It depends on the contract you have. If you have a 1 year contract, you will only get promotional pricing for the phone if you renew for another year. If you go to an autorized agent for a new 2 year contract, you will typically get promoional pricing, but might get accessories at no charge. But renewals at Best Buy & Wal-mart tack on an additional $50 to the new subscriber price on both 1 & 2 year contracts. Unless either place has an exclusive phone that you must have right now, avoid renewing at Best Buy or Wal-mart, as you will pay more. 2 year renewals at corporate stores, you not only qualify for promotional pricing, but depending on when the last upgrade was, the NE2 qualified for a maximum of $100 off the price of the phone, if a person renewed before 02/05/2006. Anyone that uses NE2 under the old terms will be put under the new terms when he/she upgrades again, which for most people, will be as early as 12/2007. The new terms will be up to $50 towards NE2 for plans of $34.99, but less than $79.99. Plans of $79.99 and up will continue to qualify for up to $100 toward NE2. With NE2, depending on the price of the phone at 2 year pricing, you might be able to get it free, and only have to pay for accessories. Occasionally VZW offers a low end phone for free, and offer free phones (usually LG phones) on family share plans when you buy one. Some people think NE2 is a ripoff, but I think it's an incentive to offer an even lower price on the phone, or make it free, compared to Cingular, where you only get promotional pricing, but tack on an $18 upgrading fee to the phone, or to the bill. I was told Sprint tacks on a $36 upgrading fee to the price of the phone, or the bill. You just have to know where the deals are at. Sometimes you can get the better deals either at Circuit City VZW locations, or at VZW corporate mall kiosks.