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New Macbook blues!

by shafiqkhan31 / March 22, 2007 9:58 AM PDT

I am a touch unlucky with Apple lap tops.
I bought an iBook G4 14" some years ago but its Combo drive never recorded CDs. It still works doing all the other things .
Last week I bought Macbook 2,1,Intel Core 2 Duo,2GHz, 1 GB Ram, Bus speed 667MHz, OS.X.4.9 from Canada. I used it there and I used it in USA for a day or two and I used it at home in UK for a few days without any problems.
When I got home I powered it , it asked me if I wanted to (home wireless network D-link router) connect to my wireless network. I clicked yes and it connected straight away. That continue for three or four days. This morning I powered it but it would not recognise any signal. I used my iBook G4 to connect to my network. There was no problem.
Whatever I did, it did not work.
I got in touch with the Apple people (have 90 days telephone support) A very knowledgeable product expert helped and helped me to go to HD-Mac ofs-select Destination Disc-Options-Archive install-preserve user&Network settings.
I deleted Airpot and an other file from the software.
He advised me to put the Software disc 1 (C key pressed) to install the software. After it finished it required me to put Disc 2 as well.I did that and loaded it.
It was expected that once done the Macbook will behave and I shall be able to get it on line.
I am afraid non of it came to pass. It was back to where I was . While I am using my iBook for sending this message and the D-Link router isworking great, it is not availabe on my MacBook.

Two issues:
i. I used the MacBook the night before, there were no problems.I normally switched it off as I normally do. It did not connect in the morning , as it did before.
ii. There was saving capacity: 74.27 MB, now it is 45.74GB. What happened to all that capacity?

Any help will be appreciated. It is very disappointing to see the new toy go dysfunctional when it was going so well. Is there some conceivable reason why it should not do what it was doing so well a few hours before, without any thing happening to it!
Shafiq Khan

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Go Back To Apple
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / March 22, 2007 10:01 PM PDT
In reply to: New Macbook blues!

This machine is under warranty. Call them again and this time get a case number. Keep calling them, quoting the case number, until the problem is either fixed or you have a replacement machine.

Keep calling.


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Thank you.
by shafiqkhan31 / March 24, 2007 1:23 AM PDT
In reply to: Go Back To Apple

Thank you P, I needed some encouragement.
I have had three sessions with them but as yet no solution on the horizon. Apple product experts in Ireland (ones that deal with UK) are very kind and courteous ,ones I spoke to tried their best, but no solution yet.
One thing concerns me.
I shut the computer off at 11.30 pm on Tuesday, working perfactly, eight hours later next morning it was not acknowledging any signal from the router! The product experts have not addressed the possibility of Airport Extreme failure. (it was ok working from an etharnet cable)They are dealing with the effect of a couple of updates 2007-001 and 2007-002. They think there is probably an issue with these!
This is the third day and they promised they will ring after consulting their engineers.
I hope they find a solution.

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Good luck with the problem
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / March 24, 2007 2:20 AM PDT
In reply to: Thank you.

While it seems possible that the Airport card failed, there is also the possibility that and update "may" have caused something.

Having said that, it would seem strange that the thing presumably worked after these updates and appears to have failed once it was turned off.

Keep us informed


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As mysterious as they come.
by shafiqkhan31 / March 26, 2007 1:43 AM PDT

Hi Folks,
My Macbook is back on line.
I was expecting a call from the product experts from Apple for the fourth session(Friday) to get my computer on line. In that session the Apple experts tried all sorts but the computer would not play ball.
He suggested that he will ring back after a consultation with the engineers. The call did not come this (Monday) morning. I rang up and I was told by an engineer that the gentleman was on line he would ring you within two hours.

I ,just in a desperate attempt, opened the computer and thought of trying to follow "Assisant" to connect to the Internet. I tried the diognastics first and found no problem. Then I tried Assistant to get me on line.
I was on line in a minute or so.
I am non the wiser. The problem came as mysteriously as it went. I am delighted although an unknown fear lurks some where. I do not know why the problem came about and why it disappeared. I am not quibbling at the moment.

