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new bi xenon dont work.

Dec 25, 2007 11:44AM PST

hey guys im new to the forum. I just bought a Bi Xenon HID kit from a seller off of ebay. They are H4 bulb type and 6000k temp. Me and my friend installed them and the low beams DO NOT work at all. When
I switch to high beam they come on in halogen. We tried both headlamps,still nothing. I called the man about it and he said to switch the wiring but i do not understand him. The kit has two main wires connecting from the ballast. One thick black wire connects from the ballast to the plug and play connectors from there they connect to the bulb. The red wires connect to the red and black connects to black, physically thats all there is. The other wires is a red and black wire seperate that go from the ballast directly to the plug where it connects into my car.
There are no other wires. We tried it on my friends 93 acura integra and it works perfect!! As soon as we plugged it in, the hid came right on, no problem. I went to my mechanic and all he said was it just didnt work no real explanation. The thing is when i hook up my regular halogen lights, low beam and high come on, no problem. Can anyone give me a reason to this?? I am deciding to return them and get my money back.

Once again to make this clear. Bi Xenon HID doesnt work in low beam. Works halogen in high beam. 2001 subaru forester base L.

I have a 2001 subaru forester base L. Bulb type in manual says H4 and that is what i ordered. Previously, I had another hid kit but they are low beam only but they worked.

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