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New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

I just put together this new computer.. haven't even put an OS in it yet.. I turn it on for the first time, fans and led lights go on for about 5-10 seconds then shuts off without anything showing up on the monitor. after it shuts off for about 5 secs and it does the same thing again.

Double checked all wiring and hardware components and tried it.. still the same...

Gigabyte S-series GA-EP35C-DS3R
GeForce 9600 GT 512MB
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 ghz
2 x 1gb DDR3 Corsair 1333

I also have an extra power supply totaling 900W which is more than enough...


can ne one gimme some info?? Greatly appreciate it and Thanks to anyone in advance

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Pull the MB out of the case it on a piece of

In reply to: New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

carboard, then retry with minimum config...1 stick of RAM, CPU, no keyboard, no mouse, no video, no HDDs, no CD-DVDs, no FDD. If it starts and runs .... then add the video, then add keyboard, then add mouse, etc.,

Also see if you can connect a speaker so you'll hear the beeps, if any.

Let us know.


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actually gotta have graphics too

In reply to: Pull the MB out of the case it on a piece of

I have that same mobo

If you fail even getting the power on self test (POST), then
one of (PSU, CPU, MoBo, RAM) is failing.
On that mobo you gotta have the graphics on too, to see the screen as there's no built in.

trouble shoot = change components til it works, swap RAM/CPU/PSU etc til behavior changes.

May have RAM not seating properly, or maybe somethin faulty

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RE:did you connect the 4 pin cpu power?

In reply to: did you connect the 4 pin cpu power?

Thankyou ramarac.

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In reply to: New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

On top of the other posters offering, I suggest you verify your PSU is properly set for the voltage, 115V/230V setting switch. Then, be sure the ram when installed is fully seated and that if using DDR modes just how your mtrbd. handles that and place in proper ram slots. Of course recheck your work and "don't take anything for granted".

tada -----Willy Happy

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I have the exact same problem

In reply to: Verify

I have DFI Lanparty DK X38
Zerotherm Nirvana CPU cooler
Intel Core 2 Quad 9450 CPU
Antec BP550 Plus PS
OCZ DDR2 RAM 2 GB stick

I pulled out the motherboard onto a piece of cardboard left one stick of RAM (I have 2 sticks), CPU and cooler plugged in the PS. Still the computer starts for 3 seconds then shuts down only to repeat unless I kill the power.

What would be my next step?

When I try it in the Antec 900 case there is no video and no beeps that I can hear. (I plugged in some speakers)

This is a new build and has had this issue from the first attempt. Yes I am a bit of a noob.

Any help would be great!


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(NT) Try 'clearing the CMOS'

In reply to: I have the exact same problem

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You are the man! VAPCMD ftw!

In reply to: Try 'clearing the CMOS'

I love you Mr. VAPCMD. It stayed on! I will try to plug into the case now. I will update if other issues arrise, You are awesome!


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(NT) Thanks for the feedback..keep us posted.

In reply to: You are the man! VAPCMD ftw!

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computer stays on but now no video signal

In reply to: Thanks for the feedback..keep us posted.

OK my system runs now, all fans running and I can hear some hardware operations but there is no signal on my monitor. I have a Dell 24" and a ZOTAC nvidea9800gtx. I am connecting the monitor to the computer using a DVI cable. When ever I connect the cords the monitor states no video signal and goes into power saving mode.

Any ideas about next step?

Thanks again for any help!


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no beeps

In reply to: computer stays on but now no video signal

Also there are no beeps. Do all motherboards have an onboard speaker? I assume it is not making it through POST. Later today I will unplug all but 1 stick ram, cpu, cooler and power supply to see if it will POST (that means it will beep once right?)

Let me know if there is anything else to check,

If this fails what else should I check?


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Did you connect the PSU lead to the GPU ?

In reply to: computer stays on but now no video signal

If the DVI doesn't work...might try the analog.


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Problems solved, computer up and running

In reply to: Did you connect the PSU lead to the GPU ?