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update: need advice.
by shafiqkhan31 / May 7, 2007 8:19 PM PDT
In reply to: Go Back To Apple

Hi P,
As I posted before my Macbook was working fine after, an unexplained glitch, it mysteriously statred playing ball. You advised me to keep on with the telephone support.
My computer suffered the same problem(Airport does not receive signals from the D-Link router) although it works if attached to the router with the ethernet cable.
I got in touch with the telephone support (who I must admit were very good) . I performed different procedures as advised,but the problem persisted. I was asked to downgrade the OS to X.10.4.8 and try again. No joy.
This time it happened after I down loaded the latest security patch. It is about a week since it all started the telephone support product expert has passed the issue to the engineers, and advised me to wait for a week or so before they can come up with a solution!
Last time I was told that someone would ring after consulting the engineers,and nobody rang. This time I pointed it out to the product expert, and was assured that I will be informed as soon as possible.

I have had this Macbook 2.1 since 16th March 2007 and has only used it for three weeks without a problem! Do I have a right to ask for a replacemect?

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You have every right to ask,
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / May 7, 2007 9:57 PM PDT
In reply to: update: need advice.

but you will probably have to push hard to actually get one.
Sometimes they surprise us all and do the right thing almost immediately.

Keep pushing, and calling, something will happen.

Sorry to hear you have a lemon there, hopefully Apple will do the right thing.


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by shafiqkhan31 / May 13, 2007 11:09 PM PDT

Hi there,
I have been in touch with the product Expert who has been helping with my issue. I was told before that perhaps in a week the engineers will come up with some solution. Now I have been told,"I know they are working on the issue,it is to do with d-link router(G6404T) and the Macbook software" .

I certainly do not understand the issue. I have been told that the product expert will send a reminder to pass on my concerns to the Engineers that since I bought the computer I have only used it for three weeks and the rest of the time it has been in a limbo situation hopping for the solution.

I am using an iBook wrelessly and a PC xp 2pack connected by ethernet w,ith the router. Even now for this communication I am using the same router . So the router, as I see it works fine wireless with iBook G4 and PC xp and MacBook ethernet connection.Why not wirelessly with the MacBook Airport???

I have been given no time scale for the solution just "perhaps weeks" and the limbo situation is extended.
I have no other option! Have I?

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Let me share what I've been seeing.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / May 14, 2007 1:46 AM PDT
In reply to: update

I've run into this with new Dells and other machines. For now we try the latest drivers on said machine then we at the same time check the firmware version of the wifi router.

I'd check for you but I'd like to read what you have to tell as to what version of router firmware you have.

-> Let me be clear that there are a lot of buggy firmwares for routers. Let's get that out of the way as well as testing with another router. How? Go to a free hotspot to make sure your laptop is fine.

Also there are some features of routers that don't work proper. Today I setup with no security to get it working then I move to WPA and retest. Tell me your method.


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Router info.
by shafiqkhan31 / May 16, 2007 9:52 PM PDT

Hi Bob,
Thank you for your interest. I must admit that I am in deep waters when talking about networking and only a click away from drowning. So please bear with me for my ignorance in this field.

My router is DSL-G604T { Accompanying software CD has this on it. Feb. 2004, 651 G604T.025} its manufacturer's web site says it is discontinued. Though they have given some downloads for helping their customers under a heading: Versions and releases.

Looking at some of the my notes (since I do not know where to find its firmware info.)it seems the software version is VI.00B02-UK200-50815 (it may be the information you refered to).

On the company's web site they give two pieces to download, GPL Source Code release-on 08/10/2004. and download firmware: 1.00B02.UK.20050815 date:23/8/2005.
Then they offer Software/Driver download for version 3.0 date 9/2/2006. (on the CD I have, it has on it , "Broadband ver.3.00." It may mean what I understand by it i.e. both references are about the same thing.
I have not downloaded any.

