New pc freezes frequently for 2 to 10 seconds

hey there guys,

so ive build a new pc and it runs great, except sometimes the whole deal freezes for 2 to 10 seconds, no audio/video at all. after that it runs fine again but this occurs very often and it is so annoying.

i ran burnintest software but no errors came up.. what to do?

my specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - Processor
Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING - motherboard
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB - memory
Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB - power
kingston SSD 480Gb

Windows 10 64 bit
Newest BIOS

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Reporting: New pc freezes frequently for 2 to 10 seconds
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A few things.

All the Ryzen systems I've encountered need the BIOS updated early in the build/install process. This crucial step is often skipped due to fear or not knowing how important that is.

I see you write newest BIOS but there is more to this such as:
1. Example issues we find with you sharing a Web Speccy report.
Example at

2. BIOS settings are unlikely to be the cause BUT be sure to try defaults and ask the motherboard maker if there are preferred settings that are not default.

Let's see that Speccy.

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thanks in advance
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Few things.

1. The RAM is not reporting in. Ask the motherboard maker if what you are using is compatible. Also, see if it shows up as dual channel in another tool like

2. The BIOS is not the latest. Read:

At this point nothing in the report stands out so these are rare but do occur.

3. For the mouse is it set to defaults? I've found trouble when the owner cranks up the polling rate to maximum.

4. Were their ANY networked PCs connected to since this PC's OS was installed?
Why I ask is if you map a drive on this PC and the server is removed then Windows is known to pause from time to time. Example command to disconnect network shares:

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thanks in advance

okay, so here is the other tool you have suggested:

im new to pc building so i need some guidance in what to do next, do i need to update the bios? and i dont know if the mouse is set to its defaults, i can try to see if there is some software from the manufacturer.

i will check step 4 in the link you send.

Thank you very much for trying to figure it out with me

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That report is good.

As to the BIOS, Ryzen has us write these rules.

1. The BIOS shall be the latest from the maker unless...
2. The maker tells you to use a specific version.

Updating the BIOS seems to scare some owners. But it's a Ryzen so I consider it non-optional.

If you can't do this, make this a warranty issue.

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So when I bought the motherboard the company said it needed an bios update to work well with the processor and they installed it for me.

Thats why I thought it had the newest bios, so the problem can be that I need the latest bios update? Is it something I can do or do I need to let someone do it

Thanks again

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Will not belabor this.

As we see so many PCs we have our rules and with Ryzen headaches we worked up a non-negotiable routine to be sure it's not yet another BIOS problem.

Since you have someone making some other claim you must make them perform for the warranty. I don't sell PCs so I don't have to fix it even if I've worked so many over the years.

Sorry if I've upset you but you've moved this from try this to "warranty."

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I have contacted the selling party, thanks for the help and I will let you know how everything works out!

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bios updated

so the selling party said they installed the latest bios when i bought it, and a newer one came out.

i updated the bios myself and sadly enough, it didnt help.
is there something else i can do? im losing hope

thanks in advance

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so ive checked what happens when the freeze begins, and it appears that my disc is fully loaded when it happends.

can it be i need a faster cable for my ssd? i bought a cheap one and a friend said it makes a difference

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Re: disc

There are no "faster cables". Only (but that's very, very "maybe") faster motherboards and faster SSD's.

So it's the game that's the cause. The best solution might be to play another game. But first see if they have their own support and dedicated forum.

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Sadly enough other games cause the same problem.. thanks for the cable knowledge, I won’t buy another one

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Re: games

That's strange. Let's see what other people have to say.

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OK, the BIOS is up to date. We can take another run at this

1. You mention it's ONLY IN GAME. We'll have to work that soon but for now let's clean up the usual areas.

a. BIOS is per the maker (not the PC maker but the motherboard maker's advice.)
For this you have to get on their Forum and work it out.

b. After Windows 10 is installed we install motherboard, audio and video drivers.
This area is again one that has folk a little shell shocked we still have to do this.
If you skip this work, the PC may function but not at top speed and may exhibit other performance issues. The motherboard maker tells us which driver for their product and ...

c. For the video I use Nvidia's GeForce Experience.

2. IN GAME DELAYS. For this one I usually tackle the game itself after I complete:
a. The machine hardware (bios) version and settings.
b. The machine drivers. I'm going to write that latest is not always the best so we are back to the makers for the motherboard sometimes and the rest. As you have the Nvidia, use GeForce Experience.
c. Now we can tackle the game.

3. Game delays are from many sources.
a. The INTERNET. I've seen powerful PCs but with game issues as the owner had slow speed dialup or DSL (old slow DSL, not the new 10+ megabit DSL.

Try Nvidia's GeForce Experience here. After that we're in that game's forum for ideas.

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Thanks for the reply!

Im at work, will follow these steps Tomorrow and I wil let you guys know how it works out!

Appreciate it very much!

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so ive done all the steps youve told me to but it wont make a difference..

as soon as my pc has to do some effort, like opening sportify or loading a game etc it just spikes and freezes.. do i need to bring it to a specialist? seems like i tried everything.

my internet speeds are good and nvidia experience just has the "perfect" stats for the games i play. the thing is everytime is freezes, whether thats in game or opening chrome. the disc usage spikes to 100% and it goes back to normal when it unfreezes.

maybe its my ssd?

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Lost my long reply so shorter this time.

Disc use to 100% should be short. It can indicate OS, driver or disc issues but it should be short as under a second. At 10 seconds we are looking closer to testing with a clean OS and driver install.

Why? Because I've run into "ACTIVATED" or cracked OS installs from shops and that is unsupportable.

But the usual work of BIOS and system drivers (motherboard) are key here for the underlying disk I/O and its overhead.

One last thing. Some antivirus systems inspect all disk activity so that one is one I have no cure for as it's the owner's choice. You can't help folk that have chosen such a system. This is why we start clean.

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new os

okay so if i understand correct the thing we can try to do is get another clean buy of windows and start all over again?

i bought the windows download and key from a site for 30 euro's. it was adviced from a pc builder on youtube.

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What is "clean buy"?

Windows 10's system is very different from old. If you have a legit activation you can get W10 from Microsoft and it will activate without having to supply any key.

Downloading W10 from other than Microsoft? That's a clue. Who knows what that was.

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Here's the tool I use to make a bootable W10 install stick.
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okay im going to try this one of these days. ill come back and let you know how it worked out.

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well guys its finally fixed!!

I reinstalled windows and downloaded all the drivers again and just played a game without freezing.

thanks everybody that helped me out here, i appreciate it very much!

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No jinx.

Anyhow it's a fine example above of working the issue. It's fairly rare it's some rogue OS download but it is something I encounter every few months.

Sadly I haven't found a tool to call this out. Since the usual is to work the PC from the bottom up (BIOS, drivers, what's installed) it takes some time to complete this and then wonder if the OS is tainted in some way. Which could be a trojan, malware or a bum OS source.

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