Greetings from my new computer! Thank you all for your help VAPCMD you are awesome!

My noobishness was at fault for my computer not POSTing. The computer wasn't posting because I didn't plug power cords into the GPU! NOW in my defense it was covered by a sticker which totally covered the slots, and since this was my first build didn't quite catch on about the GPU power connection (GPU manual was rubbish).

Anyway up and running so... woohoo! woot! and all that!



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BIOS POSTS and then PC shuts when it sees CPU, Memory, DISK

In reply to: Thanks for the feedback..keep us posted.

Hi There.
I have this quad code CPU, I tried all alternatives. Putting the board on cardboard and start. Yes the BEEP happens as normal, Once, and then prompts me for F1 or Del. Either way if I go to set BIOS, the computer shuts down before I amke any changes and save or even if I use cranks a second or two and shuts down.
To bring back to this situation, I can clear CMOS, and this can happen again.
If not, the shut dopwn process even do not last more than 3 seconds.
I put only 1 RAM, same thing, two same issue, DIMM1 and 3 same issue, DIMM 2 and 4 same issue. No video card, still Isee that the PC shuts down as before(a beep and few seconds stops). No HDD connected, no CD rom, no FDD connected, the same issue.
What is going wrong? This is the 4th PC I am building, I am taking all measures that I see possible(even static wrsit band).
I can use BIOS view and go select default and save and exit, just at that moemnt it stops( its almost 5 seconds I believe).
When I use F1, and it updates the VMI success and finds no disk error, then it stops. When I have HDD, that stops too, I dint get to see what the message when I had the HDD conencted.
Your help appreciated.

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In reply to: BIOS POSTS and then PC shuts when it sees CPU, Memory, DISK

We only know what you tell us. One member didn't know to put heatsink compound and the heatsink on...

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HeatSink compound

In reply to: Remember.

I saw the paste was there( an ash color).
Is that something I need to add more(thick layer)?

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Let's try simple.

In reply to: HeatSink compound

If you put a heatsink on, take it off then you need just a little more to fill in the gaps that we've just created. There are a lot of web pages about this and videos on

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BIOS POsts but stops after 20 second (is heat sink a factor

In reply to: Let's try simple.

the BIOS posts and then tries to strat, but stops in maximum of 20 seconds.
I am just reconfirming before scrubbing out the compoaund and re-paste.


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Just sharing.

In reply to: BIOS POsts but stops after 20 second (is heat sink a factor

Your average metal heat spreader CPU (not the exposed core models) only needs a drop to fill in the voids to be sure. That 20 seconds is a sign of other issues if just a drop doesn't change the behavior. Given the 2 minutes to get this done, why isn't it done?

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did not help with heatsink compound drop

In reply to: Just sharing.

Went to the Radioshack and got one, filled the gap, (not even a drop),power ON, stays to use del or F1.., either case it shuts down in a few seconds. Cleared CMOS, replaced battery, same again.
I dont have other cables now connected other than the CPU speaker, and power switch(No LED cables conencted, just to try narrow down), no CD, FDD, HDD connected, just a video card and single GB Memory on DIMM1 out of 4 slots. The Power supply is 500W, I have 24 pins as main power and 4 pins power for motehrboard. The fan cables for CPU and Power are connected and are fine.
I hear the beep, and then in few seconds, before one saves and exits in BIOS, shuts off on its own.

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What happened to the guy who started this thread?

The first guy never posted anything else.

I am posting here because this is the first hit on google when searching on "motherboard turns on 5 seconds then turns off".

I have this exact same problem but it is intermittent. I can get it to stop by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. The on-for-5-second-off-for-5-seconds cycling stops and the machine shuts off. When I attempt to turn it on again after that, it turns on and stays on and starts normally. I can also just cycle the toggle switch on the PS and that seems to always allow the thing to start normally afterwards.

I built this machine about 2 weeks ago. I've been building machines since '90, so I am not new to this.

