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New Build PC - Crashes to black screen while gaming

Jan 3, 2020 3:14PM PST

Hi all, I appreciate in advance any attention and suggestions this post generates, as this is my first time experiencing this issue and its infuriating especially with a brand new build.

So, after a decade I finally sprung to build a new gaming rig and got it assembled and running about a month ago only to immediately run into the black screen issue while running pretty much any game. I'd been running 7 on my old rig, so this new rig is my first venture into W10. Anything in general desktop mode doesn't cause it, only games. System goes fully unresponsive, and I have to power off / on to get W10 back, only to see no evidence it even happened. No error log, no unexpected crash report, nothing. I've racked my brain regarding hardware configs and what not, however everything is brand new, and as far as my knowledge lends me, everything is configured correctly. I stumbled upon the thread from 1 year ago to the day from dodget900 where he was experiencing the same issue. The resolve from his issue seems to have come with speccy post which showed some hardware issues. I was hoping one of you fine people who is smarter than I with analyzing speccy could take a look at mine, perhaps theres something blatantly obvious thats causing this and Im just not getting it? Thanks again!

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Reporting: New Build PC - Crashes to black screen while gaming
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Thank you for the Speccy Report.
Jan 3, 2020 5:05PM PST

Before I start there is a chance it's just driver related. I have yet to find it due to W7 to W10. In fact I see less issues with W10 but the SAME OLD PROBLEMS of getting the drivers just right is with us along with a NEW PROBLEM. I'll cover the NEW PROBLEM in item 2.

1. The Seagate HDDs are reporting high values in 01 and 07 that can lead to system issues. I'd unplug these for new and continue work. Remember folk I no longer write about this issue at length as it's been done so many times before.

2. NEW PROBLEM. Besides finding the right BIOS, BIOS settings and drivers W10 brings to the table a new issue that is a little rare but due to the number of PCs I see I run into it now and then. The NEW PROBLEM is that Microsoft might replace your driver choice with their own. For most this is OK but in some PCs this won't do. So follow on with items 2a and 2b.

2a. Just work the BIOS, BIOS settings and drivers.
2b. If you find it works fine after you install GPU drivers then messes up later Google how to disable Windows 10's Automatic Driver update, then use DDU to clean out the video drivers and install the version you want.

3. I'd ask why the RAM didn't report in on the report. See if CPUid tells more.

4. BIOS and Intel ME are out of date. These fix a lot of issues and if you are hesitant then talk to the motherboard maker on how to update.
PS. This is where the RAM compatibility is done. Since the RAM didn't report in, this is, IMO, not optional.

Other than this it looks fairly clean.

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was the bios
Jan 7, 2020 4:20PM PST

So, I guess my initial update attempt of the bios didnt take. After doing it manually, all is running perfectly! Certainly appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot with me. Thanks again!

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Always nice to read when it's fixed.
Jan 7, 2020 4:25PM PST

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