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Networking windows 98 with windows 7

I would like to add my new windows 7, 64 bit machine to my W98SE, peer-to-peer ethernet network. Three machines and multifunction printer are connected by a Linksys WRT54G router. (Another 98SE connects remotely to one of those, via PCAnywhere.) I have created a share, set full permissions for "everyone" on W7, and all are in same workgroup.

W7 machine can access the network printer, see, access, and share folders on the W98 machines. W98 machines can see, but cannot access W7, either from Network Neighborhood or "run" command. I do not run a firewall on W7 as yet. My XP Pro laptop CAN wirelessly share with both W98 and W7 machines. I have identified NTLM v.2 as a potential cause, but following MS instructions to download and activate same on one W98 box changes nothing.

I appreciate any suggestions from those more knowledgable than I. I am already considering replacing all W98's. Thanks!

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Reporting: Networking windows 98 with windows 7
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Welcome to W7 . . .

It's as bad as Vista on sharing a network. I had Vista Ultimate and W7 RC for several weeks. I never did get them to play nice. Just my two cents, hopefully someone will chime in and answer the question.

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Posting has been moved.

I have posted this request in Networking and Wireless Forum. Thanks, Corypheus, for the moral support.

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HOW TO Networking windows 98 with windows 7?

Hi Ronrep,

I was searching the webs to see if I can get some "how-to" help on networking Win 98 with Win 7, 64 bit. But I found nothing but your post. I would like to share and download the files on my old Windows 98 laptop to the W 7 laptop as my old files need to be transfered to the new laptop. It seemed like you have been able to do it. Can you tell me how you did it? I can put both online wirelessly via the same router, D-link. Thank you in advance.

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Desperated Technical help to download files from Win 98

In addition to my previous post to network with Win 7 in order to downland the files from win 98, I welcome ANYONE else who are knowelegable to reply and help me transfer my word, excel and photo files from Win 98. Thank you.

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Let's be honest.
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How to Download files from Win 98 to Win 7 or USB??

Hi Bob,

I briefly reviewed the link you sent in responding to my post but there were no solutions on my Win 98 but Win 2000. Did I miss something there? Sorry, I am not too familier with FTP server either. Is it a free software to download? How can I have the files in Win98 to be seen in Win 7's FTP? Your detailed explainations are appreciated.

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Didn't miss a thing.

The instructions apply to old versions of windows and changes we have to do with 7. It only goes to show you that this area is not for everyone.

As to the FTP use. The steps are all of 2.

1. Install a FTP server on the Windows 7 box.
2. Install and use a FTP client on the old 98 box.

As a rule I don't duplicate web content about this. If you get stuck, tell where.

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FTP server for Win 7 and client for Win 98

Hi Bob,

I searched the web and found Core FTP site. Not sure which one will work on Wind 98 for FTP client. See below copied and pasted options. Are those free to use, do you know?

Download options:
Click on a link below to download and install Core FTP client software, for Core FTP Server, click [ Core FTP Server ] :

Core FTP LE 2.1 : free version - (details)

Core FTP 2.1 : Pro version - (details)

Core FTP MSI installs
LE version -
Pro version -

Core FTP Voice Pack
The voice pack add-on enables Core FTP? to inform you in a female voice of the
following events: connection, disconnection, completed transfer and transfer failure.

Core FTP ANSI versions - (see below)
LE version - |
Pro version - |

Betas, Latest Updates - Updated Jan 8th, 2009 - ver 2.1.1637
Core FTP v2.1 developer build - recent changes and updates - (details) - (notify)

LE version - ( | )
LE ansi version - ( | )

Pro version - ( | )
Pro ansi version - ( | )

Mirror download sites
Download Mirrors

Previous versions of Core FTP

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There are literally hundreds to choose from.

WSFTP, Filezilla, and the list goes on far too long for me to list.

If someone wanted to they could spend many weeks finding which they liked best?

Just one thing. Plenty free to choose from.

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For a one-time transfer ...

I would choose the easy way. Like:
1. Burn to CD if the Windows 98 machine has a CD-burner.
2. Copy to a USB-stick if you have one and can install a Windows 98 driver for it. There are generic ones available that have a high success rate.
3. Get the hard disk out and connect via a USB to IDE cable
4. Transfer via webbased storage, like Windows Live Spaces.


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Go with Bakker's post

Nice and simple. Sometimes you should take the KIS approach. I messed with trying to network Vista and 98SE computers only to find more trouble than I can put up with. I even had trouble trying to get vista 32 bit and 64 bit to play nice. 98SE and win7 64 bit are just "A Bridge Too Far".

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