New HP Elite x 2 1012 G2 booting too fast.

Ever since the Win 10 Fall Creator's Update 1709 my tablet appears to boot too fast as if recovering from sleep or hibernate mode after what should have been a full shutdown.

This seems to be confirmed by battery drain which, instead of showing the full 100% shows 97% even after a full charge.

What happens is I plug in the charger overnight. Then unplug in the morning when the battery should be 100% charged. Then when I power on an hour or so later, it boots quickly as if coming out of sleep or hibernate and the battery shows a 97% charge. There's no HP logo splash screen or Windows dot circle.

Subsequent boots behave normally.

I've changed every power/sleep setting I can find to "never" or "off". "The "Fast Boot" option in the BIOS is also off.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing? I don't want the PC to be draining the battery like this when I'm not using it.
I'd appreciate any help.

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Reporting: New HP Elite x 2 1012 G2 booting too fast.
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I'm going with no.

The battery will be used for trivial things like the real time clock and the circuit to wake up the machine. There are few if any models that draw zero power when "off" for this reason.

There's also some issue with the battery level reporting. It's rarely that exact. This can really irk folk that want perfection.

I'm not there to check your settings as to what the power button does. Check it now.

Finally, to extend battery life, many systems today let the battery fall to 80 or 90% before charging up. This might be controllable but sometimes not. Check your manuals or ask the maker.

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You would have been ok to go with yes.

Thanks for the reply.

You were right. It turned out to be the Fast Startup setting (6 menu levels down in Settings) which I'd missed. I assumed the "Fast Boot" option in the BIOS was the only relevant one.

Settings> System> Power & Sleep> Additional Power Settings> Choose what the power buttons do> Change settings that are currently unavailable> Turn on fast startup (recommended).

The 1709 update must have checked this box by default (could be wrong) because I never messed with any of these settings and wouldn't have chosen to turn that one on. Whatever.
Thanks again.

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Here are two more I turn off.
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Now this is getting spooky

I spoke too soon. Just when I thought I'd got the problem licked (with your help), it has re-surfaced!

The first time I pressed the power button this morning, the PC woke up instantly from hibernate just like before with the battery already 3% down. This is after a full charge over night. I rechecked all those settings including the "Turn on fast startup" and they are all still off. I didn't really expect them to have changed while I wasn't looking but you never know.

This is so weird. I will need to keep digging.

Just as an aside, I don't know about you, but I've found over and over again with PC troubleshooting that you can change a component or make some other intervention and this appears to fix the problem only for it to re-appear again later so this doesn't surprise me all that much. Have to say though I've never encountered this particular behaviour before. Wouldn't be worth mentioning if it hadn't happened so often. Obviously, it must mean on these occasions, I never diagnosed the problem accurately in the first place. That's understandable. It's this odd pattern where the trouble or behaviour seems to be fixed only to re-appear later that gets me. Must be Halloween!

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3% is not much to call it this or that.

In my case the battery was depleted over a few weeks in storage. That's how I knew something was waking the machine. In my case it was Wake Timers.

Also, I find new machines arrive with the power button set to sleep so you need to check that too.

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