New graphics card issue

Hey guys,

New to the forum. I'm looking for help. I bought an EVGA Geforce GTX 750Ti (click here<br> ) for my HP h8 1010 ( specs here<br> )to replace what I believe to be my malfunctioning Nvidia GTX 9600. When advertisements would appear the side of my browser it would slow my PC down to the point that you couldn't use it. I tried reinstalling drivers, reinstalling browsers, ran norton virus, cleaned up the PC, and when none of that helped, I finally reinstalled windows 10. Windows 7 came with the PC, then I upgraded to windows 8, then windows 10. However, prior installing windows 10 I had this same issue. I was hoping windows 10 would solve it. The problem still occurs after resetting PC back to factory so I assumed it was the graphics card. Soooooooooo...

Problem is, I can not tell if it's my graphics card because I cannot get the new one to boot up. I downloaded the new driver, ran driver sweeper for my old graphics drivers, shut the PC down, installed the new card (securely), and when I go to boot up it gets stuck on the windows blue setup screen where you can hit escape to get to bios. But it's frozen and hitting escape gets me nowhere. The PC also beeps 4 long beeps (25 secs btwn each one), then immediately after the 4th beep, 3 more quick beeps, then the monitor goes to sleep, but the PC remains on. If I push the power button, the PC shuts down immediately. I reinstall the old graphics card and I can get to bios. Same thing if I use onboard graphics I can also get to bios. I've been on many forums reading all over the place. I also tried reseating the RAM, as well as the battery to the motherboard. I also made sure Legacy mode was enabled in bios as someone suggested and it was alread enabled. I'm running out of ideas. Oh, I also have a thermaltake 430 watt PSU (click here)<br>and the card says it can run on 300wt or higher so I don't think that's the issue. The new graphics card does not have a slot for power supply to plug into, it draws power from the motherboard.

Please help.

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Reporting: New graphics card issue
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may be motherbord problem

in first overlook we can see a problem in your motherboard may be your motherboard not accept graphics so it can be show blue screen error try amd graphics card and see what happen.

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Make and model of PC
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HP model H8 1010

Thank you for your response. Make and model was supplied in the second sentence with a hyperlink to the full specs. It is an HP model H8 1010. I looked at the link you provided and it does seem like a similar issue, which I suppose it is a motherboard issue? Not sure what to do. I'm afraid if I choose another card I will have the same issue. It is confusing because EVGA and Nvidia are partners from what I'm reading (EVGA uses Nvidia chip on their card), but the card I'm replacing is Nvidia and it was working for years. Maybe I should avoid both and go with AMD? I am limited to the cards because my motherboard won't let me go higher than a 430wt PSU so this card sounded perfect. I don't feel the need to buy a new PC over this, although I am limited on upgrades for it. What's my play?

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HP and some models of Nvidia don't work.

It's a common issue but I don't keep a database of which do and do not work. HP knows but sometimes the HP rep doesn't have such a list either.

This is why when a Nvidia card doesn't work I swap to ATI. It's too costly to the client to research this since we would change by the minute for such work. I'd swap to ATI on the next move.

More proof?

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(NT) You are correct, my bad
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Try this again

I did not see that you had mentioned the model number, sorry. I completely overlooked that in your post. However, the motherboard in your PC appears to be an older version of the one mentioned in the other thread, but I fear the results are the same, however. I would be curious to find out if the suggestion by Bob Proffit - changing to an ATI card instead of the GeForce model does in fact make it work. There are numerous posters in the HP forums trying to do what is being discussed here.
If you do switch to an ATI card and have success, please post back with the model number and results.

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Will try new card

I am going to try a different brand of a new card and will respond if this solves the problem. Thanks for your help.

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O.k. so it seems that, as discussed above, the compatibility of the EVGA Geforce GTX 750Ti with my motherboard was the issue. So what I did was, I replaced the following:

the GPU with a sapphire radeon r7 260x (see here) which was only $99 after rebate. However, the card required direct power from the Power supply and my 430watt PSU wasn't limiting me on my graphics card options, so I replaced my PSU with:

a Corsair CX750m (see here) which was actually only $59 after rebate at the time.

Problem fixed. Thanks for your help everyone!

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That is great news

Glad it worked out. I'm sure others will be interested in this solution, too.
Thanks for posting back.

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