Due to a manufacturing error by netgear on the brand new XR500 Router , the ethernet port numeration has been reversed printed , which essentially mean , eg that if you plug an ethernet cable into port 4 , LED on the front shows Port 1 active, should be 4321 , instead be printed 1234 , UK & Eurpean units affected and i suspect USA as well
CHECK YOUR UNIT , and deffer back to your retailer & Netgear

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Reporting: NETGEAR XR500
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Is this a bad enough bug to warrant returns?

Or just put a new sticker on the ports or LED?

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When you by a high end router like the XR500 ,and pay the required high end price you expect a product that is fit for purpose , and has no manufacturing faults, people proffer that its only cosmetic , yet i say that complacency by Netgear has allowed this to happen , and there lack of concern for a timeline for a fix , dictates that the only way effect change is to return faulty units , for they are indeed faulty, and give them the message we the buying public will not except 2nd best. Did you know that during a recent chat message with netgear support one of their expert agents from india had the cheek to blame netduma for the spread of malicious gosip regarding the port debacle. So yes star returning

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Always your choice.

There's a car long ago that the icons for the horn were made from one design. So the left and right horn buttons look like one is upside down. I can imagine folk returning the car for the horn button that looks upside down?

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Amuse yourself with complacency and sarcasm if that is your lot, but the issue wont go away , and neither will the greater majority who want what they pay for and expect the same quality ,
I wish you well on your journey to enlightenment

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Then what did you do about Microsoft?

Always the fun source of odd things that are a little off.

I'm not giving the company a pass but the defect seems trivial and easy to fix by me.

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In the great universal scheme of things such as this is trivia , and I likewise agree that this is easy to fix , but not with something as cheap and nasty  as a blanking transfer with the port numbers in the right order , the human error rather than programmed machine e ters the equation, you pay for quallity so there is legitimate expectation to expect same.
This requires a bold statement from netgear that for once they put people before profit, for indeed without people there would be no profits, and tbey recall all units affected by their manufacturing error , and replace them with  correctly numerated units. They will stronger for it

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I hear you.

But wonder how you got by when Windows had you use the Start button to shut down.

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I set my laptop to shutdown automatically when i close the lid down no need for buttons
Iam sure you have a myriad number of anecdotes to suit every occasion , but microsoft is not the protaganist here netgear are.
Their QA failed miserably , and now they expect their customers to suffer as a result of their carelessness, if you want to bring order out of chaos first listen to to your own heartbeat.
Netgear need to listen and they will

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So let's continue with Netgear.

Let's think of all the features most of their routers incorporate.

Now imagine the average folk that buy the routers. There is a severe disconnect in the supplied documentation and now no documentation with many models.

Many settings have lackluster descriptions. This is far worse than the problem you lead with up top.

The industry missed the target here. Why do we expect everyday folk to be able to deploy and configure routers?

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we have a marvelious invention called a brain to think with and a mouth to open in order to ask questions.
If you dont know ask , what knowledge you lack there is allways some one to fill in tbe gaps.
The smoke and mirrors that people use , indicate an enquiring mind..
Netgear made a mistake that needs to be fixed by them before this debacle causes them long term reputational product damage. The industry is a big pond , there is al,ways a bigger fish ready to take their place , afterall they are not the only hammer in the tool box
Netgear will do the right thing

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Instead of retoric help me find a solution

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No rhetoric.

You found your solution. You want perfect products. But all around us is mediocre products.

You have your solution but what I think doesn't matter.

Make your choices, post on Reddit and see if you can get more attention.

In my view Netgear should send out a sticker to correct this. It's a minor flub but there are folk that disagree. You are those people.

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You have no real answers , so your back to hiding behind sarcasm and a patronising manner such a shame

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I have real answers. And these are yours!

You gave me the answer. Return defective products the makers won't fix.

You call me patronizing yet I agree with you that a lot of products today have defects. Some are minor like the port numbering which while annoying I could fix with a label gun.

If you wish to stir the pot more, please get on Reddit to shame the companies.

You are not tilting at windmills either.

PS. Your other answer was to post about the bad company (that's the feeling I get about your thoughts about Netgear.) If you want me to dis a company, ask me about my last HP.

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