Network Error During Acorn-TV Streaming on Samsung Smart TV

Mar 13, 2016 4:56AM PDT

We have a Samsung UN46H5203. Using the SmartHub we are unable to watch Acorn TV streaming for longer than about 10 minutes when the "Network Error - Please Check Network Settings" interrupts the stream and cannot be reset.
This seems a very common issue and as I am new to this forum, my apologies in advance if this is a repeat. Please point me to the answer.


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Reporting: Network Error During Acorn-TV Streaming on Samsung Smart TV
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Clarification Request
Try it with a wired connection to the router.
Mar 13, 2016 8:15AM PDT

I find that WiFi is sometimes trouble with these streaming systems.

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Clarification Request
Second clarification.
Mar 28, 2016 12:48PM PDT

The fact it works for 10 to 20 minutes could point to errors with the owner's network or Acorn. Since the DNS change didn't pan out, is this on WiFi? If so, move to wired as a test.

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Re: Network
Mar 21, 2016 9:23AM PDT

Have you tried changing the DNS server manually to or

HD Tech

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Network Error During Acorn-TV Streaming on Samsung Smart TV
Mar 28, 2016 12:01PM PDT

I have tried - no change. Program runs for about 20 minutes until the dreaded message.

Trying now.

Will post result.

Also have "ticket" in with Acorn. No response to date.

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Acorn TV via Samsung Smart TV
Mar 28, 2016 2:01PM PDT

We watched a 30 minute item just now and it worked with no messages.

Fingers crossed.

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Acorn TV via Samsung SmartTV - more
Apr 3, 2016 4:46AM PDT

Setting has removed the Check Network Settings message. Progress.

However the Samsung portal to the router does not seem strong enough to sustain any streaming from Acorn for too long. Eventually the screen simply freezes. The best system seems to be via a laptop connected directly to an HDMI port on the TV - preceeded by a modem reboot. I will try a longer stream through the SmartHub (eg. a movie on YouTube) to see if this issue is Acorn-related or Samsung general.

So far our experience has been that streaming has bugs related to buffering or gradual build up of background content which chokes everything. Perhaps 15 MB/sec download is not enough.

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Acorn TV app & Samsung TV Network Disconnect
Apr 6, 2016 11:01AM PDT

For anyone having problems with their Acorn TV app on a Samsung Smart TV, try changing (as suggested in previous post) the DNS on your TV network settings to

This solved my problem.

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More Error Messages from Acorn TV
May 25, 2016 8:07AM PDT

After wiring the modem directly to the TV, reception became much improved until an episode a few days ago. Again the message to check network settings and Exit came many times, ruining the last part of an episode. The latest fix is to use Primary DNS as and secondary DNS as on the Router's Advanced settings. Worked fine last evening for a 1.5 hour show. I suppose I could flip the Primary with the secondary. Before doing this change, the secondary DNS was

Any further comments???

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No luck fixing AcornTV
Nov 21, 2016 10:03AM PST

Found this thread after experiencing repeated "Network Error" problems with AcornTv on my Samsung Smart TV. This is a relatively recent phenomenon and it just keeps getting worse (had a year or two of good Acorn viewing with no problems). I started getting the messages a couple of days ago - about an hour and a half into a program, Now the error message appears after about 10 minutes into the program. I go back and start the show over - no use. It pops up again. So far I've:

1. Tried DNS addresses and - no joy
2. Set the DNS address back to "obtain automatically" - did nothing for me
3. Uninstalled the AcornTV app and reinstalled it - no luck
4. Updated the software on my Samsung TV - nothing
5. Rebooted my modem and my router - didn't help
6. Per other suggestions from Acorn - "power cycled" my TV - nada
7. Played with every setting on my Samsung TV Tools and Menu - no beneficial result

Has anyone got any further ideas - or decent feedback from Acorn?

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Ask Acorn if they are on the Roku.
Nov 21, 2016 10:11AM PST

Due to how apps are fielded on smart TVs, you may want to bail on the smart TV and see if Acorn is on a Roku.

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Don't really want Roku -
Nov 21, 2016 10:58AM PST

Acorn TV is the only streaming app on my Samsung TV that has a problem. Others (AmazonPrime, News channels, YouTube, among others) - all work great. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think the problem is with the Samsung TV - but with Acorn. I'd hate to have to plug a new interface into the TV. I'd rather see Acorn fix the problem. If not, I'll probably just unsubscribe - which I don't want to do.

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Then back to Acorn.
Nov 21, 2016 11:04AM PST

That's the source and I'm sure they hear about this all the time. I hear it on other apps and my fix, everytime is a Roku stick or box. The smart TV makers seem to only care when Netflix bombs out. Or the ones that pay to play on their smart TV. If there's no revenue, you see these wither and die.

