Sorry everyone, before I posted here, I should have checked the sites for some of the software. I'm not sure that the problem is going to be solved by this, but went to check the forums at AVG and found a post where someone was having a problem like this, right after their AVG did it's latest update. Seems that you have to allow certain AVG exe's full permission in your firewall (mine is Zone Alarm) or it can cause the problem. So, I allowed permission to the ones on the list pointed to in that post, and I'm going to see if it solves the problem. If it doesn't, I'll re-post to this thread or start a new one, as that is the only possibility I can see it being right now. Again, sorry for posting before I checked around on some other forums. In case anyone is having this problem the link to the forum post on AVG is:,169312,backpage=,sv=