Re. testing? I have an iBook G4 933mb slot loader(Airport extreme) wirlessly working with this router. And I have a PC , P4 XP (home) connected to it with ethernet cable(Cat5e around 20 metres) .It works fine.I know it only says something about the router not the MacBook.

This MacBook bought in Canada 16 March this year, worked fine with a network in New Jersey, then when I got home(UK) it worked fine for a few days,on the same router, wirelessly. Then one morning it did not acknowledge any signals from the router.

Again in spite of all efforts with Apple telephone help it did not respond. Mysteriously it started working . I confidendly downloaded a security update . And the problem started again. Now for the last week or ten days in spite of all help from the telephone Apple help it has not worked.

No, not quite that. Yesterday I was advised to download (MacBook connected to the same router by ethernet cable) an Airport extreme update 2007-003, which I did along with O.S update10.4.9 and Airport extreme update 2007-002 and clicked on the grey Airport sign, down came the manu, I clicked on the name of my network, it quickly was on line wirelessly. I sent an email to the Apple product Expert (the telephone help line) to celebrate the success.

Next morning we are back to square one.The celebration was quite premature.
Please help solve the mystery, mystery if it is!

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Hope this helps.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / May 16, 2007 10:07 PM PDT
In reply to: Router info.

You didn't answer my request for a test at a hot spot. So this will remain a bit of a mystery.

-> Let me share that my search on your DSL-G604T at finds the first hit to be and SURPRISE!!! The firmware link is at which is dated 5/10/2007.

Having encountered far too many stories like yours I now take the cranky laptop to a free hotspot to see if it works. Did you?

I also update the router firmware when I see such issues after we swap out the router with our test unit.

Since you have the UK version you need to sort out what version you need with Dlink since it's a safe bet you didn't update this unit this month.

To sum up I see 2 issues.

1. If under warranty, let Apple fix it.
2. You haven't done the hotspot test.
3. You may be getting confused that since other units work your Apple should.
4. To make matters worse I spotted a new WIFI security issue which I asked about at

Item 4 is a long discussion that I will not repeat with everyone (too tiring) but it can result in what could be a good unit acting wonky.


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Hard to keep up.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / May 17, 2007 1:41 AM PDT
In reply to: Router info.

Your post in the VS&A forum was interesting but my reply is...

It will do little good to download the router update and not install it.

Good luck on your tests and having Apple fix your in warranty machine.


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The End piece.
by shafiqkhan31 / June 14, 2007 9:34 PM PDT
In reply to: Hard to keep up.

Hi ,
Thank you all for your support. I am afraid I have given up on finding a solution to the issue.

D-Link maintain there is no issue with the G604T router and Apple maintains the same about MacBook.

I received willing support from Apple telephone Support based in Irelad and same from D-Link representative based in India. But no solution.

There is evidence to support both positions.
Yes ,MacBook worked fine with the same router for three weeks or so,then stopped.
Yes, MacBook worked and works fine when I take it out for a walk in town and to the Apple Store with their wireless setup.

I am convinced that little customer is squeezed in the middle of big IT giants. Incidently this little customer is the one who supples most of the money to make IT giants what they are!

I have decided not to invest on another router/Apple device . I shall use the present D-Link router as long as it works with my PC (ethernet cable) and my iBook G4 (wirelessly).

My MacBook sits there defiantly, though it does all other work I throw at it. Oh yes it works fine for internet as well from the same router if connected by ethernet cable.
Yes, it is galling impudence,but I can not do anything about it.

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Seems like it's time for a housecall?
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / June 14, 2007 10:14 PM PDT
In reply to: The End piece.

When you reach this point when you hit the end of what phone support can do then it's time for the housecalls.

While I will take such a laptop to a hotspot to test (did you?) and replace the router if that works there is one other issue that is wiping out owners.

I may have missed it but did you turn on WEP or not?

Why I ask is that I'm running into more systems that I write about at this link ->

Sure I've had a few write "It can't be that." But those get to keep suffering. Some like to suffer.

