Well, if you want portable gaming, forget a laptop completely. For several reasons, most of which you're never going to be able to change, they make HORRIBLE gaming platforms. You'll be much happier with a DS and/or PSP for portable gaming.

Second, Alienware was bought out by Dell a year or two ago. No idea whether or not Dell's gone and messed with the production side of things to make it better or worse, but Alienware is a Dell brand, so if you want to avoid Dell for whatever reason, add Alienware to the list.

If you do get a laptop, and need to find out for yourself why they make horrible gaming platforms, then get the absolute best laptop you can afford. You can't upgrade laptops like desktops, so you are generally stuck with whatever hardware you buy it with.

Personally, I'd avoid HP/Compaq systems like the plague. Even before they merged, neither company was known for producing high quality systems, and the merger hasn't changed anything. If anything, it's made it worse.

You probably want to stick with Apple, Lenovo, or Dell brand laptops. They're the three top makers in that order. Apple and Lenovo are more expensive, but the build quality is generally top rate. Dell is cheaper, and thus has more quality control issues, but they are a good middle of the road option.

Do keep in mind though, that if you've been using OS X for the last couple of years, Vista is going to annoy the bejesus out of you. It's a very poor and pale imitation of the OS X interface, and most of the Aero effects are more annoying than useful. Apple really is very good at paying attention to the little details, and has some very creative people working for it. Microsoft is a company that just steals the good ideas from other companies and does the absolute worst job you could possibly imagine trying to implement them in their own products. Vista is absolutely full of attempts at copying some OS X feature and failing so utterly and completely, it's impressive in a sad sort of way.

Legally you cannot run OS X on anything but an Apple branded computer. It is possible to get it running on some systems, but it's a lot of effort, and you have to be careful not to install any updates, etc. You CAN dual boot with Windows on an Apple branded system, you just can't go the other way around.

So, if you want portable gaming, get a Nintendo DS and/or Sony PSP, not a laptop.

Finally, just kind of a pet peeve of mine I suppose you could say... It's "recommended TO me" or "recommended FOR me" not "recommended me". "Recommended me" sounds like one of those poorly done translations from an old Godzilla movie. I know that schools don't really teach grammar or spelling anymore, and it's a sad testament to our society, but you can choose to try and rise above it on your own.