Series 9 LCD set and the support for DLNA is very poor.
The included Samsung software won't allow network mapped drives.
It doesn't work with TVersity (check their forums).
I'd prefer to not dedicate a PC to act as a streaming server so I have an HP Media Share NAS box.
I have not been able to paly a single video either from my HP streamer or from TVersity - Unsupported format (they aren't).
Samsung is doing something non-standard with their implimentation of DLNA and it doesn't work with a lot of servers. Googling for solutions reveals a lot of frustrated users. Please fix this!

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Center channel feature request
by jbhassoc / December 23, 2008 10:57 PM PST

Like to be able to utilize the HDTV speakers for the center channel in a 5.1 setup. Either:
1. by directly connecting to the units speakers from the center channel 8/4 ohm amp output.
2. or with a high level input connection through the HDTV's internal audio amp. Then the sound could be tailored with the bass/treble controls or an equalizer to better match the tone of the left/right external speakers.

HD Tech: This forum does not track views so its hard to tell if it's over looked at the very top. One suggestion might be to sticky this thread just under the "Update to the Samsung Forum... More moderators, More answers" thread". Highlight or separate it. Possibly modify the name to (Samsung 09 hd lcd and new product wish list) or (New HDTV products, ideas and wish list)or something to that effect or even a whole new thread. I'm sure the people on this forum have lots of great product ideas they would like to see implemented. Thanks again.

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Great idea.
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / December 28, 2008 8:56 AM PST


I have pinned this thread and renamed it. Thanks for the suggestion! Happy

And thanks to everyone for their participation so far. I'm diligently tracking these ideas.


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Some more ideas
by karelnu / January 2, 2009 1:19 AM PST
In reply to: Great idea.

All very good ideas, I agree with it and want it now, and also

- Please integrate the (European/Dutch?) digital cable receiver/tuner into the LE40E856

A few months ago we?ve bought a LE40E856, and the Samsung digital cable receiver DCB-B270R. But now we?ve two remote controls. The very nice remote control of the LE40E856 can?t be used for, for instance, teletext features, and a lot of other features. We have to use the must less sophisticated controller of the cable receiver. How irritating and frustrating.

- A general hyperlink to the latest version of the PC Share Manager software, and not 'hidden' at a TV model page.

It took a lot of time to find the newest (?) version of the PC Share Manager software. I?ve found it finally on the LN46A850 page.

- Shared file indexing by PC Share Manager not on directories only, but on directories including a file type.

The PC Share Manager software indexes also Folder, Cover en AlbumArt images of mp3 files, as part of a MP3 tag I believe, because I can?t see those files in the music folders. The result of this is: hundreds of little CD covers mixed through our holiday photos, not a very nice presentation and a very irritating search option.

We?ve bought the LE40E856 also because of the DNLA feature. But I?ve sold my Pinnacle Showcenter 250 HD a little to soon I believe. So yes please, add all the suggestions mentioned in the replies/topics above. Not only into newer TV models (hardware), we can?t afford a new one this year/coming years, but also and as much as possible by firmware updates. We really enjoy the quality of LCD panel; it is the best at this moment.

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