Then again if there is a router issue we can always replace that.


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Wisdom follows experience.
by shafiqkhan31 / June 18, 2007 9:10 PM PDT

Hi Bob,
Thank you for your response. Yes I am one of the brigade you refered to.

Yes, you are right. The tools of the trade keep changing and some of us are always trying hard to keep up. Then, I used my slate and stone stylus to write at my first school in the early forty's of the century gone by. I am still looking forward.

I took my MacBook to the town and tried it at an Apple Store. When I switched it on the Airport icon did not become available. i.e. it remained a greyish . Then the chap there put his password in, the network recognised by the MacBook workrd fine. I took it further down the road at the PC World Store and it worked the same way. It still does not work with my d-link G604T, with current (UK) firmware.

Ya, the jury is still out, but I have eased up with my quest to get it to work.

I tried to put in a password to my d-link router to enable its WEP function. I did not succeed. I shall read up on it and try again. It offers three versions of encrypton, I chose WEP, but was not able to put the correct format of the acceptable sequence required.

Although I live in an old English sleepy village with broadband in some of the houses but still no networks. I hope to get the protection on.

Thank you for the house call.

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So your issue is not resolved?
by kalsop / June 23, 2007 5:35 PM PDT


I too have a Macbook and a DLink DSL G604t. Like you, my Macbook connects fine to other networks/hotspots, just not to my home wireless router. I have found nothing of use on the web, but have not tried ringing any tech support numbers.

What was the final outcome of all your efforts?

- Katherine

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Not further forward.
by shafiqkhan31 / June 23, 2007 11:22 PM PDT

Hi Katherine,
Well, you are no worse off than I. I rang around every conceivable place for support and every where I received very willing support.
None better than Bob P.

However, the situation is no better, well no,in a way it is a lot better. I am very convinced of the milk of human kindness that flows through the Cnet Forums,it makes me feel good, secondaly I have settled down to the idea of having a computer I love, although a touch temperamental and does not behave, when I want to use it for wireless connection at home, I use it, ethernet connected, to the same router.

Looking at the network Forum, I note a lot of people in a right pickle using other makes of routers. So I am content. I use this MacBook for a dozen other activities and it is a pleasure to use it.

However I have not given up on it. I am certain there is a solution out there,who is using the same combination successfully, and some one will enlighten us all. I am very hopeful. I am reading up on the subject and intend to crack it one day.

My MacBook is still under guarantee, whatever it is worth,not much I think!!

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Solution: Airport
by Boraxo / April 21, 2007 4:23 AM PDT
In reply to: New Macbook blues!

I had the same type of problem with my Dell and a Linksys WAP. It would connect for a few hours or a day, and then I would get a "limited connectivity" message which meant that it could see the signal but wouldn't let me get onto the internet. After going round and round with tech support from Dell, Linksys and Belkin (wireless card mfr) and having several friends do temp fixes (which would only work for a few hours as described above) it became clear to me that there was a major software issue.

The solution is to replace your router with an airport. Yes, I know that will cost a few $, but think about what your time is worth, not to mention the aggravation.

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Thank you.
by shafiqkhan31 / April 21, 2007 4:39 AM PDT
In reply to: Solution: Airport

Thank you for your contribution. My computer is working fine.No idea why and how but it works great.

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Of some interest re. MacBook blues.
by shafiqkhan31 / July 2, 2007 7:19 PM PDT
In reply to: Thank you.

Hi there,
I thought I have said/heard the last word on the subject,but no.

I had not used my MacBook for a few days and clicked on this morning.

I saw the Airport icon bright as a proverbial button on the screen. Interesting I thought and opened my favourite web site. No problems. I am using it wirelessly using the same D-Link router to send this message.

I thought it may be of some interest to other .

I have not done anything to try and put it right. This is the second time it has come back mysteriously. I hasten to add, I do not believe in any supernaturals.
It is only a bit of advanced technology that
I can not understand.
I am going to install the latest Tiger update even if it puts me back again.

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