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I'm already back
Nov 21, 2016 11:08AM PST

I've already sent a help request to Acorn's help desk. But my previous experience with their "help" doesn't give me a whole lot of hope. Still hoping someone out there has found a workable solutiuon.

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Nov 21, 2016 11:15AM PST

I will assume you tried the above. I think you wrote the firmware is up to date, the date/time of the TV is set to your zone and you've tried DNS and more.

One last idea. Change TV region to other than yours, OK it then power off/on and set the TV region back to your zone. I've found this force a reload of apps.

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Acorn TV via Samsung Smart TVs
Nov 22, 2016 4:17AM PST

You have read of my issues above - last spring. BY FAR the final solution was to hard wire the modem to the TV's ethernet. A long ethernet cable was needed and a small hole through one baseboard was drilled. On occasion we need to reboot the modem before watching, but this has cured those awful Network Error messages.

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Not sure direct wire is perfect solution
Nov 22, 2016 10:56AM PST

Thought I already responded, but don't see my response- so I apologize if it comes through twice.

I was sort of encouraged reading of your success by hooking directly into your modem. But the following statement sort of dampened my enthusiasm
" ...reception became much improved until an episode a few days ago. Again the message to check network settings and Exit came many times, ruining the last part of an episode."

Direct wiring into my router is not easy. My router and modem are on a different floor of my house than is my TV, in a different area - with no easy direct path from router to TV.

I may end up buying a ROKU, but am not anxious to introduce another interface to my TV - which *should* not need a ROKU. And A Google search brings up similar streaming problems with the ROKU as with the smart TV.

I just sent for a 75' RJ45 cable top to run temporarily from my router location down the stairs to my TV - just to see if it makes any real difference. If so, I may start working on a permanent connection.

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You have given me a clue
Nov 22, 2016 11:21AM PST

The distance is too far for reliable WiFi. I've had clients balk at this so you have to honor what they want to do. Even if you know it's their network setup.

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Acorn "Aware"
Nov 23, 2016 7:06AM PST

Actually, the straight line distance from router to TV is about 25'. It's just that it's not possible to run a cable anywhere close to a straight line. And my WiFi reception in the area of the TV is great (as indicated by my iPad and cell phone). and I've gotten great reception on my TV for a few years - until this Acorn problem raised its head.

However - it now appears that the problem is not my TV or its settings or its connections. I actually got a response from Acorn yesterday to my submission to their help desk. Their response, among other things (like telling me I can watch the programs on an iPhone - no thanks):

" ...We are aware of the issues you have reported and are working with Samsung to resolve them. ..."

So - it appears going through the effort of hard wiring my TV won't totally solve the problem. No now we who suffer from the problem await the Samsung/Acorn solution. Happy

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More on Acorn / Samsung
Nov 23, 2016 2:30PM PST

Earlier I mentioned the hard-wire (ethernet) solution. During the long lead up to that point - I interacted often with Acorn and changed modem settings as indicated etc. I determined that the WiFi receiver built into the Samsung Smart-TVs was just not stable enough for streaming programs longer than say 20-30 minutes. Once the wire directly to the modem was connected the "Check Network Settings" issue went away.

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I have to disagree about the receiver.
Nov 23, 2016 2:35PM PST

If yours is defective, sure. I have to write I've seen it work for 10 hours or longer during trade shows so for Acorn to state this is quite the leap since we are over the number of feet Samsung techs tell us to test at. To be all above board that distance is 20 or less feet line of sight to the router.

And I've run into my fair share of routers that have issues with Samsung gear. The debate rages on if this is a Samsung or router issue.

Anyhow, if wired works and you want to go back to wireless or nearly wireless look at a WiFi to Ethernet client device or powerline networking.

PS. If it was Samsung ALL apps like Netflix and more would bomb at 20 minutes.

Post was last edited on November 23, 2016 2:37 PM PST

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Just a wrap up.
Nov 23, 2016 7:15AM PST

All the things to try I read here are correct.

But now that Acorn has confused their system is broken, that changes everything. It means you should not change a thing. Wait for them to fix it.

-> This is not like open source systems where you have a chance to open the hood and fix something. This is a closed system so when they break it, it stays broke.

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It's fixed! (I think)
Nov 25, 2016 4:30AM PST

Got an email from Acorn yesterday (Thanksgiving day - how appropriate!) saying they solved the problem. And lo! The problem does appear to be solved.

Now I'm going to hard-wire a connection to the TV just for backup. We'll see. It ain't easy to route the cable.

