* Yes, drivers are a possibility. The initial drivers can be a little 'rough around the edges,' and I find numerous updates concerning Media Center and graphics on this list. Nothing about internet connection problems, though.

* Your router is a likely source. A lot of people have needed to update their router's firmware for Vista to work properly, but there isn't one for your model. My suggestion would be to remove it from the setup temporarily, connecting your computer directly to the modem and seeing if it makes a difference.

* Be sure to download the latest graphics card driver from Nvidia.

* Norton can be a real pain, and doesn't always stop until it's been uninstalled...disabling isn't enough. Use the Norton Removal Tool and replace it with another security option before discounting it as the problem.

* Does the slow internet problem reside solely with Firefox or are IE, Opera, etc affected as well?

Let us know.