networking issues in win xp pro

I'm having troubles configuring my network. I'll include a link to an image of a diagram of my current network layout. I receive internet service from a wifi modem. I have a wifi adapter that recieves that internet acces, and I share that internet through "Lan 1" on my pc. To share with more devices I have connected Lan 1 via a crossover cable to the "internet" port on my WNR2000 router. All of the other computers and devices connected to that router can access the internet and network completely with no issues. My main pc, however, cannot access the network because of the way it is connected to the router. I have tried connecting the main pc's "Lan1" to the router using the "Ethernet" ports on my router (as opposed to the "internet" port with crossover), but I cannot share the internet that way. My solution was to run a connection from "Lan 2" on my pc to "Ethernet 4" on my router, in addition to the crossover connection. unfortunately when i enable this connection, windows decides that Lan 2 is now the internet service, rather than the wireless connection, and i lose internet to everything in my network.
is there a way to force my pc to acknowledge that "Lan2" is for network acces only, "Lan1" is for sharing internet only, and "wireless network connection" is for recieving internet service only?

here is a link to a picture of my network layout on photo bucket:

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Reporting: networking issues in win xp pro
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Such a setup is unsupportable. But I have used it

The GOLD WIRE is incorrect for most configurations.

For ICS the gold wire is removed and we use the "Use the router as a WAP" setup noted at the top post of this forum.

For ICS we could use only the gold wire but I can't comment on how to correct the trouble that would cause.

Hope this helps.

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router as WAP

what am i missing? i don't see the "Use the router as WAP" setup you said was at the top of the forum... even a search didn't return anything that seemed useful to me. could you link the post you are referring to here please?

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Top of the forum, the sticky at about post 19.
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holy crap!

thanks... i found that bout 2 seconds after i posted. i didn't even get to follow all of the instructions on netgear when started to work. it seems to work fine now (at least the ics is working right) still working on getting the network to show up on my pc, but i think that's another issue alltogether. also, i can't access my router now. it keeps trying to access the modem instead, even though i renamed the router ip to, it keeps showing me the modem which is any idea why this is a problem? i'll keep trying, and thanks for the help. it was far easier to use than i was trying to make it.

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Why is a hard question.

This system of router as a WAP is not only done by many but as the router makers tinker and change the firmware the answers have to change. For example my WNR3500 will automatically sort out the router as WAP trick and I can use its WAN port.

Hope this helps,

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got it

well, after several hours of pulling my hair out i finally got it working. turns out that everything i had to do, i had done before, just not in the right order.
I reset my router to factory, set up my wireless security, and changed the ip of the router to match that of the modem. I didn't make any of the other changes that were instructed in the above link (because they didn't work for me). after disconnecting all of the pc's from the router, i turned off ics in windows (on my main pc), and bridged "wireless connection" to "Lan 1". Next i plugged "lan 1" into the router's "ethernet 1" (and left the crossover cable to the internet port disconnected). once that connection was made and the ip updated the internet would stop working, and i'd have access to the router and network. to fix that i disabled the network bridge, then repair the wireless connection. after the repair i re-connected lan1 to the router, enabled the bridge and waited about a minute for the connection to be established. the wireless connection icon in my task bar showed that there was no connection, but when i open internet explorer it was working fine (i'm using the app for the wn311t to connect to the wifi modem).
I don't fully understand how or why it worked the way it did, but i can for sure say that my wnr2000 router will not work for both networking and sharing internet when DHCP is dissabled. hopefully my hours of frustration will save some other sap the time and hair pulling that i went through. I now have my internet connection, full access to the network on all pc's, including the printer, and file sharing. everything is working flawlessly now.

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ok, now i'm gettin flustered... i checked that all of the network sharing was working, and it was... kinda. When i go to "My Network Places" i can see all shared folders in my netowork. I can navigate through all folders, but when i try to access a file it gives me an error. whether i'm trying to copy a file, play media, or run setup exe's from shared folders it always gives me some kind of access error. when i look at my shared folders under "My Network Places" it shows them all under "the internet" instead of "local network". anyone have any idea why this is happening or how i can fix it? fyi... i've already tried shutting off all firewalls, verified sharing is on in network connections, confirmed that all files are "shared to the network", not just the pc, and i'm not sure if i can or how to kill the router firewall (but if i understand right the router shouldn't firewall networked computers from each other, no?)

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Router firewall? Why?

Sorry but firewalls in routers is a VERY NEW THING. And most of them tend to be uncontrollable, bad, get in the way or don't work. I turn them off.

The SECOND thing is that in a DOUBLE NAT setup, I doubt such file shares work. Enough written.

The last BIG THING is the issues of workgroups, accounts and more. From the posts above I can't tell if the account names/passwords on the machines in question are synchronized.

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