Given that so far Sony has only offered this 80GB model is in Korea kind of makes me think it has less to do with what Microsoft is doing, and more to do with Sony playing with different ideas to try and move more PS3 units. Korea is kind of a unique market, because they have professional gamers there. There are actually people who make a living playing games like StarCraft in Korea.

And even if it is some sort of direct result of the 360 Elite, so what? What does it really matter if Sony and Microsoft want to play a game of leapfrog with their latest consoles? If you're not interested in a PS3, what do you care what Sony does? You have, or can get, yourself an Xbox 360, so why can't that be enough? The same applies equally with the consoles reversed. Instead of worrying about what Sony is or isn't doing in response to something Microsoft did, why not spend more time enjoying some games for whichever console(s) you have?