Based on searching, the common thread with this problem in recent posts appears to be the X38/X48 chipset.

When I first put the machine together, I did not notice this problem. At that point, I only had the PS, RAM, CPU and vid card plugged in. I've not gone through the pain of disconnecting all the cables to the case. I have tried disconnecting the optical drives' data and power cables and that did not help.

I suspect it is the board or the power supply. I've not built a machine in 3+ years, though, so I don't have a modern PS I could swap in. I am not annoyed enough yet by this to drop another $130 on a PS just to see if it goes away.

I've not tried to do any overclocking. The BIOS is set to "optimized" defaults.

My board is realtively new and has no BIOS updates yet. I am not hopeful a BIOS update could fix this, however. I am hoping someone will discover a resolution to this and post it here.

My build:

Thermaltake W0116RU 750W Complies with ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V version Power Supply

Logitech 967738-0403 Black USB Standard Deluxe 250 Keyboard - OEM

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

EVGA 512-P3-N845-AR GeForce 8800GTS (G92) KO 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card

OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ2RPR10664GK

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Yorkfield 2.5GHz LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80580Q9300 - Retail

GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard

Antec Performance One P180 Silver cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

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See post 13.

In reply to: What happened to the guy who started this thread?

They share what the issue was.

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Figured out my problem

In reply to: What happened to the guy who started this thread?

I did eventually figure this out. It was my ignorance of how Vista works.

I was clicking the little icon from the start button that looks like a power button. Alas it was not a power-off, but a "sleep" button.

The default in my BIOS was set wrong for sleep and it was turning the machine off (or something) instead of putting it into sleep mode. When I turned it back on, it was in some wacky state and did the 5 second cycle thing. The only way to get it out of that was to press and hold the power button until it stopped.

I switched the BIOS setting from S1 to S3 (or the other way around-- I don't remember) and then when I clicked that vista power button it went into sleep mode, with the power LED flashing. I was then able to wake it up with a mouse click or key press and everything came back up normally.

When I used the "real" Vista shutdown, it worked fine.

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I checked the CPU support list ...

In reply to: New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

The BIOS page for this is at

Notice versions F1, F2 and F3.

I didn't find the exact CPU you used but I'm guessing you have the Intel Q6600

Reading I see you need the BIOS version F2.

What can happen if you have an old BIOS is it will boot, detect an unsupported CPU then shutdown.

Sadly motherboards do not arrive with the latest version so I've had to find a supported CPU, update the BIOS and then install the final CPU.

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it was the CPU FAN, I assume.

In reply to: I checked the CPU support list ...

I again went to radio shack down the street and bought a heatsink, and now I attach this unit replacing what I had before, did the trick. Whether I ahve 1 stick RAM or two stick RAM does not make any difference, (THE CPU WAS RECOGNIZED in previous cases as well).
Well, I can't understand if it was that bad heatsink unit, why would newegg sell it to me, and I have not had that issue before.
However I am all up and running at this point with this.

Thanks guys pointing to all possible corners while troublshooting.

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check the ram and the graphic card

In reply to: New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

and check the processor if it is put rigth and the ram and tell us if it give any beep it should work good i had a bulit computer too and i had just put the motherboard and the prossoser and the ram and the graphic card was bulit in and it opened will and i am 13 year old only and the computer is working right now with now problem and i am posting the post from it and thank you

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Check all connections!

In reply to: New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

I just had the same exact problem with my new build. It's my first complete build so I'm not surprised that I missed this.

My motherboard had an extra 4-pin 12V connection (In addition to the 24pin power connection) that was placed very inconspicuously on the board. It wasn't even labeled in the instruction booklet!

Needless to say, I found the corresponding connector from the PSU and made the connection. Voila! The computer sprung to life.

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did you fix your PC?

In reply to: New Built Computer turns on for 5 seconds then shuts off..

did u fix your pc? I have the me problem. if you did please tell me what you did

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Just a tip. Avoid posts this old. 7 years later?

In reply to: did you fix your PC?

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