Your user profile data is stored under your login name. If you want a new profile, you need to create a different user in XP and login as that person. This just follows the general way XP works with other programs. You should be able to delete all versions of Netscape and install the latest. Your user profile and preferences are not usually removed but there is no guarantee. It's easy to back these up first, however, as they are under your login name in Application Data. You just need to find Netscape and copy that to a backup location. Make sure you find your bookmarks which will be "bookmarks.htm" and your preference files (usually use extension .js). You should then be able to delete all old versions of Netscape but you will probably still find folders under Program Files which you can manually delete. I don't use Netscape but my wife does. I upgraded her PC to version 8 from 7.2 and she is getting to like it more but did not at first. It's much more like Firefox (which I use and like) in many ways including how you set up and configure it. Hope this helps.