New Fire HD 10?

New fire hd 10 is coming end of the month.

I have the 2017 model I got bkack friday day after thanksgiving 2017 for 99 dollars. Mine is 32gb. Its the same dimensions and same 10 inch screen. And the back camera is the same 2mp. Except front is 2mp now also.

But the old one is 2gb ram. I dont play games but some basic ones like unblock work great. But if the new one doesnt I will live. I am ot a heavy gamer.

But besides its plenty. Netflix works great. And light web and ensil not much heavy apps. Even xfinity stream works awesome I have comcast. I can stream all my showsor dvr pretty smooth.

But the 2017 is old os and outdated now. My chase bank app requires nouget 7 now. And the my fire has 5 based lolipo s no good. From web silk or firefox or chrome it works but still wouldrather use the app.

Everything works great. But lolipop is outdated. Even nougat is outdated. My motorola z3 play is 4gb ram and octacore. And pie 9 based.

Also the new fire is octacore so big upgrade. But still only 2gb ram. 2 is not enough is it? It is cheap I get it. But still just making it 3 or 4gb would not of been too expensive? I mean if 2017 is 2gb the new shouldbe at least 3 or 4. I don care for the camera because my motorola z3 playis pretty good. But2gb does not cut it in my opinion. My cellphone is 4gand is awesome. My old motorola G4 play was 2 gb and slow. Butit was also octa core vs quad so maybe thst is it.

And the new fire is USB C. Big help. Micro is so flimsy. Show mode dock helps but still C is much getter.

So I am all set to buy one. But the question is the ram. Having octa core will speed it up. But 2gb migh not help. Or octa is good enough and 2gb ram does not matter? Even netflix and email and light web.

Or maybe ebay the old 2017 and get the new on soit not too bad price wise. But what can I get for it? 50 at least?

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Slow at what?

I've used phones with half the number of cores and half that RAM and it was fine.

As to the tablet I have a few outdated Fire 8's but thanks to the Internet I sideloaded the Google app store and it seems fine as a generic Android tablet.

If you must have a real Android tablet I'd consider the Samsung models next.

PS. Edited for typo.

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No, I am sticking with amazon. I was just wondering if 2gb is enough. If they are upgrading it should been more otherwise its not much of an upgrade.

All the Samsungs I've had had problems. My galaxy S4 motherboard went bad and could not detect SIM cards anymore. A new reader did not help either. I sold it on ebay.

I am sticking with fires. Cheap and amazon customer service is great. My original 10 from 2017 was bad and was not even from them. It was from Best Buy. Their tablet but just not bought directly from them. They replaced it with a new one no questions asked.

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So what about?

Installing the Google Play (app) store? I did that on my Fire 8 and it's a very capable Android tablet.

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never had a probem
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good enough

the new is good enough to do what you want it to do without any issues for a couple of years. you could always use the old as a cheap alexa show Happy

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Thanks, but...

There are limitations with the show mode dock however. I Bought it for a stand and to charge mostly. The micro cables are flimsy and do not charge properly. The one it came with broke and others are not as good.

I will probably just ebay it and recoup some of the cost.

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you are wrong

what does micro cables have to do with the show mode dock? you plug it into the dock and thats that. no reason for it to break unless you are being rough with it. the tablet does not connect to the cables, just the dock. I have the same fire and the same dock. No problems whatsoever. Yes there are a couple of limitations like having to connect to bluetooth in the settings instead of command but it does everything I need it to do from viewing security cameras to all the other commands needed for my smart devices.

I do need to mention, they never said what forked version of android will be on the new tablet. Might be the same as what you already have. if that is the case, may not help with banking at chase. IMO, the fire tablet is just a toy, not a real working tablet just one made for entertainment. I would suggest getting a real tablet for productivity.

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I agree with the comments with the cables. It sounds like that comment was untrue or made up. I've had no problems with cables on any Fire.

However cables can take a beating but Amazon's supplied cable to me is higher quality than most.

-> As to the toy, I feel the Fire tablets are actually built well. They seem tougher than most Samsungs.

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Not the dock.

The cable has nothing to do with the dock. I got the dock because the cables were breaking or not charging. The dockis so much easier. Put it in the dock and as you aaid no cables break. Just sit there. Before without dock it was whole nother story. Now the micro connector stays perminently in the dock andit just sits on the dock. No more tripping over cables.

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Tripping over cables?

Here I set up so the cables are out of the way. It seems odd to write flimsy cables when you are tripping over them. No USB cable I've seen stands up to abuse.

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I tripped once. But even otherwise the connector or tabbs wearout after lots of plugging and unplugging. The heyday from target is awesome and take more abuse. One of the best built I have seen.

And all the usb c I have are awesome. Even the cheap ones. Are reversable and never wear out.

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