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No... it ain't "wrapped up"!
Nov 9, 2017 6:09AM PST

Now a year after the "wrap up" message, and Acorn has yet to produce a stable app for Samsung Smart TV - this is NOT a Samsung problem! Netflix, Amazon Prime, MHz, and Youtube streaming services work fine on my Samsung(s). The "network error" came up when I signed on for a trial membership, so I cancelled. That was last year. I signed up again (paying the $5), and nothing's changed! The streaming program continues play just fine in the background, with that annoying "network error" pop-up sitting in the middle of the screen. Running at 60Mbps download from the ISP, 5-bars (full strength) from the router. Acorn has great content, but incompetent programmers. It's a shame, but I'm going to have to bail on this bunch of amateurs... Sad

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I found a way to watch Acorn on Samsung
Dec 15, 2016 6:01PM PST

I found only some of Acorn choices would stream or sometimes Acorn would not even connect to my Samsung Smart TV. So I used the Smart HUB on my Samsung Blue DVD player and put Acorn app on it. I can now use the DVD player app to watch Acorn on my Samsung TV. It sometimes freezes but rarely and if I just start over it will play. All I have had to do then in that rare case is to just FF to where I left off. So far it solves the problem and does freeze again, at least for the rest of THAT program. This tells me the problem is probably in Samsung Smart TV Acorn app somewhere. Not sure, but it works for me.

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Acorn TV Streaming via Smarthub
Nov 9, 2017 10:28AM PST


Been a while since this one appeared. Our "final" solution for Acorn TV was to purchase an Apple TV - later version. Acorn is on there and we stream directly from our DSL access which is 15 MB/sec download and we now have 97% success with Acorn.

I think the Smarthub is just not up to streaming large amounts of video data and it will crash after a period from any source, not just Acorn. We went so far as connecting the TV directly to an ethernet cable from the modem (requiring a longer cable and a hole through the wall to the TV from the modem) which improved things a bit but not enough to be rid of the detested "Check Network Settings" message.

Happily, the cable work was not in vain because it now plugs directly into the Apple TV box.

Hope this helps.

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Nothing wrong with Samsung
Nov 9, 2017 11:49AM PST

Yes, Bob... it's been a year since you started this thread. I didn't post back then... just backed off of Acorn, hoping they'd get their act together.
Glad to hear your Apple TV is doing the job for you. I still contend there is nothing wrong with Samsung Smarthub - it streams several other sources without a glitch. We can't blame it, nor the broadband speed or the router signal strength either. The Acorn app for Samsung is the only variable that is different in this equation... it is bad, Acorn knows it, and can't or won't fix it. If there were, in fact, a "network error", the program would not continue to happily stream away behind the error message box. The program would freeze... it doesn't.
A cynic might suggest they hire a Netflix programmer to write their app.
I'm going to look into Britbox...

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Acorn onAmazon
Nov 17, 2017 3:23PM PST

After trying most of the above, I discovered that Acorn is a channel available on Amazon Prime and it streams through the Amazon app bypassing the faulty SamsungAcorn app. So far so good.

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This is the best option!
Nov 17, 2017 3:50PM PST

After installing the "new" v.1.02 Acorn app on Samsung, only to have it continue to crash, I cancelled my subscription with Acorn TV, and added Acorn as a channel on Amazon Prime Video. Works perfectly! Happy

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Jan 13, 2018 8:15AM PST

I, too, have had lots of problems streaming Acorn. Just started using the Smart feature of our 2012 55” Samsung TV last year. Late bloomer for sure. It all started because we enjoy watching English productions which stems from our love of Masterpiece Theater.
Several phone calls to Samsung and emails to Acorn have pretty much not helped. It is hit and miss when it comes to watching. Sometimes hardwired, sometimes WiFi very okay. We get the network errors as well. If it becomes too problematic, we just don’t watch for awhile. After waiting a day or so problems seem resolved temporarily. Acorn just sent an email this week stating that Samsung would not be updating the app on any TV’s older than 2015. That leaves us out for sure. So far we can see older shows but for instance cannot see Seasons 8 of Doc Martin and the latest for George Gently. Acorn recommended all these other methods, ie Roku, etc. I have not explored this yet and not sure I will. We stream nothing else so far so it may not be necessary. Comcast now offers a portal to Netflix and that is all we may do. The cost is twice what Acorn charges.

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Acorn TV
Jan 13, 2018 11:39AM PST

Apologies for mis-sends. Could not find Message Body.

Our problems with Acorn TV went away when we splurged for an Apple TV - later generation which has the Acorn App. The Apple TV is wired directly to a port on our modem which is capable of 15 MB/s download and 10 MB/s download. Now we have 99% good streaming. Wiring directly to the Smart Hub of our about 2016 Samsung Smart TV helped but did not eliminate the "Network Errors". By far the worst situation was trying to use the Smart Hub with a wireless connection even though the modem was just in the next room a few feet away. Bottom line: I feel the Smart Hub system is unable to buffer the streams from Acorn. It seemed to do better with YouTube and may do better with Netflix, but we don't have that. A happy ending for us - also big fans of much of Acorn's programming.

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